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This girl came out of nowhere for me. She started reviewing me, and then started shopping around my site and checking out all the shit i do, and we became close. She's an awesome writer and she's going to take the world by storm once she gets picked up by a writing firm or newspaper or hell even the WWE. She is the one and only Princess Muse but for me shes always going to be Katy! So check out her imagination and see some of her old fictions, and check out her new ones over at my site http://xtremepoetryinmotion.tripod.com
Real Name: Katy Gordon
Fanfiction Handle: Princess-Muse
Been On Fanfiction Since: 01-05-02
Info About Me: I love writing and am currently studying journalism at uni, it is my dream to be either a wrestling journalist or a rock music journalist. My real passion is fiction though, and I've been writing fan fiction for years. I have a large family including a mum, dad, stepdad, half brother, full brother, step brother and stepsister. But the best part of the family is my kitty cat Molee.