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WWE Smackdown House Show Results From Ottawa, Ontario (11/3/03)
Thanks to Ryan Allen for the following report:

Before The Show:

- Big thanks to Orlando Jordan, Spanky, Edge & Chuck Palumbo for taking time to sign autographs and take pictures with all the fans in the parking lot area!!

The Show

  • Undertaker, Kurt Angle, & Chris Benoit defeated Brock Lesnar, A-Train, & Big Show
    - Great pops for the face team
    - Some pretty good pops for the comedy of the heels

  • Rey Mysterio defeated John Cena
    - Huge pop for Cena
    - Cena gets on mic turns on fans
    - Match ends when Rey reverses the FU into a rollup pin

  • Three way Tag team Match: Basham Brothers (w/Shaniqua) defeated Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty & The Self Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team
    - Rikishi/Scotty & Haas/Benjamin played the faces
    - After the match the four of them danced. Shelton did a great "sheltarooni"
    - Haas had some very well done breakdancing moves.

  • Cruiserweight Title: Tajiri defeated Billy Kidman

  • Bradshaw defeated Chuck Palumbo
    - Bradshaw was treated to some Canadian beer before the match by a fan

  • Tiny Teddy Contest with Special Guest MC Edge: Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie & Sable
    - Dawn and Sable looked way better then Torrie, but Edge decides he likes Torrie best

  • Johnny Stamboli & Nunzio defeated Spanky & Paul London
    - Some awesome work from London & Spanky
    - Spanky tried to hit Sliced Bread #2 but was caught by Stamboli, then hit with a leg drop by Nunzio for the win
    - Stamboli was busted open hard way, from what I believe was a kick by Spanky

  • Rhyno defeated Jamie Noble
    - Rhyno had some major heat with some fans
    - Noble wrestled a good match, but Rhyno gored him for the win

  • Orlando Jordan defeated Horshu
    - Good opener, but no one knew Horshu
    - Orlando got a good pop.

    Top Pops:
    1) The Undertaker
    2) Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit
    3) John Cena - before turning on the crowd
    4) Edge
    5) Rey Mysterio

    - Attendance was probably about 3000 people.

    - Brian Hebner does not like being told his dad screwed Bret.
  • WWE Smackdown House Show Results From Kitchener, Ontario (11/1/03)
    Thanks to Devin Cutting for the following report:

    The arena was about 1/3 to 1/2 full. A local radio DJ and 3 female models welcomed the fans to the show, then Edge talked about his recovery and hyped the main event.

    Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie and Sable
    Edge was the host. Sable withdrew from the contest because, in her opinion, Canadians don't deserve to see her body. After Torrie was declared the winner, a three-way catfight ensued, then Torrie, Dawn Marie and Edge took turns slapping each other's asses.

    Bradshaw defeated Horshu
    Bradshaw pinned Horshu following the Clothesline From Hell.

    Spanky & Paul London defeated Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli w/Nunzio
    Nunzio's botched interference led to Spanky and London winning by pinfall. After the match, The FBI assaulted Spanky and London.

    Orlando Jordan defeated Rhyno
    Prior to the match, Rhyno said "Canada Sucks". Jordan won by pinfall.

    The Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team defeated Billy Kidman & Jamie Noble
    Noble was introduced as "The Redneck Messiah" Jamie "By God" Noble. The finish saw Haas pin Noble after Benjamin kicked Noble in the face.

    WWE Tag Team Title Match:
    The Basham Brothers w/Shaniqua defeated Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi

    At the beginning of the match, Scotty searched around ringside, then entered the ring, put his hand in his pocket, pulled out his middle finger and pointed it at The Bashams' corner. The Bashams won by pinfall. After the match, Rikishi saved Scotty from a beatdown and gave a Stink Face to Shaniqua. Then, Scotty smacked Rikishi's ass with Shaniqua's whip and invited a young fan into the ring to dance. Unfortunately for the fan, his dancing was awful, so Rikishi gave him a Stink Face as punishment.
    Cruiserweight Title Match:
    Tajiri defeated Rey Mysterio

    At one point in the match, Tajiri tried to do the 619, but Mysterio stopped him. The end came when Tajiri spit mist in Mysterio's face while the referee was down, then kicked Mysterio in the head and pinned him.

    A-Train accused the fans of being jealous, made a comment about females running their fingers through his "man fur" and issued an open challenge. John Cena accepted the challenge and cut a hilarious pre-match promo about what A-Train does with his male lover.

    John Cena defeated A-Train
    During the match, the fans chanted "shave your back" and Cena's name many times. Cena pinned A-Train following the FU.

    The Big Show apparently said that if his team lost by submission, he would kiss Kurt Angle's ass, so the main event was made into a Kiss My Ass Match.

    Kiss My Ass Match:
    Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit defeated Brock Lesnar & The Big Show

    Early in the match, Angle lowered his tights and showed off his thong. The finish saw The Big Show submit to an ankle lock. He was then forced to kiss both of his opponents' bare asses.

    The total length of the show was about 2 hours and 10 minutes, probably due to the poor attendance and lighting problems (the show had to be stopped twice to fix the ring lights).

    WWE Smackdown House Show Results From Augusta, GA (10/27/03)
    Thanks to Riley Smith for the following report:

    I went to last night's WWE house show in Augusta, GA. I would guess that there were about 2,000 people there. Here are the results.

    Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty beat Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in a good match.

    Billy Kidman beat Rhyno. After the win, Rhyno laid out Kidman with a gore.

    Sean O Haire and Horshu beat Matt Cappotelli and John Hennigan.

    The FBI beat Spanky, Paul London, and Orlando Jordan.

    Tajiri beat Jamie Noble and Ultimo Dragon to retain the Cruiserweight Title.

    Rey Mysterio beat John Cena. Great match.

    The Bashams beat Los Guerreros to retain the Tag Team Titles in a strong match. After the match, Eddie and Chavo argued with each other.

    Brock Lesnar beat Chris Benoit to keep the WWE Title.
    WWE Smackdown House Show Results From Albany, NY (10/26/03)
    Thanks to Barry Mackavoy for the following report:

    I went to the show in Albany yesterday. There were maybe 2,000 people there in a building that holds 10,000. That isnt good for WWE. It was a fun show live. Here are the results.

    Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty beat Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in a good opener.

    Billy Kidman beat Rhyno.

    Sean OHaire and Horshu beat Matt Cappotelli and John Hennigan.

    Tajiri beat Jamie Noble and Ultimo Dragon to retain the Cruiserweight Title. This was a very good match.

    The FBI beat Spanky, Paul London, and Orlando Jordan.

    Rey Mysterio beat John Cena in the match of the night!

    The Bashams beat Los Guerreros to retain the Tag Team Titles in a strong match. After the match, Eddie and Chavo argued with each other.

    Torrie Wilson beat Sable and Dawn Marie in a bikini match.

    Brock Lesnar beat Chris Benoit in the main event when A Train cost Benoit the match. It was a great match, even if I didnt like the finish.
    WWE Smackdown House Show Results From Turku, Finland (10/9/03)
    Thanks to Matti Ahlstrom for the following report:

    Hi, I just got back from the Smackdown house show in Turku, Finland. It was an excellent show with all good to great matches and a very nice surprise at the end. Crowd attendance was around 8,000 people, some of the upper parts of the arena were empty, but the floor and the middle section were completely full. The arena erupted when Tony Chimel came out and stayed incredibly hot all night. Sable came out after Chimel and welcomed us to the show. She led us to the first match of the night:

    MATT HARDY VERSION 1.0 defeated A-TRAIN with a roll-up. Hardy came to the ring accompanied by a Finnish rock artist and played complete babyface in the match. A-Train, being the first person out, got major heat for just about everything he did. Lots of "A-Train sucks" and "shave your back" chants. An entertaining match, with Hardy and A-Train both working hard to get the show started.

    ULTIMO DRAGON defeated FUNAKI and NUNZIO in a triple-threat match with his bulldog-type finisher (forget the name). Very nice, fast paced action from all three of the wrestlers. Funaki was dancing between being a heel and a face in the match, sometimes teaming with Nunzio and other times with Ultimo. Again, a good match with good heat. Ultimo got a huge pop coming out, while Nunzio did his job well and was hated by all.

    CHARLIE HAAS defeated CHAVO GUERRERO after Shelton Benjamin superkicked Chavo in the face while Haas distracted the ref. A sound technical match, one of the best of the night, with Chavo getting tons of babyface heat from the crowd (the arena erupted when Viva la Razza started playing). Some chants of "Kurt Angle wannabe" were directed at Haas. A very enjoyable match to watch.

    BILLY KIDMAN and JAMIE NOBLE defeated THE BASHAM BROTHERS after Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press. A match that started off slow and almost became the only match of the night with no heat. The Bashams aren't that much on Finnish TV and the team of Kidman/Noble wasn't that exciting to much of the crowd. Fortunately things picked up and the match turned out to be quite enjoyable. Kidman hurt his leg on the SSP, came down awkwardly. It appeared to be legit, since he was limping even at the end of the show.

    TORRIE WILSON defeated DAWN MARIE, SABLE and NIDIA in a bikini contest. Not much to say, all the women looked hot, even though I've never understood why people consider Dawn good-looking. I guess it's just me. The bikinis were tiny. And I mean tiny.

    EDDIE GUERRERO defeated RHYNO in a US-title match after a shot in the head with the title belt followed by a 5-star frog splash. Absolutely brilliant match, one of the best of the night. Before the match one guy shouted happy birthday to Eddie, which led to a section of the crowd actually singing happy birthday to Eddie. Eddie was all smiles after that. Lots of comedy spots by Eddie during the match, and the story of the match was lie, cheat and steal to victory. The crowd absolutely loved Eddie, got one of the biggest pops of the night.


    TAJIRI defeated REY MYSTERIO in a WWE Cruiserweight championship match with the green mist and a kick to the head. Again, a brilliant match with great response from the crowd. A lot of high flying, high risk moves with a few very nice spots. ReyRey was loved beyond reason. At the end Rey hit the 619 and was going for the West Coast Pop, but Tajiri pulled the ref in the way and green misted his way to a win.

    KURT ANGLE and CHRIS BENOIT defeated JOHN CENA and THE BIG SHOW, when Angle hit the Angle slam on the Big Show. Huge heat for Cena before the match, he rapped about how the whole place was stinky and how the worst place in the world is Helsinki. He even insulted our ice-hockey, which got MAJOR heat from the crowd. Kurt Angle definitely got the biggest pop of the night. He came out with a digital camera and videotaped his entire entrance. He seemed to be loving every minute of it. Even with the Big Show, this was the best match of the night. Angle, Cena and Benoit were all amazing in the ring and even the Big Show worked very well together with the rest of the team. There were a few comedy spots, for instance one where Cena was running from side to side for a ridiculously long time, so that finally The Big Show, his tag-partner, had to clothesline him, so that he would stop. Funny stuff.

    BROCK LESNAR defeated UNDERTAKER in a match for the WWE title when Brock hit 'Taker with a chair while the ref was unconscious. A solid match to end an excellent show. Lesnar got a mixed reaction from the crowd coming out, but with the Undertaker in the other corner, was a full fledged heel all through the match. Lots of You tapped out chants directed at Brock. Both wrestlers hit their finishing moves, 'Taker kicked out of an F5, while Brock survived a chokeslam and the last ride. After the match Rhyno came out and attacked 'Taker, save was made by Eddie. Almost every wrestler came out after Eddie and the Undertaker revealed to the crowd that it was indeed Eddie's birthday. 'Taker then said that we're gonna hear something special: Kurt Angle singing happy birthday to Eddie. Crowd was happy, but Angle had a better idea, and invited the Big Show into the ring. Big Show then congratulated Eddie while imitating Hulk Hogan. Hilarious. Led by The Big Show, the arena sang happy birthday to Eddie and Eddie thanked everyone for the night.

    After people had already started to leave, Brock came out and started dissing Eddie, saying he was the WWE champion, not Eddie and so forth. Eddie then came out, hit Brock with a chair and got the final pop of the night. I have to say, Brock's mic skills have improved incredibly. He's much better as a heel than a face.

    Best heat:
    1. Cena
    2. Haas/Big Show
    3. A-Train

    Best pop:
    1. Angle
    2. Eddie
    3. Mysterio
    4. Any finnish move made by any one of the wrestlers, the crowd was that hot.

    Signs in the crowd:
    F5 me, please.
    Here comes the pain in the ass.
    Brock fears Ludvig Borga.

    That's all from the show. Hope the WWE comes back soon, they've now had two shows in Finland, both of them have been extremely high class
    WWE Smackdown House Show Results From Cologne, Germany (10/10/03)
    Thanks to SlamWrestling.de for the following report:

    SmackDown! Brands Passport to Pain Tour Show in Cologne, Germany finished a few Minutes ago, here are the results of the show:

    WWE Passport to Pain
    October 10th, 2003 - Koeln Arena in Cologne, Germany

    Single Match
    Chris Benoit beat A-Train

    Tag Team Match
    Nunzio & Tajiri beat Rey Mysterio Jr. & Ultimo Dragon

    Single Match
    Charlie Haas /w Shelton Benjamin beat Jamie Noble /w Nidia

    Single Match
    Rhyno beat Funaki

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    Los Guerreros (c) beat the Basham Brothers

    Single Match
    Matt Hardy beat the Big Show

    Bikini Contest
    Torrie Wilson beat Nidia, Dawn Marie & Sable
    (After the Bikini Contest there was a catfight between all the Divas, plus the Ring Announcer!

    Main Event - Tag Team Match
    Kurt Angle & The Undertaker beat Brock Lesnar & John Cena

    Biggest Pop
    1. Eddie Guerrero
    2. Kurt Angle / Undertaker
    3. Matt Hardy
    4. Chavo Guerrero
    5. Chris Benoit

    Biggest Heat
    1. Rhyno
    2. A-Train
    3. John Cena / Brock Lesnar
    4. Charlie Haas
    WWE Smackdown House Show Results From Trenton, NJ (10/6/03)
    I attended tonight's WWE Smackdown house show at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey. Crowd was about 1,800.

    The lineup was never listed on the WWE site. I found the lineup yesterday on Sovereign Bank Arena's website. The advertised lineup there was as follows: Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle vs Benoit vs Big Show for the WWE Title with John Cena as special referee; APA vs Bashams for Tag Titles; Eddie vs Chavo vs Rhyno for US Title; Sean O' Haire vs. Matt Hardy.

    As it turned out, four of the nine advertised matches took place as scheduled. The main event was not one of them.

    The show started at 7:06pm and was over by 9:12pm with a 20 minute intermission.

    There were 5 No-Shows of talent: Shaniqua, Matt Hardy, Sean O'Haire, Ron Simmons and Shannon Moore. Big Show appeared before the crowd, but did not work the scheduled main event.

    Sable came out to start the show, says Mr McMahon told Kurt Angle not to come here for the main event, but Angle was too stupid and showed up anyway.

    WWE Tag Team Titles, Los Guerreros (who are still champions, not the APA or the Bashams), retained the belts over the Basham Brothers without Shaniqua in 9:53. This was the longest match of the night. Afterwards, the Big Show in his only appearance, ran out and chokeslammed Los Guerreros.

    Spanky, Paul London and Orlando Jordan defeated the FBI in 6:39. Funaki was scheduled instead of Jordan in this match.

    John Cena came out to the crowd rapped about how bad Jersey was. But he rapped on Jets and Mets, not realizing that the South Jersey crowd roots for Philly teams. Then he called out Kurt Angle. Angle started beating on Cena, then offered him the chance to face him and Brock for the title in a Triple Threat Match.

    Charlie Haas (accompanied by Shelton Benjamin) defeated Billy Kidman in 6:05.

    Brock Lesnar retained the WWE Title over Kurt Angle and John Cena in 2:16. Yes that is correct, TWO MINUTES AND SIXTEEN SECONDS. They were all going for finishers, Cena wound up outside the ring, Lesnar hit the F-5 on Angle for the pin.

    T-shirt guy shot out shirts to the crowd.

    INTERMISSION LASTED 20:32 seconds, ALMOST 10 TIMES LONGER THAN THE MAIN EVENT TITLE MATCH. During intermission, I asked road agent Tony Garea about the brevity of the title match we had just seen (angle-lesnar-cena). He feigned no knowledge of what had just taken place, but I asked him if a 2 minute title match was gonna bring more people here next time, he said, "Probably not" When I asked him about the scheduled main event, he used the dreaded "Card Subject to Change" on me.

    For the Cruiserweight Title-- Tajiri retained over Rey Mysterio in 9:12. Rey hit the 619 on Tajiri, followed by a bump into the ref. As the ref stumbled to his feet, Tajiri sprayed the green mist and got the pin. I guess almost by default this was the best match of the night. Only the 5 year olds next to me thought Rey had a chance in hell to win the belt.

    Bradshaw (without Ron Simmons) defeated Rhyno with the clothesline from hell in 2:23. Bashams ran out afterwards and choked out Bradshaw with their metal belt.

    Funaki came out to MC the bikini contest. Torrie Wilson won by fan applause over Dawn Marie, Nidia and Sable. Sable refused to participate and walked away saying the crowd didn't deserve to see her bikini. Afterwards, Dawn and Nidia had a brief catfight with Torrie. This took about 10 minutes.

    In the FINAL MATCH of the night, (I can't call this an acceptable Main Event, no disrespect to Benoit) but Chris Benoit defeated A-Train in 5:29 with the Crippler Crossface.

    I cannot imagine any of the sparse crowd in attendance would have went home happy from this show. DO THEY THINK a 2 MINUTE MAIN EVENT is going to make people want to buy tickets to see the next show?? No mention of a return date.

    In my 18 years of attending WWE, this could be the worse house show I've ever seen, including a show also in Trenton NJ about 4 years ago with a horrid Kane-Big Show steel cage match.

    Full Credit goes to StevesWrestling and his affliates for this information.