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*~!WWE News For Week Ending October 4th,2003!~*
  • Hulk Hogan was on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show earlier this morning. He claimed that he met with the Jarretts two days ago to talk about working for NWA-TNA, but he didn't give any more details than that. Hogan also confirmed the rumors that he will be working for New Japan next month.

  • Angle's sister passes away
    Due to the untimely death of Kurt Angles sister, Kurt will not be competing at WWE live events this weekend and will be spending time with his family during these challenging times. WWE sends its thoughts and prayers out to Kurt and his family.

  • Trish on her new home video & more
    Trish Stratus graces one of the four covers of the just-released October Raw Magazine. And theres more Trish to come. Shes currently in Cancun, Mexico, taking part in a photo and video shoot for future Divas magazines and home videos. But its a DVD/home video that comes out Tuesday that has the Toronto beauty particularly excited.
  • Triple H will more than likely drop the World Heavyweight Championship to Goldberg this Sunday at Unforgiven. The reason being that HHH will be taking some time off for his wedding, and also because he has accepted a few movie roles that will take up a lot of his time. Goldberg has agreed to take HHH's place at house shows, but only if he's the World Champion.

  • It has now been confirmed that Hulk Hogan will be making his in-ring return for New Japan Pro Wrestling at their 10/13 Tokyo Dome show. Hogan will be taking on Masahiro Chono in a singles match.

  • More details have been received regarding the backstage altercation between Rodney Mack and The Hurricane at a recent house show.

    Although there are different perceptions of who actually started the fight, it's believed that Hurricane was complaining about Mack and Mark Henry not selling enough for he and Rosey, and that he should be the one to lay out the match because he was the veteran. However, Mack felt that it should be a team effort and everyone should contribute ideas, which angered Hurricane. Some are even saying that Hurricane intentionally stiffed Mack at one point during their match, which could've contributed to the altercation taking place.

    According to eye witnesses, the fight was very short and Hurricane didn't stand a chance. Neither sustained any major injuries, but Hurricane had to be taken to the local hospital after hitting his head on some shelving. There are also conflicting reports whether Hurricane was cheapshotted, or if he told Mack to "bring it on."
  • WWEShopZone.com has added a "retro" shirts section to their site. Among the items added are D-Generation X's "Suck It" shirt, a classic Rock shirt, the original "Austin 3:16" shirt, a classic Shawn Michaels shirt, and a few others. Some of these have already made the top 10 list, which means more will probably be added very soon.

  • Stephanie McMahon will be the special guest on the 10/9 edition of ABC's The Jimmy Kimmel Show.
  • RAW will be switching channels in Australia from Fox Sports on Tuesday evenings to Fox 8 on Fridays at 9:30 p.m.

  • Vince McMahon reportedly threw up a $40,000 tab for Triple H's bachelor party.

  • The girl in the APA skit on Smackdown was none other than former NWA-TNA employee Alexis Laree. Laree was recently signed to a devleopmental deal and is currently training in OVW.
  • As you probably would have guessed, the spot where Shane McMahon jumped off the top of the Unforgiven set was heavily gimmicked. The floor was comprised of material used to filled with padding, breaking his fall. He was seen practicing the spot a few times prior to the show.

  • Kane will most likely be the first to challenge Goldberg for his newly won World Heavyweight Championship.

  • WWE will be teasing a return to the ring for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in order to get revenge on Chris Jericho for costing Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler their announcing jobs. Although not confirmed, Austin may very well take on Jericho in some way so Ross and Lawler are able to return to the RAW announce booth.

  • Low Ki will make his debut for MLW at the promotion's 10/24 event in Jacksonville, Florida. That event will be headlined by MLW Champion Steve Corino defending against Terry Funk.
  • Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli are being sent to Seoul, Korea by WWE in order to promote the Smackdown brand events on 12/2 and 12/3 in South Korea.

  • The Undertaker is currently auctioning off one of his motorcycles on eBay (Item #2422469994). All profits made will be donated to The Angelus, a charity 'Taker's involved with. Be sure to check that out.

  • Due to his high demand in Hollywood at the moment, there is no set date for The Rock to make his return to WWE television. The company hopes he'll be available in order to build a program for WrestleMania XX, but even that's not a lock at the moment.

  • Blackman attends Unforgiven, considers comeback
    Former WWE Superstar Steve Blackman, a resident of Pennsylvania, went to Unforgiven to see friends he hasnt seen in a year and a half. Find out what he had to say, including his thoughts on a comeback.
  • Last night's edition of WWE RAW scored a 3.6 cable rating, with a 5 share, according to Nielsen Media Research. That number is slightly down from last week's 3.5. The show did hours of 3.4 and 3.8. Surprisingly, the highest rated quarter-hour was the 10:00-10:15 segment, which featured the women's tag team match and a recap of the Test/Scott Steiner feud.

  • The word going around is that WWE has offered Al Snow a new contract. If Snow were to accept the deal, the company would require that he move from his home in Lima, OH to Stamford, CT. The reason for this being that management likes for the television announcers to live within driving distance so that they'll be able to come to the studio during the week to do voiceovers, etc.

  • WWE.com is reporting that Unforgiven drew a sellout crowd of 10,347, with a gate of over $560,000.

  • The Rock's newest movie "The Rundown" is being praised by movie critics everywhere. The syndicated movie review show "Ebert & Roeper" gave the movie "Two Thumbs Up" and called it the best movie of the summer. Roger Ebert called it "pure entertainment" and said The Rock is a natural in front of the camera.
  • Booker T will return to action some time in early October. He will mostly likely re-enter his feud with Christian over the Intercontinental Championship.

  • Goldust's injured elbow will not require surgery after all, but it's expected that it will require surgical attention some time in the future. Expect him to be out of action from anywhere from four to six weeks.

  • Chris Nowinski is still suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which is what put an end to the career of Bret Hart. He is undergoing extensive testing in order to make sure he will be able to get back in the ring. No word on how much longer he'll be out, but management hopes to have him back in about a month.

  • Billy Gunn will return to the ring by mid-to-late October after undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery on 9/11.

  • Rodney Mack is currently working with a hamstring injury.

  • Kevin Nash is still suffering from neck pain, which has been bothering him for quite some time. He will be visiting a doctor this week to determine if it will require surgery, but even it doesn't, he will be very limited to what he can do in the ring.
  • For those of you who watched Monday's RAW, you may have noticed that Triple H said that "we need him more than he needs us". Although it appeared to be the beginning of an angle, he simply used it as a way to explain his absence from TV for the next few weeks. He will need the time off in order to film his part for the new "Blade" movie and to prepare for his wedding to Stephanie McMahon on 10/28.

    HHH's decision to take time off couldn't come at a worse time for the company. It's plainly obvious that the HHH character has hurt many of the younger wrestlers on the roster by defeating them all several times. Usually when a younger wrestler works a program with someone who is already an established main eventer, the younger guy ends up being elevated in the process even if he doesn't end up coming out on top of the fued. However, those who've wrestled HHH during his reign as World Heavyweight Champion have been pushed down by his political games of defeating each of them several times just as each were on the verge of making it to the top of the company. With that being said, many are worried that there aren't any viable candidates to challenge Goldberg for his World Heavyweight Championship.

    Now that Goldberg will be headlining the RAW brand house shows while Triple H is away, it should be interesting to see how well those shows draw. This should give WWE officials an idea of who is the better draw - Triple H or Goldberg.
  • I attended the Smackdown! roster autograph session on 9/23/03 in the FYE located in the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia. Me and my friend arrived two hours early and were about the 10th and 11th person in line. We were expected only Charlie Haas, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Rey Mysterio. To our surprise, along with many other people in line, Chris Benoit and Rhyno has also attended! Our excitement was soon extinguished when we approached the first superstar at the autograph table, Brock Lesnar. I couldn't have met a more ignorant man in my life. He sat there, no smile at all, kept his glasses on and didn't say one word as he signed the posters. He was asked to hold a baby for a picture, and said no. While Benoit, on the other hand, has gladly held the kid. Brock would grunt when asked for a handshake and just look plain miserable the entire time. He was absolutely rude and he shocked many people who attended. The only other superstar who was rude, but no where near as rude as Brock, was Charlie Haas. The first thing he said to my friend was, "Oh my God, all these posters?" Keep in mind we paid $20 and missed school in order to attend this. It seemed that the amateur wrestlers were the ones who seemed to be in the worst moods, coincidence?

    On a happier note, Rey and Rhyno were pretty good with the fans. Benoit and Cena were just amazing. They did everything and anything to please everyone who was there. Benoit, for instance, would talk to you even though the line is supposed to be moving. Beniot was as much of a class act at this autograph session as he is in the ring, and that's a lot. Cena was also unbelievably great, always the one to offer the handshake, talk to little kids and make them laugh, and do poses for pictures (which weren't even allowed).

    Overall, if it weren't for Beniot and Cena, I would have left kinda upset. But they made up for the extreme and utter disrespect Brock had given to all the fans who had attended.
  • In his weekly pro wrestling column, journalist Mike Mooneyham reports that Scott Hall was arrested once again. Mooneyham reports that Hall "was jailed Sept. 19 for the third violation of his current probationary status. His last violation of probation occurred for a DUI last December." As a term of his probation, Hall is not allowed to drink alcohol.
  • World Wrestling Entertainment officially announced that they have settled their lawsuit against Lewmar, Inc., the company which manufactured the harness that Owen Hart used the night of his untimely death. A settlement was reached out of court for about $9 million, according to a report in the Stamford Advocate.
  • This week's edition of RAW scored a 3.4 cable rating, according to Nielsen Media Research. That is down from last week's 3.6 and continues the show's downward trend as of late. The last time the show did that low of a rating was back on March 24th of this year, which should give you a pretty good indication of just how bad things are right now.
  • Originally, there was talk of having Stacy Keibler turn heel on Scott Steiner, as opposed to what happened on RAW. Officials felt there was more money in a Steiner/Goldberg feud, so the decision was made to go in that direction.

  • Rosey injured his ankle at one of the weekend house shows. It's not believed to be serious, but management gave him last night off as a precaution.

  • Recently signed superstar Jimmy Yang has been pulled from the upcoming All Japan tour since he's now under WWE contract.
  • Booker T was originally scheduled to make his in-ring return at the 10/3 house show in Guelph, Ontario. However, WWE.com posted the cards for the weekend shows and there is no mention of Booker T appearing.

  • According to reports, Triple H is expected to be gone from WWE for the remainder of the year. It was originally thought that he would return in order to build a program with Goldberg for Survivor Series, but those plans have been changed. There is, however, a chance that he could make a few television appearances in-between his movie schedule.

  • There is a strong possibility of Chavo Guerrero turning against his uncle Eddie in the coming weeks. Upcoming house show cards are advertising a three-way match, with Eddie defending the U.S. Title against both Chavo and Rhyno.
  • Last night's edition of Smackdown scored a 2.9 broadcast rating, with a 4 share. That is down from last week's 3.1.

  • Eddie Guerrero's "cousin Jose" on Smackdown was played by independent wrestler "El Vato" Joni Chingas.

  • Steve Austin taped an episode of Hollywood Squares today. The show is expected to air later this month.
  • The word going around is that when Kevin Nash makes his return to WWE television, he will return as a heel to work a program with Goldberg. The storyline will be that he is trying to take Goldberg out in order to collect HHH's bounty money. With Nash's contract expiring in February, and with it being known that he'll be expected to take a huge paycut in order to remain with the company, he has requested that he be given one more chance to main event a PPV. WWE officials were said to be in favor of this idea, since they want to keep Goldberg away from Kane for the time being, and there being a lack of "top level" heels.