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 Getting Back On The Horse

"So what are you going to do now that you are a free woman?" Trish asked as she took another sip of her wine. In celebration of Stephanie and Paul's break up, Trish and Amy had crashed Stephanie's room and were having fun drinking wine and just chatting like they hadn't done in so long.

"I haven't thought of that actually," she said with a smile. "I have no idea what I'm going to do now that I'm single again. It's been so long, and it's still so new."

"I understand Steph," Amy said putting a supportive hand on her shoulder. Trish just laughed.

"Come on girl," she cheered, "get back on the horse! Start dating again. I'm sure there are tons of guys out there willing to go out with the GM of Smackdown." Amy rolled her eyes as Stephanie considered what Trish had said.

"Well," she started, "I'm not so sure. I mean we just broke up. Part of me doesn't think it's right to start dating so soon."

"What are you thinking?" Trish said as the other two women rolled their eyes. "The first date is always the hardest after a break up so why not get it out of the way? Come on, your Stephanie McMahon, are you going to let a man keep you from enjoying your life?"

"Trish that's not the." Amy started before Stephanie cut her off.

"No Amy, she's right." Stephanie looked around the room in determination. "I need to get back on that horse! Start dating again! Get my life back! Just who would want to go out with me?" Stephanie looked down as Amy hugged her and Trish's eyes lit up.

"Leave that to me!" Trish squealed. Both women just looked at her in shock. "What? I just so happen to have the perfect guy for you! I'll set it all up. Don't you worry about a thing Stephanie!"

"What have I gotten myself into?" Stephanie asked looking at Amy who just shrugged.


Paul paced back and forth down the hallway holding a bouquet of flowers mumbling to himself.

"Stephanie I'm sorry." He said with a smile holding up the flowers then shaking his head. "Stephanie I love you and I'm sorry." Once again he held out the flowers and smiled before frowning once again shaking his head and the flowers causing petals to fall on the floor. "Stephanie please come back to me, I'm sorry, I love you, don't go." This time he was on his knees holding out the flowers in both hands trying begging. "No idiot, that won't work either. How the hell am I going to do this?"

He straitened up once more holding out the flowers with a cheesy grin but quickly frowned and pulled the flowers down scattering more petals onto the hallway floor. Then he took a deep breath and walked over to a door and knocked. After a moment or two the door was opened and Stephanie McMahon was standing there in a tight black dress holding her purse.

"Oh, Paul, it's you," she said looking slightly put out. Paul just stared at his ex-girlfriend for a moment before remembering what he was doing there and he presented the now shabby looking carnations to Stephanie.

"Stephanie, I'm sorry, please come back to me." He stood there trying to smile while Stephanie just looked at him and then rolled her eyes.

"A little too late don't you think Paul?" She said taking the flowers from his hand.

"It's never too late for love Stephanie," Paul wasn't quiet sure where he had heard that before. Perhaps it was one of Shawn's old pick up lines. "Please, Steph I need you. Don't let it end like this."

"It's too late Paul. Besides you still don't get it do you?" Paul just looked at Stephanie in shock. He thought the flowers would have done the trick. "Paul, you don't appreciate me! I don't know if you ever did. You don't even know me Paul!"

"Yes I do, Stephanie," he said in defense, "I know you!"

"No you don't, because if you did, you would know that I hate carnations!" She said throwing the flowers back at him. "Look, you need to leave, I'm expecting someone." Stephanie never got to finish her sentence because she was cut off by someone walking down the hall.

"Stephanie? Wow, you look great." Stephanie looked around Paul to see Chris Irving standing behind him.

"Chris? You're my date?" She said in shock.

"Date? What the hell Stephanie?!" Paul said in rage.

"Date you know, as in a man taking a woman out for a nice night alone." Chris said glaring at Paul.

"You can't go out on a date," Paul yelled, "especially not with him!"

"Yes I can, I broke up with you, remember?" Stephanie spat before brushing past Paul shutting the door. "Come on Chris, let's get out of here." Chris just smiled and offered his arm and they walked down the hall leaving a shocked Paul standing at her door.