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 Chapter 1- Whisper
Morgan Kith was an average 19 year old girl. She had many friends and was considered popular by her school friends. She lived in Cameron North Carolina. Her best Friends name was Jeff Hardy and they had been friends since they were little. This is the story of how Morgan's parents died and how she dealt with it.

(Morgan's pov)

I sat at my window on the phone with Jeff. I was afraid to tell my parents I hadn't done so great in math. They always wanted me to do so great. I just couldn't keep up with their standards!

"Morgy, just calm down their your parents, I'm sure they'll understand!" Jeff said loudly into the receiver. "Plus Morgan, Ms. Devalio hasn't even given you your final mark yet! You might get at least an 80 what are you so afraid of? Your parents are nice people! They'll understand!"

"Jeff, if I don't get at least an 80 I'm not aloud to wrestle with you Matt, Shane and Shan in OMEGA anymore!" I said beginning to tear. I think Jeff might have heard my sob.

"Morgy, I'm coming over ok. I'll be there in five minutes. Just please don't cry you know it makes me sad to see you cry!" he said lovingly and softly into the receiver.

"Ok Jeff, I'll see you then." I said as I hung up the phone. It was then that I took out my journal and wrote Jeff and I usually did this together, but this was just too much for me. Wrestling was my life right now. I loved it so much! Without it I was nothing.

'Dear Journal, today I did my math exam, I think I failed, meaning I won't get an 80 meaning I won't get to wrestle with the guys in OMEGA anymore! Wrestling is all I have left in me. Without it I'm nothing. I would rather die then keep going without wrestling.' I finished writing. The last sentence struck me hard. Maybe my death was the answer? Maybe I could feel more whole in heaven? I was so upset I didn't make sense.

I headed downstairs, and took up a knife. I started to contemplate what my actions were and they consequences. I just couldn't go on with nothing left in me. Then one thought entered my head, the one thought that made sense. JEFF. I couldn't leave my best friend like that. He needed me like I needed him. At that moment he opened the door and saw me with the knife. He ran towards me and I began to shake. What had I almost done?

"Morgan, please sweetie drop the knife!" he said I looked towards him and saw tears in his eyes. It broke my heart to see him cry. I dropped the knife and fell to my knees. "Morgy!" Jeff yelled and he jumped down beside me. " what were you thinking? I was worried as hell about you. I know your like Shane you eat sleep and breathe wrestling. You'll do fine. Besides your parents are away on their trip till next week anyways! I'm always here for you Morgy, never forget that I love you!" he said kissing my forehead.

"Jeff, I.I.. I just don't know what came over me. I was about to do it when I remembered you. I couldn't leave you like that. We have been friends since kindergarten, and we're so close. Leaving you would hurt you so much. I couldn't do it." I said crying into his arm.

"Morgy pack up ok your staying over at my house. Shane's over so you can stay in my room ok?" he asked caringly. I always slept over there. Less now that Matt, Jeff's older brother had a girlfriend, because I always slept in the spare room, but she slept there now. So since she came into the picture I have been sleeping in Jeff's room. Usually we don't tell his dad, who is more strict then mine!

"Alright can you help me I'm really shaky." I said smiling faintly.

"Of course, you tell what to pack and I'll do it." He said helping me up and into my room. He then packed up everything I would need for the next week of me at his house.

"That's everything." I said smiling and kissing his cheek.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"For being there when I needed you. For always being there when I need you." I said smiling and hopping into his car. We turned on the radio, and our song was playing. Whisper by Evanescence. I began to cry a bit, remembering what I had almost done to myself and to Jeff. He noticed and pulled over. He leaned in and hugged me. We then started back towards his house.
Chapter 2-Going Under
We finally reached his house around 12 am. He opened the trunk and took out my bag. We got into the house making no noise and got into Jeff's room. We began talking on his bed. By the time I fell asleep it was about 5 am. Jeff and I did this often.

I awoke the next day at about 10 am. Jeff was holding me tightly and I felt saver then I did the night before. Jeff was here, he wouldn't let anything hurt me. Matt walked in and saw me in Jeff's arms and laughed.

"Matthew Moore Hardy what are you laughing at!!" I said in anger. Matt had always made fun of me and Jeff.

"Nothing much Morgan. I told you that Jeff and yourself would date one day!" he said smirking.

"Matt we're not dating, I had a nervous breakdown last night and Jeff was nice enough to pick me up and talk I just happened to fall asleep!" I said smacking Matt's head.

"Whatever Morgy." He said rubbing my hair into my face. He was always like the big brother I never had, nor wanted.

"Jeff, get up sleepy head!" I yelled into his ear. He jumped out of the bed and smacked down onto the floor laughing.

"Thank you Morgan!" he shouted jumping up at me and pulling me down to him while tickling me to death.

"I GIVE!!!" I screamed laughing hysterically. He let me go and we went down to eat some breakfast. Gil, Jeff's dad was there and he smiled seeing me. He had always been like my second dad.

"Morgan, when did you get here?" he asked looking a bit worried.

"Last night, I uhh." I started. I didn't want him thinking or knowing what had happened the night before. Jeff caught my drift though.

"She was afraid to be alone so she called me and I came to get her. That's all dad nothing to worry about" Jeff said smiling. I followed his example. Luckily his dad believed us.

"That was very nice of you son. How long is she going to be staying?" Gil asked kindly. "Morgan you know your always welcome." He added.

"I'll be here till my parents get back from the Dominican. They had a buisiness trip there or something." I replied smiling.

"A that's right I remember. Do you kids have your OMEGA thing today?" he asked.

"Ya dad we do actually. Morgy did you remember your gear?" he asked.

"O shit! I totally forgot!!! Jeff can we just take the quick drive home so I can get them!!! Please Jeff PLEASE!!!" I was now begging him. I had a tag match with Shane and if I didn't dress in my wrestling gear, I couldn't wrestle properly. I needed my sweat pants because wrestling in tight Jeans is damn hard.

"Ya ok lets go fast!" he laughed. I smiled and raced him to his car. About twenty minutes later we had reached my house. I ran upstairs pulled out my gear. Just as I was about to leave with Jeff, the phone rang. Un wittingly I answered it. God how I wish I had never fucking picked it up.

"Hello is this the Kith residence?" asked an unfamiliar voice with a heavy Spanish accent.

"Uh ya it is. This is Morgan Kith. Can I ask who this is?" I asked getting a bit worried.

"Morgan my name is Doctor Gonzalez. Your parents were on a trip to Dominican. Well on the flight back, there was a terrible accident." The doctor said. I began to panic. Accident,flight back. O god, Mommy Daddy! I was tearing up and Jeff stood beside me as I put the phone on speaker so he could hear it too.

"Doctor what kind of accident?" I asked my voice shaking as Jeff tightened his hug.

"Well Morgan, the plane didn't have enough fuel, and it crashed into the ocean. There were no survivors, I just identified your parents remains. I figured I should call you. I'm sorry for your loss." She said hanging up the phone.

"Jeff, o god, JEFF!" I yelled as I lost it and fell to the floor. My parents were dead. And I had been afraid of a grade? It all seem so childish now. I cryed till I had no tears left. Jeff beside me the whole time. He had never let go of me nd was on the floor hugging me tightly.

"Morgy, shhh it's ok I'm here for you I love you. I know how you feel, remember when my mommy died? I was just like you the pain will pass. Please Morgy try to calm down. Please I need you to stay here with me. Please just stay here." He began in his comforting voice. I was still in a major shock and I was having trouble breathing.

"Jeff I won't leave you but I just want to die! I want to be with my parents!" I said still crying.

"I know sweetie, I felt the same. You helped me through it I will help you. I promise you!" he said stroking my hair.
Chapter 3-Fields of Innocence
I sit in Jeff's arms still trying to piece it all together. My parents are gone. They will never come back. Why did this have to happen to me! Why not someone else? I can't understand why God would do this to me? I had never been a bad kid. Not usually at least, I couldn't steal nor could I lie well. I usually would say a small prayer at night to help a loved one. But why would this happen? While still contemplating this Jeff's cell phone rings. The ring brings me back to the world. I realize I had blacked out.

"Ya what?" Jeff said loudly in a worried tone into his phone.

"Hey Jeff it's Shane where are you and Morgy, her and I have a tag match 5 minutes out of Cameron you guys should be here!" Shane said.

"Shane get to Morgan's house NOW!!" Jeff yelled into the phone. Shane didn't understand.

"Jeff her and I have a." he was cut off by a very upset and angered Jeff.

"SHANE HER PARENTS JUST DIED INA PLANE CRASH!! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OVER HERE NOW!!" he yelled. Shane getting the point hung up and arrived about 20 minutes later with Shannon and Matt. They all came and sat on the floor with me and Jeff.

"Baby come here." Shane said. Shane and I had been dating for about 4 months now and I trusted him almost as much as Jeff. I slowly moved away from Jeff and crawled over to Shane. I was still very pale and confused.

"Shane they're gone!" I started not able to finish. I couldn't speak without tearing and hurting. No one understood how I felt. I was the only girl in a room full of Guys. The only ones who came close to comprehending were Matt and Jeff. But even they still had a dad. I was now an orphan. No parents and I had no family either. My grand parents had passed away before my birth and my parents had both been only children. Where would I stay?

"Morgy?" Jeff asked trying to smile but he too was sad. Everyone in this room I had known and loved since I was young. They had all considered my parents as their own. As I considered theirs. They all somewhat felt as I did. But I had received the full blast. It is at this moment where my journey began. My dark journey through my own personal hell. "Morgan, I love you we all do, but you have to talk to us.you have to tell us who your legal guardian is?"

"I don't have one Jeff. I'm officially an orphan I have no money no parents and soon no house. I'm gonna have to live in a fucking box giving blow jobs for cash!" I cried trying to sound funny.

"You have a home Morgy, Jeff and I, and dad you can live with us, but the hole blow job thing can stay!" Matt said finally breaking the silence trying to make me laugh in the process. It worked. I could live with them and I wouldn't mind It was only a few minutes away.

"You mean it? I could live with you guys?" I asked smiling a bit. I still knew I was depressed as hell and felt like dieing but none of them seemed to notice, none but Jeff. He was staring at me and I saw in his eyes a fear of what I might do.

"Ya toally!" Matt said.

"Hear that baby?" Shane asked kissing me softly and comfortingly on my lips "You can stay in Cameron and live with the HARDYS not that that's a good thing but at least you can stay here!" he said smiling at Matt's angered look.

"Guys want to help me get my stuff together?" I asked smiling faintly.

"Sure" they all said together. They all headed to my room with Jeff and I at the back.

"You aren't alright are you? And don't bother lying to me cause you can't. we'll talk at home ok sweetie?" He said kissing my forehead.

"Ok Jeff, just don't tell them I don't want them to worry it's my life let me deal with it as I will!" I said harshly. He smiled and nodded. After about 2 hours we had my room cleaned out and I took all the money I could find in the house and I took the will's of my parent's as well. I received a call from Gil. He too had heard of the crash and invited me personally to live there.

As we got to the house, I grabbed my bags and lugged them into the spare room where Shane was staying and then I went into Jeff's room to talk.

"Ok now Morgy don't kill yourself over this it's not your fault this happened!" he said sincerely. Giving me the same speech I had given him after his mom passed away.

"Jeff let me deal ok!" I shouted frustrated with everything. Let me tell you something I'm damn stubborn. I'm worse then a donkey once I have my mind set on something it stays set.

"Morgan Lee Kith! Listen to me I love you ok. You don't understand Morgan you never will. You mean more to me then Matt then anyone. Just don't hurt yourself over this!! And I mean something like what you tried to pull before with the knife. I still haven't told anyone but if it happens again I will!" he said sternly. This was the first time he had ever yelled at me. I knew it was for my own good but it was still a shock. And he was frustrated cause he only used my full name when he was angry or depressed or frustrated.

"Jeff I'm sorry I just want to try on my own. I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want Shane to get involved cause I'll hurt him like I almost hurt you. God Jeff I love you too! But you have Beth and I have Shane and it could never be so drop it. And I just need time to vent so let me have my space!" I said equally as frustrated.

"Whatever you want Morgan, but the second something isn't right you come to me. I'm always here and I promised to make it all better. No matter the cost I'll do it for you. " he said as I was about to leave. I stopped and walked over to him. He hugged me. I looked into his gorgeous green eyes. I had to turn away.

I was so tempted to just go out and kiss him. But with Shane there it wasn't right. The hole thing wasn't right. I felt like Jeff was all I needed like he was all I wanted. But I loved Shane I was just more confused then before with all this Jeff stuff getting thrown in was making my head hurt worse. I though I was going to die if I didn't fucking kiss his lips. So I did. Right there and then I turned to him and all out frenched him. I knew it was wrong. I knew I would be in trouble with Shane and he would be in trouble with Beth. But in my confusion I just didn't care anymore.

He kissed me back. It was amazing. I won't lie to you I wished it lasted longer then those few short seconds. After it we sort of dismissed the fact that it ever happened. But it did. And wee both enjoyed it. Now I was more lost then before. Was I making my own little hell on Earth? Was I punishing myself for something I didn't do but blamed myself for?

"Morgan, we can't please just stop. I want you so bad now, but you have to be with Shane. I have to be with Beth." Jeff said as he continued to hold me and kiss my neck between each word.

"Jeff, I'm so lost I just want something that makes sense, that's you!" I said kissing him as I spoke. "Jeff your right though." I said as I pushed him off me. We were both breathing hard. We sat on his bed for awhile sorting through our own minds. "I'm sorry Jeff what I did was uncalled for forgive me?" I said lying to him straight up.

"I forgive you, and can you forgive me?" he asked lying just as badly as I had.

"Ya I better go to Shane he'll be wondering why we took so long. But Jeff I do love you. And I trust you more then anybody else. You are my rock my one real thing in this world. You are the only thing that makes sense now a day. So please never change!" I said tearing as I did.

"I know baby I know. It is the same for me. But until you figure stuff out I wouldn't know if it was because you really felt that way r if it was just to feel better. You understand right babe?" he said softly in my ear. All I could do was nod. I tried so hard to fight back the tears. "Ok then baby go to Shane." He said helping me up and walking me to the door.

I walked into the spare room I would share with Shane that night. My room. He was on the bed smiling.

"Hey baby" he said. He walked up to me and kissed me softly. We then went into the bed and I lay between his strong loving arms trying to but things into perspective. Needless to say I didn't sleep at all. I couldn't get out the thought of what Jeff and I had done, or how right it had felt. But I knew it was wrong. It was just to feel better. Or was it?
Chapter 4-Everbody's Fool
I lay in Shane's arms thinking deeply. Why was I still here on this world? I should be with my parents. I don't belong with such a loving boyfriend when it is just so easy for me to cheat on him. And lastly I don't deserve a friend like Jeff who would so willingly be there every waking moment of my life. I made up my mind there that slowly, but surely I would end it all.

I got up and walked silently down to the kitchen. Once I had made sure everyone was asleep, I snuck into the pantry and pulled out a small but sharp knife. I sit silently on the floor in the upstairs bathroom thinking. I then place the knife upon my pale skin. I push on it hard. The pain is welcomed by me and so is the ruby red blood which flows out. I think of the pain like I deserve it. I know deep down I'm hurting not only myself but everyone who loves me. But all that matters is the pain. I need it. It makes me feel real. The blood trickles down. I realize this after it has stained the carpet.

I wrap my arm up in a tensor bandage. If anyone asks my reply will be I sprained it. Nobody has to know it is my life after all as long as I can love and be loved and wrestle that's all I need. I snuggle back in with Shane. He still has not woken up. He will have no idea I left him for any time this night. Nobody will.

"Morning Morgan" I hear Shane whisper into my ear while nibbling my ear gently. He then sits up right. I realize why. The blood from my bandage has seeped through. It is all over the bed. I feel so weak I can hardly move at all. "God Morgan what did you do to yourself baby. Morgan?" Shane's voice becomes more and more faint. I realize I will soon be with my family. Where I belong.

"MORGAN!!!" I hear another voice more familiar. It is Jeff he has seen the bloody mess. He runs to the bed. "Morgan no please baby stay with me I need you to saty with me ok." He said petting my head and holding me tightly. "SHANE GET MY DAD NOW. CALL AN ABULANCE HURRY!" I hear Jeff commanding Shane. Shane obeys.

"Jeff" I begin weakly. I will be at peace let me go" I continue he kisses my lips to quiet me.

"No Morgan. You may have given up. But I will never give up on you baby remember last night. That can happen again if you stay with me." He said tearing up. Like before it broke me up inside to see him cry. I gave into him. He kissed me again. This time he was more passionate.

"Jeff for you I will stay. Don't tell Shane." Those were my last words to him that day. I blacked out once more. Shane came in and Jeff picked me up and took me to the ambulance.

They took me to the hospital where I received a transfusion and lived. My first visitor was of course Jeff. He came in with flowers and a teddy bear just for me. I was only semi awake and on lots of drugs so I could hardly talk.

"Morgan. You ok babe? I brought you some stuff. The doctors say you can come home tomorrow and dad said I can spend tonight here with you. Also I didn't tell Shane I will never if you ask me not to. But he should know sooner or later. I told Beth last night her and I are history but then again things weren't all good there anyways. Once you get back home dad asked me to watch over you. Morgan you promised me. But I understand where your coming from." Jeff said still very frusterated and upset.

"So your not mad then?" I asked weakly.

"I'm mad but come on Morgy how long can I stay mad at you?" he replied smiling he leaned in a kissed my forehead.

"Jeff I do love you but until I figure this shit out we can't let it out." I said trying to sit up but not getting anywhere.

"I know sweetheart don't worry. Like you said last night I'm your rock your one thing that makes sense I'm not going to let you down and make no sense to you. I'm your best friend and I always will be. Just please never do that again!" he said trying to hide his evident fear.

"I won't I promise Jeff." I said lying. He knew perfectly well I was lying too but he chose to dismiss it.not wanting to start a fight in the hospital while I was weak enough as it was.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Hardy's house*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Shane had gone home reluctantly and Jeff was spending the night in the spare room with me since I was no longer trusted by anyone to sleep on my own. Not to say I didn't enjoy company I felt so babied. I hated it. Someone had to be watching me at all times doctors orders.

"Jeff I'm fine let me go to the bathroom on my own!" I found myself screaming that so often that it was like my new saying. They were all over me. I didn't even want to kill myself anymore. Being in this house. Where I felt so safe only days before, was now my hell on earth. No one noticed at first. I acted somewhat normal. After about the first 2 weeks I began to talk to only Jeff after the first month even that stopped somewhat. I just tried so hard but they all made life so trouble filled. So difficult.

"Morgan we have to talk." Jeff said to me one day.

"There is nothing to talk about Jeff." Was my answer as I became consumed in my art works. They are probably the only thing that kept me sane in that house. Everyday I would paint or draw or air brush a new picture. My room had become covered from wall to floor with them. Jeff had helped me make most of them but I still would seclude myself in my room for hours or days on end.

"Morgan, your secluding yourself from everyone, myself included. Morgan why I love you so much and you just shut me out why!" he asked me finally stated knowing that would hit me hard.

"Jeff because no one can help me ok!! I fucked myself up trying to kill myself and now I have no freedom I fucked things up with you and soon I will have to fess them up to Shane. My life is a fucking train wreck Jeff that's why I seclude myself. SO I DON'T HURT ANYONE ANYMORE. THAT'S ALL I SEEM TO DO NOW A DAYS IS HURT PEOPLE." I said beginning to cry. "Jeff please make it stop!" I choked out before falling into his arms and completely breaking down.
Chapter 5-Surrender
 began to cry even more in Jeff's arms not knowing myself anymore. Confused as hell about everything. First I screw up in school. Then my parents die. Then I try to kill myself, then I fall for my best friend while I have a boyfriend. I didn't think life could get any worse. Would you believe me when I say it did?

"Morgy I know how you feel sweetie, trust me I do. But you need to snap out of it. Living like you are now you are as good as dead. I talked to Shane yesterday. He said you haven't talked to him in over a week. Like he would say WHATS UP WIT DAT!? " Jeff said smiling and trying to get me to smile.

"Jeff, I can't.I'll hurt him.He can never know about us.I mean. Gd I love you just as much as him if not more, but I still have feelings for him I'm just so lost!" I replied cuddling into Jeff's strong body.

"I know but you'll have to tell him one day." Jeff replied matter-of- factly.

"I know I have so paintings to finish Jeff so I'll talk to you to tomorrow." I said

'Alright Night Morgy." He said kissing me softly and leaving my room. It was now or never. I picked up the backpack that I had hidden in my closet. It contained clothes and other valuables I would need including money Paints and pencils and paper. I would run away I didn't care to where to get my freedom back. They'd forget about me eventually anyways. I just needed to see the world. I had had enough of that house, of everyone. I began a letter to Jeff explaining everything.

'Dear Jeff, I'm sorry I lied to you. I need out of this hell. Tell everyone everything about me about us. Tell Shane I love him and I have his gift on my night stand for our 6 month anniversary. Tell him I got his too and I took it with. Tell Matt he was by far the worst big brother I ever had. Tell Shannon I miss my prank buddy. And Jeff I love you and I will miss my best friend the most. Jeff this part is for you only. Cell phone # (567) 234-8767 call me after 3days I should have a place by then. Then sneak out and come to visit. But I'm never coming back there Jeff never.

Love Always Morgan Lee Kith'

I put the letter beside Shane's gift. I grabbed all my stuff and began to descend out of my window. I took one last look at the hell house and ran as far as I could. I hadn't realized where I had stopped. I was right in Shannon's back yard, and he was there looking at me in shock.

"Morgan? What the fuck are you doing? Your supposed to be in the Hardy's house.Your running away aren't you?" he asked still a bit taken aback.

"Ya Shannon I am I can't take their shit anymore. I'm sorry Shan but you can't tell anyone! Promise me!" I said yelling at him to be silent.

"Fine but.. why?" he asked.

"Because Shannon my life was fucked up and I did dumb shit I need to start over find myself again. You understand right? I'm leaving North Carolina, I'm leaving you guys. God I'll miss you all so much!" I said running to him and hugging him tightly.

"I'll miss you to Morgy, but you do what you need to do. You're a big girl now, you can make your own decisions. I stand behind you all the way. You know that right?" he asked smiling at me.

"Ya I do now I have to run to the train station." I said about to take off when a hand pulled me back stopped me.

"Morgan how about we drive you since we all saw the note." Said a familiar voice, but it was not Shannon.

"O god, Shane!" I said passing out.

I awoke in a car, the driver was Shane and he looked really mad. Jeff was in the back with Shannon and I. I opened my eyes fully and realized we were on our way to the train station.

"What the hell!" I said trying t get up but Shannon and Jeff held me down.

"How could you Morgan? I loved you!" Shane said in a blind rage.

"I.I'm sorry Shane you weren't supposed to know until I was long gone. I was out of it and so depressed I needed some thing that." I was cut short bye Shane looking at me with a gun in his hand.

"I loved you Morgan. I really did and you go and have a fling behind my back with this cunt!" he said pointing the gun at Jeff.

"Ok Shane man calm down!" Jeff said holding me down. "It was my fault don't hurt any of us man ok? We didn't do anything that wrong!" Jeff said defensively.

"Right you juts took advantage of my girlfriend while she was lost and confused." Shane Said Shane still pointing the gun at Jeff. We had pulled over at this point.

"Shane it was my fault now let Shan and Jeff go and we can talk this over ok sweetie?" I said trying to reason with him. I had never seen him act like this ever. He always had seemed like such a kind soul.

"No I don't want to talk to some penny crack whore!" he screamed. I hadn't known how much I ment to him.

"Shane buddy what the fuck do I have to do with this shit and you should let us go buddy before some one does something stupid." Shannon said.

"Shan you were going to let her leave us! You would have let her go and left without me! She is mine!" he said seeming more crazy then before.

"Please Shane let us go please!" I said becoming hysterical. How could he do this to us? We were his friends!

"Fine they go you stay." He said and I agreed but they were the ones who refused.

"No Morgan your not staying in here with him while he's pissed off with a gun." Jeff said holding me tightly to him.

I look up at Jeff he is so worried and so sincere. I look then towards Shannon he too looks as sincere and worried as Jeff. I hadn't realized how much people cared about me.

"Jeff" I whispered into his ear "I'm going to do something to distract him, you and Shan get out as fast as you guys can I'll be right behind you ok?" I said softly.

"Alright, but if it looks bad, I'm coming back to get you." He replied and whispered to Shannon.

I sat up looked into Shane's eyes and slapped his face as hard as I could and then I scrached his face till it bled and ran out after Jeff and Shan. Shane was furious and took a shot at me he missed me.Or was he never aiming for me?

I look ahead as Jeff fell to the ground with a pool of blood forming around him. I let a cry of desperation as I collapse beside him.

"JEFF!!! O GOD! JEFF TALK TO ME BABY STAY HERE PLEASE I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!" I screamed in horror. My best friend, my lover he can't die. Not so soon after all this other shit happened, Shane hopped back into the car and drove away at top speed. Shannon kneeled beside me and heeld me as I began to break down once more.

"Shhhh, it's ok Morgy lets call 911 and they'll help Jeffro ok sweetie?" he said kissing my forehead. I nodded. Jeff then opened his eyes and looked into mine.

"Morgan I'm going to live, cause I promised you." he blacked out from the pain. But he wasn't too badly hurt. He had been shot in the arm. But he was losing lots of blood.

The ambulance came and took us into North Carolina once more. Gil and Matt were already there. They hugged Shannon and I and we all waited for Jeff in the waiting room. I still felt so responsible for all of this. It's then that my hell was re-started. The thoughts of pain returned and so did the urge to bleed.