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*~!WWE Raw House Show Results!~*
Want to know what happens on those house shows all around the world when you cant get to one yourself? Here's the place to find them.
WWE RAW House Show Results From Columbus, OH (11/2/03)
Thanks to Gary Graham for the following report:

Here are the results from the WWE Raw afternoon house show from Columbus, Ohio on November 2nd.

1.The Hurricane-John Heidenreich v La Resistance (Conway-Dupree).Good opener. The "Frenchman" got great heel heat. Hurricane was the face in peril until he finally got the hot tag to Heidenreich. He actually shows a little bit of talent, more so than Nathan Jones does at least. Heidenreich put away Conway w/ the Rock Bottom for the win with help from Rosey who came in at the finish to stop double-teaming by the heels. Post match Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade(who are heels this week)attacked the faces and then challenged The Dudleys for a tag title shot right then and there which of course brought out the Tag Champs leading to.......

2.The Dudleys v Jindrak-Cade for the WWE Tag Titles. Jindrak is pretty good a cocky heel but Cade needs work. Decent match with the obligatory "We Want Tables" chant throughout. But to no avail, no tables were used in the match but a 3-D was, on Jindrak for the Dudleys win. Post match the Duds took about 10 minutes shaking hands w/ the ringsiders. Real classy.

3.Next was Dave Batista (w/Randy Orton and Ric Flair) v Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer won in a huge upset. Just kidding, wanting to see if you're paying attention. I know the fans werent, they all knew what the result was gonna be and they just wanted it to happen ASAP. Batista won in about 5 minutes w/ the sit out powerbomb. Post match a hot female fan flashed Orton as he was just about to open the curtain to the dressing room. Lucky guy.

4.Lita-Jaqueline v Victoria-Jazz. All I can say about this match is will they ever learn to cut out the worked injury angles? This time Jackie faked a knee injury about 5 minutes in the match complete w/Charles Robinson and Howard Finkel both doing the "X" sign for the paramedics. Sure enough after everyone (even Vic and Jazz) acted concerned (even the fans started a "Jackie" chant which I though I'd never hear)Jackie kicked Lita out of the ring and left Lita to fight alone but of course Lita won anyway w/ the Twist of Fate on Jazz followed by a nice DDT on Victoria for the pin. Oh yeah, I can say one other thing about this match, Victoria is HOT!

5.Lance Storm-Val Venis v 2 local guys. Fans were dead here even though the faces worked hard, can't say much for the locals except they stunk. Venis put the tattooed one away w/ The $ Shot. After the match Storm and Venis each did each others dances and Val gave a woman in the front row his towel.

6.Mark Henry v Maven. Teddy Long is a riot. He was the most entertaining part of the whole show. Just a basic squash match w/Henry doing his usual power moves and no selling everything Maven did. Finally Henry put him away w/ The World's Strongest Slam.

7.Rob Van Dam v Chris Jericho (I-C Title).Best match on the show. Jericho is so over as a heel and the same can be said for RVD as a face. RVD withstood the Walls of Jericho for about 4 minutes until making the ropes. Then out of nowhere RBD hit the 5 Star for the win. Post match Eric Bischoff comes in and tries to restart the match by making it a best 2 out of 3 but before that happened Mark Henry rumbled in and attacked RVD followed by Lance Storm to make the save which was followed by La Resistance followed by The Dudley's and when the dust settled Bischoff was left alone in the ring w/ all the faces and just when The Dudleys were set to 3-D Bischoff through a table Jericho reach out and saved him which drew a huge boo from the crowd.

8.Randy Orton-Ric Flair v Booker T (w/the "injured" Bill Goldberg)(handicap match made by Eric Bischoff). Good match by all involved. Flair does need to get back in shape, man is he flabby and wrinkled. Orton is really gonna be great, his heel mannerisms are superb. Booker got the win though w/ the axe kick on Orton. Post match saw Randy go back to the same woman who flashed him earlier and he gave her a big hug and kiss. I hope he had his shots.

9.Main Event: Kane v Shane McMahon (cage match).Good brawl, but of course guess who went over? Actually though Shane is improving his work where hes not all just a "one big bump" guy. The finish was w/ both men on top of the cage Shane pushed Kane off where Kane crotched himself on the top rope and Shane climbed out.

Not a bad show at all. Most everyone worked hard. And it really does seem that they are trying to be more fan friendly as before the show as I was watching the wrestlers come in Shane McMahon, Lance Storm and Maven all came by to sign autographs and pose for pics w/ the fans. And after the matches Batista, Randy Orton and D-Von Dudley all signed autographs and all were nice.
WWE RAW House Show Results From Florence, SC (10/26/03)
Thanks to Paul Bruno for the following report:

I attended the house show yesterday. A friend of mine works in the building and told me that they sold less than 2,000 tickets for the show. The building holds over 9,000. He told me it was about a $40,000 house.

The show opened with Eric Bischoff doing a promo and putting over Randy Orton. Booker T came out and that led to a match. Booker got the pin, so Bischoff made it two of three falls. Booker won the second fall as well and chased Bischoff to the back.

The Hurricane and Rosey beat Travis Tomko and someone whose name I missed.

Mark Henry beat Tommy Dreamer.

Lita and Ivory beat Molly Holly and Gail Kim in a good match.

The Dudleys beat Rene Dupree and Rob Conway in a tables match. The fans got to pick the stipulation.

Maven beat Scott Steiner in the first match after intermission.

Val Venis and Lance Storm beat Rico and Steven Richards. Both heels had their valets with them and they looked hot.

In the main event, Rob Van Dam beat Chris Jericho to retain his Intercontinental Championship. RVD hit the Five Star Frogsplash for the pin. They had a very good match.

WWE RAW House Show Results From Manchester, NH (10/17/03)
Thanks to Marcus James for the following report:

I attended last nights house show in Manchester, NH. Here is my report.

The night kicked off with Eric Bischoff coming our and telling us that Steve Austin wasnt there so this would be his show to run. He reminded us of the bounty on Goldberg and then put over Scott Steiner, who came out to the ring with Stacy. Steiner did a promo. Bischoff then said he was giving Steiner a shot at Rob Van Dams IC Title. They had a good match, which RVD won when he did the Van Damintor on a chair that Steiner brought in the ring. Afterward, Bischoff came down and admonished the ref for not DQing RVD for using the chair while Steiner beat down the champ.

Val Venis beat Steven Richards, with Victoria.

Lita and Ivory beat Molly Holly and Gail Kim when Lita pinned Molly. Jazz was supposed to be the guest ref, but wasnt. It was a good match though.

. I thought that it was one of their better matches, with Lita taking the fall on Molly. Everything seemed to work very, very good.

Mark Henry then came out with Teddy Long. Teddy ragged on Howard Finkel and they feigned them getting into it. Teddy also sold the bounty on Goldberg. Henry then beat Tommy Dreamer.

The Dudleys beat Rene Dupree and Rob Conway. They did the bit where Fink said the fans could decide what kind of match it would be, and we picked a tables match. Spike came out at the end and Conway was table-ized (is that a word?). I loved this match.

The first match after intermission saw Lance Storm beat Rico, with Jackie Gayda. She is hot in person. After the match, Storm danced again, which was really funny.

Shane McMahon beat Kane in a Street Fight with the Van Terminator. Were you expecting any other result? After having cardiac arrest on Monday, Kane is back, wrestling! Hooray for modern medicine. Kane did a promo before the match to say that Shane should have killed him and since he didnt, he will pay. People with cardiac problems worldwide just need a Shane promo to get better.

Now it was time for the main event. Ric Flair came out with Randy Orton and Flair cut a promo, heeling the fans and the Boston Red Sox. He then introduced Triple H, who talked about the bounty he placed on Goldberg and said Booker should collect it tonight. That brought out Booker, and then Goldberg. The finish came after a ref bump. Goldberg speared HHH but Mark Henry came out laid out Goldberg, but they only got a two. Finally, Goldberg speared Orton for the pin.

I had fun and it was a good show. I would estimate that there were about 5,000 people there.

WWE RAW House Show Results From Portland, ME (10/19/03)
Thanks to Jimmy King for the following report:

The show opened with Eric Bischoff doing a promo. He mentioned the bounty on Bill Goldberg and said that Big Bill was too afraid to be here today. Bischoff called out Scott Steiner and Chris Jericho and said that he wanted them to destroy Booker T and Maven. The match ended up with Booker pinning Steiner. It was a good opener.

Lance Storm beat Rico, with Jackie Gayda.

Lance Cade and Mark Jindrak beat Tommy Dreamer and Steven Richards, with Victoria. Is Dreamer a face?

Mark Henry beat Val Venis. About what you would expect.

Shane beat Kane in a streetfight.

Lita and Ivory beat Molly Holly and Gail Kim when Lita pinned Molly. They had a really good match.

RVD pinned Randy Orton in a good match. Ric Flair was at ringside for Orton and was a lot of fun to watch.

The Dudley Boyz beat Rene Dupree and Rob Conway in a tables match to end the show.

Full Credit Goes to StevesWrestling for these Results.