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*~!Scott Levy (Raven)!~*


Name : Scott Levy
Height : 6"2
Weight : 237 pounds
Date of Birth : September 8th, 1964
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Born In: Short Hills, New Jersy
Grew Up In: The Bowery, Brooklyn, New York
Professional Debut : Febuary 20, 1988
Tradmarks : Crucifix Pose
Trained At: Monster Factory

Former Names:

PNW: Scotty "the Body" Anthony
ECW: Raven
WCW: Scotty Flamingo
WCW: Raven
GWF: Scott Anthony
WWF: Johnny Polo
WWF: Raven
NWA - TNA: Raven

Also Wrestled In : USWA, NWA Pacific North West, JCW, HWA, and MEWF

Signature moves

EvenFlow DDT
Drop-Toe-Hold onto a Chair
Russian Leg Sweep back onto the Steel Guardrail
Running Knee-Lift
3 Consecutive Russian Leg Sweeps

Other Facts

Has one leg shorter than the other, supposedly due to 6 ankle surgeries
throughout the course of his career.  So he wears a special boot. Said it
happened in a wrestling match. and needed surgery. There are two stories that explain Raven's legs. One story is that he was injured in a wrestling match, and
one leg is shorter because of surgery. Another stories says that Raven was
simply born that way, and that the surgery story was just a gimmick to make
him look tougher. Which one is true? I have no idea, but I won't be satisfied
that I know the truth until I hear it from Raven himself.
As Johnny Polo, he co-hosted the WWF All American show.
Scott went to the University of Deleware and majored in Criminal Law.
Did a commercial for a mobile home dealership.
Acted in an episode of "Swift Justice".
Came up with Disco Infernos gimmick.
Also, along with Tazz, came up with the Dudley Gimmick. Infact along with
a white and black brothers, there was a Chinese, Latino, and Hispanic.
According to Sandman, Raven preferred to wrestle him after Sandman
had 10 beers in him, because hed be easier to work with.
Actually did sit next to Beulah McGillicutty  in third grade.
A former two-time Amateur wrestling champion in Florida.
His contract with WCW  for 3 years was worth a masive $300,000.00 per year.
There was a dispute between ECW and WCW for using Levy after he left ECW
in 1997. ECW threatened to file a lawsuit.
He has a tattoo on his upper right leg that can only be seen if he wears
traditional wrestling trunks, see the tattoo section for more.
He is good friends with Diamond Dallas Page, Kanyon, Perry Saturn,
Disco Inferno and Tommy Dreamer.
DDP and Raven were both trained by Jake"the Snake" Roberts
Many people think Goldberg is the only Jewish person in Wrestling, but guess
again. Ravenis Jewish, as well as Barry Horowitz, and Dean Malenko.
Raven really does go to all the concerts that he gets his shirts from.
Raven's favorite bands are the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam.
Raven was a manager in the WWF that went by the name Johnny Polo, a rich
kid gimmick. Under this name he managed the Quebecers and Adam Bomb. He
left the WWF because he wanted to wrestle, not do office stuff.  Took offer to leave WCW from Bishoff. Literally "Walked Out". In WCW had two groups. Raven's Flock and Dead Pool, with Vampiro and ICP. Left ECW in 1997 in a Looser Leaves Town match at Wrestlpalooza against Tommy Dreamer. Showed
up in the audience on Nitro the next night.