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Welcome to my Imagination. Once you enter this page, I therefore own you and your mind until you check out the rest of the site. My name is Jordy and let me take you on the ride of your life in my fan fictions and other assorted writings.
Superstars: Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Matt Hardy, Shane Helms, and other characters.
Written By: Blade or HurricaneGurl41
Rating:PG- There are some serious moments in it.
Summary:A girl finds out her parents have died, can her Best friend Jeff Hardy save her or is he too late.
This Is How It Goes
Superstars: Brian Kendrick and Zach Gowen, among others..
Written By: Blade or HurricaneGurl41
Rating:PG - Blood Issues
Summary:A girl is reunited with her sister, and Zach falls for her. Does she feel the same?
The Innocent
Superstars: Shannon Moore, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy etc.
Written By: Blade or HurricaneGurl41
Rating:PG - Blood Issues
Summary:Nayomi and Shannon Moore have been friends for what seems forever, does he see her as just a friend and does he see whats happeneing to her?