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*~!Chapters 1-4!~*
Chapter One- Wish Come True
Bailey Marx was your average 19 year old girl. She had just graduated with honors from Langstaff Secondary school and was taking a year off to make some cash to get into a decent University. She had flowing blonde hair to her waist, deep blue eyes and a gorgeous body. She was in love with wrestling and hockey, and she one day hoped to do one of those sports professionally.

However her dreams where shattered during her year off by a horrible discovery made by her doctor. She had developed a rare cancer in so close to her heart the doctors weren't sure if they could remove it. Bailey was also incidently violently allergic to chemotherapy so that was out of the question. The operation to remove the tumor had been tried 700 times before and was never successful, the patient always died in the process.

Assuming Bailey would die her sister Tanya put in a request to the make a wish foundation. Knowing her sister very well she knew her sisters one wish was to meet her favorite WWE superstars on Smack Down and if possible be part of it until she passed on. It was a large wish, but Vince McMahon was soft hearted towards the young girl, and accepted her wish. He would have her favorite superstar, Zach Gowen,

(Bailey's POV *gonna show Lissa how its dun!*)

"Bailey?" Tanya said softly rousing me from my sleep. We were still in the hospital. My operation was scheduled for exactly six months later from this day. In other words my funeral would be held 6 months and a day from this day. I wasn't in a happy mood so my welcome to her was a pillow o the face, then I realized she was not alone.

"Tany who's here with you? Mom and Dad are in Florida with Uncle Maurice.." I said slowly rising to my feet as my pyjamas became fully visible. I wore a blue tank top and black track pants. My hair was ruffled up from a long sleep the medication had given me. I looked over in shock at the man of my dreams, my hero since I had seen him on tv.

"Hi Bailey I'm Zach Gowen, your sister sent in a wish to the make a wish foundation for you, your going to be part of the WWE until your operation." He said walking over to congratulate me. I was shocked and blushing and ready to cry and I must have looked hallarious.

"Holy crap, Tanya, you never told me! But o my god, i.. Zach is here, and I get to work on Smack Down? But I haven't had that much training, I o my god I'm going to faint" I said stuttering and just plain shocked. Zach came around and hugged me. It felt nice to be hugged by my hero. I blushed real bad after we broke apart. I had held him so tightly. But he had held me equally as tight so I suppose it was a mutual compassion for one another?

"Bailey, I'm glad I'll get to spend time with you, you seem like a fun person, not to mention a beautiful one." Zach said making me blush a deep red and making Tanya laugh so hard she fell off her chair.

"Thank you Zach so when do I go to work?" I asked turning back to my regular skin color. He smiled at me.

"Today, I'm taking you to the air port and we're heading to British Columbia fro Smack Down! There. The doctors are all fine with this and they gave me your medication and the writers have a story all thought out for you. So if your sister doesn't mind I'll be taking you from here." He said smiling. I packed up all my stuff and went into the bathroom to put on my clothes. I ended up wearing a pair of Silvers low rise jeans with a black tank top. I had my bags all on my bed. I was happy to finally get out of the hospital I had been in there for 2 months since they discovered the tumor. It was boring as hell and now this cute guy would take me away from it all!

" Alright I'm all ready!" I said smiling brightly.. In the rush I hadn't brushed my hair so they both laughed at me. " WHAT!" I said angrily.

"Bail, before you leave you should brush that bird nest out!" Tanya said giggling madly. I smacked her on the arm and picked up my hair brush and brushed through my long blonde hair. After putting it up in a pony tail I was ready to go. I took Zach's hand and said my goodbyes to my sister and the other cancer patients. Leaving the hospital felt so good so natural, I felt so free! Needless to say I was really really happy! Zach and I got into his rental car and headed towards pearson airport where a plane was waiting to take us to BC.

"So Bailey, you wanna tell me about yourself?" he asked sweetly as we got into the plane. It was a private jet Vince had sent for us so it was just us alone in the back. I smiled and nervously answered.

"Well I've lived my life in Toronto. I fell in love with wrestling when I was little, Hulk Hogan was always my hero and then I started wrestling my cousins and I learned how to do moves like Swanton Bombs, Twist of Fates, supplexes, everything, eventually I started working at some indies for some extra cash and eventually I found out about the tumor and I stopped out of fear really. I know it was stupid, the doctor's said nothing about wrestling would really affect it. I guess it just scared me to know I'm going to die as soon as I am." I said a single tear falling down my face.

"Bailey, you're a great person, you don't deserve to die, I'm sure everything will go well. Look at me! I'm doing fine now." He said smiling at me but seeing the pain on my face he turned serious again and wiped away my tears holding me to his chest. "Bailey don't be scared, you'll get through this, I know you will. If you ever need anything I'l always be here for you, I know what your dealing with." Zach said pulling me up to his face and making me smile. He was right he had been here before and he managed to live and now he was a pro wrestler, if anything I get to be a pro wrestler now, he was right.

"Thanks Zach I needed that." I said smiling at him and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"No problem Bailey, nothing makes me happier then seeing a pretty girl smile." He said giving me a kiss on the cheek as well. The rest of the flight was fun we played Playstation on the plane and I won everythime, and eventually I fell asleep in Zach's arms, well on his shoulder is more accurate, but let me have my fantasies!
Chapter Two- Baileys Song


Zach and I soon arrived in BC. I awoke to him tickling my nose and giggled. That was so annoying I thought I'd slap him. But of course I wouldn't he's ,my hero and really cute. I woke up and yawned. I wasn't used to flying.

"Morning princess bout time you woke up, we're at the air port so we have to go to the arena after we've cleared customs and all, there should be a rental car or something for us. We're meeting Brian Kendrick here, he's going to tell you about your story line and stuff ok?" Zach said as I got up off his shoulder. I smiled and nodded. My dreams had finally come true. We exited the plane and got out of customs. I saw another of my favorite wrestlers there waiting for me and Zach. Zach went over and shook hands with him. He came towards me and smiled.

"Bailey right? I'm Brian Kendrick, it's nice to meet ya." He said extending his hand. I happily took it in my own. I smiled almost as big as his. "Well Bailey I'm taking Zach and yourself to the arena so do whatever you need and we'll bring the car around ok?" he said

"Yup totally it's really nice to meet you Brian." I said heading into the bathroom to fix up my makeup and hair.

"Wow Zach she's a cute one. It's a shame she' going to die, but I want to get to know her, she seems so sweet, such a shame." Brian said looking a bit depressed. Hearing these words Zach became enraged. How could Brian really think such a nice girl would die! She didn't deserve it so she would live, Zach was sure of it. Well almost.

"Brian she'll live ok? Cancer sucks this I know from experience but I'm here today she'll be here after her operation!" Zach said.

"Woah man ok, take it easy." Brian said putting his hands on his friends shoulder comfortingly. "I know how you feel ok?" he said comfortingly.

"Ya ok lets get the car ok?"

"Alright Zach, I'm sorry I didn't know how strongly you felt about it. Forgive me?" Brian asked smirking.

"YA ofcourse we have to share a hotel room so might as well be on good terms." Zach said laughing and giving Brian a quick punch in the shoulder. They headed out to the car and brought it around to the front of the airport to pick me up. I smiled as Brian stepped out and opened the door for me like a perfect gentleman. I blushed of course, when don't i? Anyways we headed off towards the arena and Brian began telling me about my story line. "SO Bailey, Stephanie has told me a bit about what she has in mind for you. Its pretty basic she is going to start a feud between you and Nidia, Jaime is supposed to get involved and then your saved by a certain superstar. Steph didn't tell me who she said they'd find out tonight before the taping who they were. SO maybe I'll get lucky and get to be that special guy!" Brian said smiling at me. I giggled and smiled back turning a deep red. "O and Bailey after the taping tonight would you like to come with me to a club or something, if that isn't your thing ou know we could.." I cut him off smiling brightly.

"Brian I would like nothing more then to go out with you to a club I haven't been to one since I was diagnosed! Thank you so much for the invite!" I said happily. He smiled and turned to Zach.

"Zach you wanna come too? Why don't we invite the whole Smack Down crew? Huh what do you guys say?" Brian said excitedly.

"I like that idea Bri." Zach said smiling vividly. They both looked so cute smiling like that. Eventually we got to the arena and I was shown to the locker room I was to share with the rest of the Divas. I turned on my cd player and began to sing to calm my nerves as I used to do before tests and indie matches.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I tryed to kill the pain but only brought more I die and I'm pouring crimson regret and betrail I'm dieing im praying bleeding and screaming Am I too lost to be saved am I too lost

My god my tourniquet return to me salvation my god my tourniquet return to me salvation

Do you remember me lost for so long will you be on the other side will you forget me im dying praying bleeding and screaming am I too lost to be saved am I too lost. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

I was interrupted mid song by the door abruptly opening. I saw a swish of blonde hair and saw Torrie Wilson walk into the locker room and smile brightly at me. She had be listening to my singing. I never let anyone listen to me sing.

"You must be Bailey right? I'm Torrie, by the way you have amazing vocals and you like Evanescence, their great! You sound just like Amy Lee when you sing that song! Do you sing anythng else?" she asked hyperly. I smiled still somewhat embarassed.

"I don't usually sing for people I'm not that great so I try to keep my singing to myself. But if you like it that much I'll gladly sing for ya Torrie." I said smiling. If I was going to be on national tv I'd have to get over being shy. Might as well start with singing. I took out my cd collection and we began to oggle The guys in Good Charlotte and 12 Stones when the door opened again. Nidia entered with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey Torrie, I have a new storyline and your not involved! Finally no more catfights with you." Shge joked and turned to me and smiled. " And you must be Bailey, I'm Nidia, and I'll be cat fighting with you! Anyways we have the first match tonight. We'll be on in like an hour I mean. Steph said she'd send your hero out when the time comes and your not to know who he is. i Ion't get why, but I'm not one to argue with her. OOOO 12 Stones! Paul McCoy is hot!" Nidia said as we all got into the heated hottie talk. About an hour later we were told to go to the backstage area which we did I met Jaime and he was nice enough. Jaime and Nidia headed out to their music. I had chosen mine a while ago. Figure.09 by Linkin Park. It has the perfect beat.

"Now making her debut in the ring from Toronto Canada Bailey!" the announcer said making me smile so big. I dashed out and the crowd cheered and jeered, I figured not everyone would like me considering I was new. But I never expected cheers being a newbie. The bell dinged and my first pro match up began.

Chapter Three- My December

I entered the ring smiling brightly as a bunch of guys in the front row chanted my name and I was handed a mic just before Nidia got read y to wrestle me. I hoped to god I'd remember my lines! I looked at Nidia with fake disgust, shes a sweetie and I hated being a bitch to her but the show must go on!

"They send me out here, in my first pro match, and it's against some fat assed hick and her ugly, boyfriend! What the hell is this! Your not even actual competition for me, hickelina. SO go on backstage where ican't see your nasty ass face. Alright?" I said smirking at her. She looked hurt and I felt awful saying all those things but I was only acting, and I knew perfectly well she was too.

The time came and I turned to see Jaime Noble standing behind me. I acted freaked out and screamed as he grabbed my hair and gave me a Whirly Bird (I saw that on TNA it was fucking amazing! Alexis did it and I was in total awe of how much it must have hurt!) I screamed out in pain.

"O my god cole look! Noble is beating on poor Bailey! Will nobody save this poor girl?" Tazz said worriedly.

"I have no idea Tazz, I really don't but I think someone should help that poor girl I mean not only is it two on one but there is Jaime Noble as well and he is much more powerful then Bailey, she doesn't stand a chance." Cole replied

Nidia and Jaime were circling me planning what to do next when my knight in shinning armor came out. It wasn't Brian or Zach like I had thought it would have been. It was John Cena. As shocked as I was I made no noise and lay lifeless on the ground like I had been told to. He came into the ring and began to kick the crap out of Jaime as Nidia ran backstage. After Jaime followed her example John came over to me and picked me up.

"Hey Bailey I'm John Cena, nice way to meet huh?" he whispered in my ear as I lay limp in his arms. He was hot, I won't lie to you I have had a huge crush on him since forever! Being in his arms made me want to melt! I'm surprised I was able to make audible words.

"Hey John, Bailey Marx, guess will be working together." I said in a whisper as we finally got backstage. He put me down we smiled nervously at one another. The first time we meet and I end up in his arms. Who would have guessed I'd fall so hard for the White Rapper?

"Well great job out there Bailey!" I heard a woman's voice say gently as I felt a small hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Stephanie McMahon behind me giving off a happy smile. She was definelty proud of my performance. John was smiling brightly as well. Steph gave us both a hands up and we were congratulated by the rest of the superstars and we headed off to talk about ourselves, a more proper introduction then what we had had. Once we were properly through that we had heard the rumors going around that we were to have many matches and storylines together. We soon reached my locker room where I would get ready to go to the club

"Well this is my locker room. John a bunch of us are going to a club tonight, I was wondering if you'd want to come? I mean you don't have to if you don't want to." I said stuttering a bit. Unsure if I had done the right thing or not. But his award winning smile told me other wise.

"Bailey if you're going I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." John said as he moved closer to my face and pressed his lips to mine. I blushed my usual red and smiled at him. I gave him a quick peck followed by a hug and headed in to get changed. John Cena had kissed me and he seemed to like me. This was great! I was red and speechless I didn't even realize Nidia and Torrie looking suspiciously at me. I had a seeming glow about me I was so excited.

"Slow down there Sparkle girl. What with the glowiness?" Torrie asked as I hopped inside with a huge grin plastered on my face. Hello John Cena just kissed me! But should I tell her and Nidia? Meh why the hell not?

"Ok you guys swear you won't laugh?" I asked. They both nodded. "Ok John Cena just kissed em and he's coming to the club with us tonight! O my god what am I going to wear? " I cried out as I sorted through my bag desperately looking for something comfortable yet sexy to wear. This was going to be harder then I had originally thought.

"Hush sweetie will help ya! Right Tor?" Nidia said as she took out some extra clothes as Torrie did the same. After about an hour they had me dressed and made up to look my best. They went for a natural look with the make up considering it being summer and warm. They ended up putting me into their clothing, none of my own. I was wearing Torries flared Guess jeans, super low rise, and Nidia's blue halter top. I was looking very club worthy. Then I realized my hair looked like ass. I ran into the bathroom portion of our locker room and made the best half ponytail ever. I curled the front two pieces and I crimbed the back with Nidia's crimper.

Nidia and Torrie were dressed to kill just like me and we all decided to wear matching bracelets, My punk wrist bands. They looked a bit awkward with our outfits but we decided they were good to identify ourselves with. Smiling at ourselves in the mirrors, we slowly headed outside. Billy Gunn and Jaime Noble were waiting for their girls outside of the room. Brian, Zach and John were all outside waiting for me as I walked out they all gave a quick sigh. Zach handed me a bouquet of roses and smiled, all 3 of them had chipped in for them. I kissed each of tehm on the cheek and smiled. We all headed to the car and started off towards the club.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Tigress Night Club~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

We arrived at the club at about 11:30 and the club was already jumping. Billy and Jaime went and found us a table and ordered a round of drinks. I had myself some nice cold water, I wasn't aloud Alcohol cause it was fatale t mix it with my medication. Smiling at me John did the same so I didn't look like a fool. I giggled as he chugged it down in one gulp.

"SO Bailey your from Toronto, is it nice there?" Billy asked as he seated an already very drunk Torrie onto his lap.

"Ya it's nice enough I guess. Except of course for the high crime and murder rate and the smog. But it's my home and that will never change!" I said smiling my smile. Then a great song to dance to came on. I had to dance but which one of my new found friends should I dance with? I closed my eyes and pointed to someone. I had o clue who I had picked. I opened them and saw I had chosen Brian. Smiling I got up and asked him to dance.

"Brian I love this song! You wanna dance?" I asked hyperly jumping from my seat and over to his. He took my hand as we headed off to the dance floor. Ok I'll make a confession, I'm a hell of a dirty dancer, whether it be with my girls back in Toronto, or like now with Brian.

The song started up and I got down really close to Brian starting off with my back to him. The dance got faster and I moved my body to the music. I could feel Brian dancing with me. He wasn't half bad. I began to move around his body, never breaking the close contact we had with one another. I blocked out everything but the music and Brian. I began to move lower down his body.

As I came back up towards his face I stayed my face to his as we danced. The grinding we did was amazing! The song was nearly over when Brian looked me straight in the eye. His blue eyes piercing into my own. His eyes, something about them just captivated me. I couldn't help myself as I drew myself closer to his face. I guess he had the same thoughts in mind as he moved his head closer to mine and we kissed. Not your average friendly kiss like I had done with John, god no, it was full of passion, I was falling hard for Brian, really hard, and I think the feeling was mutual.

We kissed the whole next song through. We didn't want to break it out of fear we might never do it again. After the second song we broke apart, I could tell what he wanted he wanted to hold me and never let me go.

"Bailey, I'm falling for you. I think I fell for you today when I picked you up from the air port. Do you feel the same?" Brian whispered in my ear as we began to dance to a slow song.

This is my December

This is my time of the year

This is my December

This is all so clear

Just wish that I didn't feel

Like there was something I missed

Just wish that I didn't feel

Like there was something I missed

This is my December

This is my snow-covered home

This is my December

This is me alone

"I'm falling for you two Brian, your cute, sweet and your eyes, I don't know just something about your eyes has me in your power." I said placing my head on his shoulder. He began stroking my hair lightly.

This is my December

This is my time of the year

This is my December

This is all so clear

Give it all away

Just to have somewhere to go to

Give it all away

To have someone to come home to

When the song had finished I went to go sit back down but Brian stopped me. HE smiled at me and pulled me over to a dark corner. I wasn't sure what he had in mind for this. What did he want?

"Well Bailey since we both are falling for each other how about tomorrow night I take you out, just you and i? get to know one another better? You might even grow to love me, the great and powerful Spanky!" he laughed as he kissed me once more and took my hand leading me back to the others. When we got back there, Torrie, Billy, Jaime and Nidia were making fun of us.

"Bailey and Brian sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G" they laughed as I turned bright red. That's when I think I grew to think of Zach as a brother figure. He got pretty angry at what they were saying, as well as how immature they were being as well.

"Guys shut the hell up! Seriously, we don't make fun of you people when you kiss. SO you should respect other people when they do so!" he said

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Hotel Lobby~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"Bailey I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning ok?" Zach said hugging me. I smiled.

"Yup Zach it's perfect, by the way thanks for the save tonight. They shouldn't have been so immature!" I said.

"Your right ofcourse. Now get some sleep were heading to Florida bright and early for a few house shows." Zach said.

"Alright I'm going, but from now on you'll be my brother ok? That's just how I have you pictured in my mind, you came to my rescue like a big brother would." I said laughing. "Goodnight big brother." I said heading off.

I found Brian standing by the elevator waiting for it. I waited beside him and he turned to me smiling. "Tomorrow in Florida I'm going to take you wherever you want to go. We'll have a ton of fun ok Ley?" he asked smiling.

"Definetly!" I said smiling equally as big. We got in the elevator and headed up to our floor. My room was just beside Brian's. He walked me to my door and gave me one hell of a goodnight kiss. I got inside and realized I was not alone in my room.

"Hey girl sorry I was supposed to room with Nidia but her and Jaime are getting it on, I hope you don't mind?" Torrie said smiling nervously.

"Don't be so nervous I would never kick you out Tor!" I said smiling at her as I changed into my pj's and sat down beside her. We smiled at each other and recounted what had happened that night. I had told her all about what Brian was going to do and she was so happy. She told me how Brian had just gotten out of a bad relationship and he needed a good girl like me to date. I blushed hearing this and smiled nervously at Torrie.

"What if he wants something I can't give him? I mean I'm a virgin Tor, and ya of course I've done stuff, but he wants sex I don't know if I could give it to him." I said shaking my head. Torrie put her hand on my shoulders and smiled.

"In the time of known Brian he would never do anything someone else wouldn't he's a great guy and I'm so glad you like him and he you. I sense a great relationship coming!" she said smiling.

"I guess you're right." I looked down at my watch and screamed at the time. " Shit Tor it's 4 am! We have to be up for 7!!! Aww shit! Well looks like its pep pils later and coffee coffee coffee!" I laughed as we hopped into our beds and slept.

Chapter Four- Air Planes and Bikini Contests

Torrie and I woke up at about 6:45. Trust me we were tired as all hell! Bags under our eyes and all!. We got out of our pj's and put on clothing for the long plane ride to Florida. We put on concealer so we looked somewhat better and headed out with our stuff to Brian and Zach's room. Torrie said bye to me and headed down the hall to Billy's room. I knocked on the door and laughed at what I saw.

"Bailey, o shit what time is it?" Brian asked as he answered the door in his boxers and Zach following closely dressed in the same manor.

"Guys it's 7:20. SO get ready now!" I said giggling at how ridiculous they loked standing there in shock cause I was there fully clothed and they were still in their boxers only an hour away from our flight. They rushed to get ready and were finally done at about 7:30. I'm glad guys don't have to do their hair or put on make up cause if they did I'm sure we would have missed our flight.

We hopped into the car and headed to our private plane that we were to share with Jaime, Nidia, Billy and Torrie. I was totally excited I had never been outside of the Canadian borders in all my life! Everyone laughed when I told them that. I mean come on their job is to travel all over the world! Now I culd finally see everything I was missing!

"Sorry bout this morning Ley, you forgive me?" Brian asked as we sat down side by side. He placed a single kiss on my cheek and I smiled.

"What are you sorry about Bri? That I saw you in your boxers, cause I enjoyed that or that you were late?

"Well you enjoyed me in my boxers? Hm. o I mean ya the being late thing." He replied as I giggled at him. "Hey whose taking you out tonight?"

"You are!" I giggled out. He smiled and kissed me on the lips and I smiled. He was the sweetest guy ever. Zach came over to us and sat down beside us.

"Hey Ley, Bri, whats new guys?" Zach asked smiling at Brian. Guy language I guess. I had no clue why they were looking so happy at each other. I walked off towards Nidia and Torrie who were talking over some iced teas. I sat down beside them and smild at them.

"Hey Bail, sup girly?" Nidia asked as I sat down.

"Well I just came to say that it's not nice to take advantage of your room, cause then Torrie has to share one with me! What would have happened if I had a guy there or something?" I joked smirking at Nidia's surprised look.

"I'm sorry Tor, I thought you stayed with Billy!" Nidia said.

"How could I he was sharing a room with John! I'm not hanging out with 2 guys! Only Bailey does that! I'm kidding sweety. But John and I aren't that close so no I wasn't going to intrude! So I hopped into Bailey's room and stayed there! Just don't let it happen again ok Nidia?" Torrie laughed.

"I'm so sorry guys. But you know I was in the mood and so was he, so you know we weren going to not do it! So I promise it won't happen again!!!" Nidia said smiling.

"Well I didn't mind the company to be totally honest!" I said laughing an drinking some water. Seem to be all I could drink these days taking so much medication.

"SO Bailey when is your operation?" Billy asked drawing me out of my day dream.

"It's in about 6 months. Don't expect me to be back the doctors are all thinking I'm going to die in the process." I said almost not caring. I was going to die I had excepted that fact along time ago. They all seem shocked especially Zach who pulled me over to an empty corner of the plane and loked somewhat distraught at what I had said.

"Ley, you aren't going to die! I promise you that. You're too good a person and you have so much to live for. As your adopted Brother I'm right. If not live for me live for Brian, he needs a girl like you after that whore Myra. She used him and that wasn't right and I know you well enough to know you aren't like that." Zach said seriously.

"I'm going to try Zach but when everyone else who has had this operation has died it's kind of iffy, you know?" I said sadly. I did want to live, get married have kids work for WWE full time. But things just seemed so hopeless how could I live?

"Hey guys why so distant form us babe?" Brian said as he came down to my seat and kissed my cheek. I did want to live, for him and Zach and everyone else on this plane. But what if I didn't would they remember me after my death? No I had to stop thinking like that if I wanted to live I can't give up!

"We were just talking but we're coming back right now!" I said smiling at Brian and giggling as the fasten seat belt sign came on and he fell over his own seat trying to race into it and buckle up. He hopped up smiling and eventually buckled up. I couldn't think of my death, not when I had so much to think about in happy terms! I had my dream come true! And I had a new brother, even if he wasn't really my brother, and of course I had Brian!

"Ley, you love him don't you?" Zach asked. I turned to look at him and smiled a bit. But then my gaze turned serious.

"Zach I thought I loved someone once, and they told me they loved me too, truth is you shouldn't use that term unless your sure about the person and that they mean it. The guy who said it to me was my ex, and believe me he didn't love me he just saw me as a piece of ass. So Zach I like Brian more then anything in this world, but love, I'm not sure I could ever love again." I said. Zach's face paled a bit. I could tell from his pallor he hadn't expected an answer such as this.

"I'm sorry Bailey, I didn't know about that. I would never have brought it up if I had known that. But Brian isn't anything like that at all! That I can promise you without faltering. " Zach said sincerely. In my heart I knew I loved Brian, the problem was my head wasn't ready to admit it just yet.

"It's alright Zach, better you know now then later! Were nearly in Florida so I guess we should just sit tight till we land!" I said my smiling cheerful self again.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Florida~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

We arrived in Florida about 6 hours before the Smack Down House show. As excited as I was I was more nervous about my date with Brian then about my tag team match with Torrie against Dawn Marie and Sable. Maybe that wasn't right but it was true. Torrie could tell I was off that day. She came into my hotel room before we left for the house show and she helped me pick out my outfit for the show and as well for the date.

"Don't be so nervous Ley, it's just a house show. No one is judging you." She said smiling.

"Tor, it's not the house show I'm nervous about, it's my date with Brian after wards that I'm nervous about!" I said laughing. She giggled with me. I could tell from before that she and I would be good friends but I never expected to get so close to her in so little time. "Sweetie, Brian is a good kid, sure he isn't the brightest crayon in the box..." she began as I hit her in the face with a pillow as she painted my toe nails. She wasn't going to diss off my date! "Ok as I was saying he's a good guy Ley so don't worry he wouldn't do something if you asked him not to! And believe me your just what he needs after his last girlfriend, the bitch!" Torrie said mumbling curses under her breath. Once we were ready we headed off towards Brian and Zach's room for our ride, everyone else had gone early to get in some last minute training. Our match being against the 2 biggest hoes in the WWE we we'ren't sure if training would help considering they can hardly wrestle anyways.

"Hey boys we're ready to go!" Torrie said opening the door her style, no knocking needed. I laughed and followed her inside. They were all ready with their gear on and Brian had a huge smile on his face like he had won the lottery or something when he saw my face.

"Why are you so happy Brian?" I asked as I sat down beside him. He put his arms around me and pulled me in close to him. I could feel his warm hands on my own.

"Because after my match with Matt Hardy I have a date with the most beautiful women in the world! And that girl is you!" he said kissing my cheek softly as it blushed redder then an apple.

"Sweetie he's so right! You could give any model a run for her moey, not to mention you and I are much hotter then Sable and Dawn, maybe we should have a bikini contest instead? Humm hold a min!" she said as she pulled out her cell and made a call. She came back 4 minutes later smiling brightly. "Ok Bailey, our match is now dum dum dum, a bikini contest! I mean guys will love it!" she said winking at Brian who smiled brightly.

"Shit Torrie I don't have a bikini! What the hell am I going to do?" I said panicking, I couldn't do a bikini contest without a bikini now could i?

"Don't worry I have tons of extras and we're the same size so it works out fine!" she stated pulling out about 7 bikinis. "Ok I'm gonna wear this red one, you can have any of the others, hey why doesn't Brian choose? Go on the Bri choose one for our lovely Bailey to wear!" she said smiling at her igenious plan.

"Ley would you wear this blue on with white flames on it? It matches your eyes, so it might look nice and bring them out." He said a bit unsure of himself. I went to the bathroom and sure enough it fit me perfectly and I went out to show them it. They all stood staring as I blushed.

"It looks awful doesn't it? Ai Tori knew this was a bad idea I can't wear a bikini I don't have the body for it!" I said trembling with embarassement. Torrie stood up and moved over to me and looked me up and down.

"Are you nuts! You look soo good! Look Brian's drooling! And Zach though he won't express his feelings about how hot you look knows that shit you're going to win that bikini contest!!" she said smiling brightly at me.

"Bri is that true?" I asked looking for another answer to make sure she wasn't making me feel better about it.

"I wouldn't lie to you Ley and you look amazing, I mean I want . never mind but you look amazing, and I mean that with my heart." He said as he got up and kissed my lips softly and opened the room door. " Now lets go before we're late! " he said as I put my clothing on top of the bikini.What had he meant when he stopped himself? O well I'd know soon enough best psych myself up for the bikini contest. Deep down I wished it were still just a tag team event. Much easier then this, I thought.