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Welcome to Xtreme Poetry In Motion! The place to be morning, noon and night! Constantly being updated with wrestling news, fan fiction and other assorted pictures and news. It really is your one stop shopping network to the stars! Have a look around, and head on over to the Xtreme Poetry Board and leave your mark!
~Melissa - September 7th, 2003~

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What I've Been Doing Around The Site Day to Day!
September 18, 2003 - Updated Tink's and Melissas Commentaries, Added Wrestling News for this week, added spoiler section, changed the picture of the week to coincide with my boys birthday yo yo yo, LOL. More Updates on Fan Fiction Section and Lipstick and Bruises coming tomorrow!
October 1-6 - Added NWA Superstar Bio Section, Added News for the weeks. Added House Show Section. Added Edges/Matt's Commentaries. Working on more features.
October 7, 2003 - Updated Wrestling News, Updated Lipstick and Bruises with 6 more chapters, added more to the wrestling information section, planning on commentaries at a later date. Reopened the tag board for actual tagging again. Added More Raw House Show Results to the site.
October 8th, 2003 - Added more wrestling news, as well as smackdown house show results, and the raw dark matches and sunday night heat results. Also added Edge's newest commentary on the site.
October 9 2003 - Updated Lisa's Fiction section, added more wrestling news for this week, added Smackdown Spoilers, and am planning on adding a commentary in either tonight or tomorrow.
October 10, 2003 - Added up remaining chapters of Lipstick and Bruises and added more wrestling news to this weeks section. Adding More later as I get more ideas.
October 10, 2003 - Updated The Fan Fiction section with a new story by Melissa Dawn, called A ROAD Less Travelled with the two newest chapters.
October 11 2003 - Added more wrestling news, worked on the other site adding more stories to it, so check that out, and i also added a bunch of quiz results to the front page. More work later on both sites.
October 14, 2003 - Updated Wrestling News for the new week. Updated the resources section with a new wrestling school thats out now by Ring Of Honor, Updated My Commentaries section with a new one.
October 14,2003 - Updated Edge's Commentary from today, so its been updated til next tuesday evening. More updated tomorrow morning.
October 16, 2003 - Updated Wrestling news for the week, Updated House Shows for NWA and WWE RAW, Also Added an interview with Chyna done recently, Added Smackdown Spoilers. Planning On Working on My Fanfiction Site again tonight.
October 18, 2003 - Updated Wrestling news. Added a few news tidbits on the opening page, above, about the return of Jeff Hardy and the death of Stu Hart. Updated third chapter in my new wrestling fic featuring Amy Dumas. Updated Matt Hardys new commentary from WWEMattitude.com. Working on uploads for the other site still.
October 23 2003 - Updated The Wrestling News this week, Updated House Shows for Raw, Spoilers for Smackdown, PPV Results for No Mercy. I officially took the board off, and am going back to the tagboard, so thats a new note. Also added news of Kevin Nash's Future in his own article in the news section.
October 24, 2003 - In the interest of not having this site meet max capacity i have taken a lot of things down, mainly my old fan fictions, so you will notice only one sitting under my name now, as well as Edges really old commentaries, and old old wrestling news. I took down the music page, as well as the Board. Now stuff thats added tonight would be Edges newest column and the next two chapters of my amy dumas fiction. More to come later.
November 2, 2003 - Okay guys, updates for today is the news, for the past week and a bit, because I wanted to update all of it. House Shows for Smackdown and Raw are done. Off air Raw notes are also up. fanfic updates for everyone will come soon!
November 5, 2003 - Road Less Travelled Fan Fiction Update with two chapters, updated house shows for raw and smackdown in their section. I'm working On Edges Columns for the last two weeks right now, and I updated Wrestling news for this week too! More To Come @ a Later Date
Jeff Hardy Makes His Return To The WWE
While Jeff was out here in California several people asked him about returning to WWE. Sooooo here's the piece of info you have all been waiting for... Now hold in mind this is an apx date so it could change.

Jeff is currently planning on returning to WWE in March.
This is only his current plan, and it is subject to change, but what this means for all the Jeff Hardy fans out there, is he will be coming back.
On a side note regarding Jeff Hardy, he was seen backstage on Monday Night Raw, along with his older brother Matt, which leads us to believe that Matt will be making a comeback to Raw sometime in the future. Maybe in March? Team Extreme Back Together? Stay Tuned!!

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Nihilist Bear

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My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

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