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You've obviously clicked over to my name and you're looking to know a little about me. I am the owner and operator of this site, and of the wrestling one called Extreme Poetry In Motion. the URL to check out that site right now is http://xtremepoetryinmotion.tripod.com so check it out when you get a moment and read on for more information on me! Thanks for stopping by!
~Melissa Dawn~
Personal Information On Writer Melissa Dawn
Full Name: Melissa-Dawn Elizabeth Curtis
Date Of Birth:July 12, 1980
Eye Color: Blue as the sky
Hair Color of the Moment: Red Very Dark
Famila:One Son-Caleb DOB:October 6, 2000
Online Friends:Matt, Jordy, Kacie, Becca, Keith, Vic, Katy and some others
Offline Friends: Lindsay (a guy), Brian, Samantha, and Michelle (my band), Karen, Catherine, Lisa, Tricia, Keith, Ariel(my chappies princess!!!), Caroline (my sista!), Morgan (my other sista!), and Jordana(my real sissy!)
A Little Info about me you might not know!: I am a huge wrestling fan, which is where most of my fan fictions come from, but more importantly for writing reasons, I am a huge fan of a romance and two people falling in love. So most of all I believe in a real happy ending, which is why I am living one of my own, just waiting for the ending right now! I tend to spend my off time writing when I am not working and singing!