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Thanks for clicking here, and coming on a fantasy ride with me. I am Lisa, I am your author of choice today, so look below, click what you like and let's get started.
Now I See
Superstars: Shane Helms, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Lita (Amy Dumas), and assorted others.
Written By: NoInkInMyPen
Rating:G- General. Sweet Little Romance
Summary:As the younger sister of WWE Superstars Matt & Jeff Hardy, Samantha Hardy learned early in life to love professional wrestling. So when she lands a job with the WWE as a talent manager, she is
thrilled. Spending time with her brothers and her best friends, and having a job she loves? Perfect? Almost. The only thing lacking in Sam's life is a little romance. What she(and some unsuspecting people around her) doesn't know, is that the perfect guy has been right in front of her for years. The best part? He doesn't know it yet either.
Miss Independant
Superstars: Randy Orton, as well as other characters
Written By: NoInkInMyPen
Rating:G- General. Sweet Little Romance
Summary: Second Installment in the Addicted Series. What really happened during Randy Orton's "break" from the Marime Corps? And what will happen when it comes back to haunt him five years later?
I Surrender
Superstars: Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle and others.
Written By: NoInkInMyPen aka Lisa
Rating:G- General.
Summary: Erika Angle and Brock Lesnar have an interesting past. Can they stop being stubborn about it and let fate intervene? Or will it take a little something (or someone) to make them see the light?