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*~!RAW Dark Matches/Sunday Night Heat Results!~*
Off-Air RAW Notes: Dark Matches, Heat Taping Results, And More
Thanks to Andrew Oberhauser for the following report:

I attended Raw in Fayetteville last night. I haven't watched it on TV yet, but the crowd was fairly hot last night. Later in the evening though, and especially for the Y2J/RVD matches, they really seemed to die down.

Here are the Heat/dark match results, to the best of my knowledge!

Two unknowns beat Tommy Dreamer and another unknown guy. Nice ECW chant at the start of the match. I believe Tommy's team lost when Tommy was distracted.

The Dudleys beat two more unknowns. HUGE pop for the Dudleys.


Maven vs. Stevie Richards. Victoria was sent to the back during the match. Stevie got confused and Maven got the win.

Molly Holly beat Ivory.

Val Venis beat an unknown wrestler.

I would like to add that I thought the arena was fairly full. The upper deck of one side of the building was tarped off, but other than that, I saw very few empty seats. A good turnout, in my opinion.

Raw Notes:

Randy Orton also received a lot of cheers. Teddy Long's mention of the 'Heartbreak Cracker' got a lot of laughs. LOD video received a nice round of applause.

At the end of the show, Y2J (not sure if he was busted open hard way or not), Christian, Mark Henry and Scott Steiner beat on the faces, posed for the crowd, and left. After a few minutes, the faces got up and left the ring. Nothing of importance really happened after that; I did not hear any announcements of when the WWE expects to return to Fayetteville, NC.

The section I was in really gave it to Shane McMahon. They got sick of him real quick.

Basically, there isn't a whole lot that happened live that didn't make it on TV. I do have to say that I really enjoyed myself. If you've never been to a WWE show before, check it out if it comes in your area. Even if you don't care for the type of booking/styles they do, it's a helluva experience to see it live and in person.

During Raw there was a funny moment after the women's match, Lita got out of the ring, and was getting ready to head up the ramp, when the ref ran and grabbed her in a very weird spot (below) to get back in the ring for her post match posing with Trish.

Randy Orton flashed the crowd his ass and he was walking up the ramp.

After the main event the heels headed up, whereas the faces stayed down for quite a while, shaking hands with everyone. RVD shook hands with seemingly everyone at ringside and everyone on the ramp. Bubba and D-Von were great with the crowd, shaking hands with everyone. Bubba even picked up a little boy from his seat near the ramp. Jericho looked pretty banged up when he went up the ramp. Other than that I'm pretty sure that's everything. Although I'm not positive what aired because I didn't get to tape Raw last night.