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*~!Smackdown/Velocity Spoilers!~*
-They started out with a couple promos for Wrestlemania XX.

Dark Matches:

(1) Kenjo Suzuki defeated Bobby Rude with a Shining Wizard.

(2) Mortis defeated John Walters with a Sitout Alabama Slam. Cool match, looks like Kanyon's sticking with the Mortis gimmick. The crowd seemed to really be into Mortis.

-Michael Cole & Josh Matthews came out for Velocity commentary.


(1) Orlando Jordan defeated Shannon Moore with some kind of swinging neckbreaker variation. Jordan didnt get much reaction, but Shannon actually got a good pop and a lot of V1 hand signals from the crowd.

(2) Spanky & Paul London defeated Rob (Rod?) Begley & Mike Taylor. Pretty good match, the crowd seemed to like their first taste of what London can do, and Spanky got a major pop.

(3) The FBI beat Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, & Ultimo Dragon in a 6-man tag. Pretty cool match all around, Ultimo and Rey both hit some killer moves, I hope editing doesn't butcher this one. Ultimo went for the Asai DDT on Nunzio but Nunzio pushed him away right into Palumbos superkick. Ultimo jobs again.

-The t-shirt guy shot some Undertaker shirts into the crowd.

-They showed the Desire video package showing the WWWF all the way up to today's WWE.

-Tazz came out and got on the mic, wondering who the new Smackdown GM was. He said both he and Cole applied but got turned down.


-The video package from the beginning of No Mercy played, with Vince talking about Stephanie. Still pictures of Vince beating up Steph were shown.

-The Smackdown theme played, but no pyro. Vince McMahon came out with Sable and bragged about beating Stephanie at No Mercy, like that's a big accomplishment. He then announced the new Smackdown General Manager, and it is... PAUL F'N HEYMAN! The announcement actually got the biggest pop of the show, but as soon as he started talking, people began booing him. Vince went to the back as Heyman briefly spoke, but Undertaker came out and interrupted him. Heyman said he could have any match he wants, any time, any place, but said that he'd only get it if he could beat Brock Lesnar and Big Show in a handicap match, which is your main event...

-They promote Los Guerreros vs. World's Greatest Tag Team, but that will change a little later.

(1) John Cena & A-Train fought Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle to a No Contest. After a decent match, I think it was A-Train who brought a chair in, but Benoit got it, and accidentally hit Angle. Benoit then cleared the ring, but when Angle got up, he was pissed. The two of them fought, Benoit locked the Crossface on Angle, and referees had to separate them.

-Jamie Noble was shown on a cheap webcam video feed (I guess because he's poor even though he got all that money) and said Nidia's sight hasn't gotten any better. He threatens Tajiri if Nidia doesn't recover.

-World's Greatest Tag Team is shown in the back, Shelton's back from injury. Paul Heyman visits them and at first acts all nice because he put the team together in the first place. Then he says they never called him when he was out, they never visited him when he was injured, etc. Therefore, since he's the new GM, he's taking them out of the tag title match, and replacing them with the Basham Brothers. The Bashams show up and taunt WGTT a little. Heyman says that Haas & Benjamin aren't off the hook though, because he's reassembled an old WWE tag team to take them on.

-They show the tribute video to Stu Hart, which got a big round of applause from the crowd.

(2) Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty defeated World's Greatest Tag Team. Decent pop for Scotty's return, he looks to be in good shape. Rikishi looks the same as always. At least it's an addition to the tag roster. Scotty did the Worm, Rikishi did the Stinkface, and at the end of the match Shelton went for a sunset flip on Rikishi, but Rikishi just plopped down on his chest and pinned him.

-Rikishi & Scotty danced, and they showed Vince and Sable dancing along with them up in a private box which was about 2 sections over from me. I kept flipping off Vince but he probably didn't see me. Undertaker comes into the private box and threatens Vince, and calls Sable a slut.

-The t-shirt guy came back and shot Kurt Angle's new shirt into the crowd.

-A Rey Mysterio video package was shown.

-Eddy and Chavo Guerrero were shown backstage, Eddy's still pissed about losing the US title, but Chavo convinces him to focus on the tag titles.

(3) Basham Brothers defeated Los Guerreros to become the new Tag Team Champions. Pretty good match, but the crowd was mostly dead except for spots. The Bashams still received very little reaction until they won the match. Eddy was on the apron, Shaniqua got up and lunged at him, but Eddy kicked her down. While the ref was distracted by Shaniqua after this, Danny hit Eddy (I think) with a black club and got the pinfall. Josh Matthews interviewed the Bashams quickly and they said they'll dominate everyone, or something like that.

-After the match, Eddy sulks, and Chavo yells at him off the mic, and leaves on his own.

(4) Tajiri defeated Zach Gowen in a non-title match. I don't know why this wasn't for the Cruiserweight title, but Tajiri won it anyway. Decent match, though a little short, as is pretty standard for Gowen.

-Afterward, Jimmy Yang and Keiji Sakoda came into the ring wearing black suits and raised Tajiri's arms in victory. Then they hit a pretty nasty sweep/clothesline double team on Gowen. Gowen had to be helped to the back by trainers, but I'm pretty sure it was a work, unless they just stiffed him really hard.

-A Survivor Series promo was shown.

-Brock and Big Show were talking backstage and they were talking about both holding the titles.

-Vince and Sable were shown again, but there was no sound in the arena.

-Bob Holly had a video package. They showed Brock dropping him on his head and said Brock almost ended his career, so Bob's coming back to end Brock's. Someone please inform Bob Holly that the botched powerbomb was his own damn fault.

(5) Undertaker defeated Brock Lesnar & Big Show in a handicap match. I didn't get to see the first finish, but I think Taker pinned Show. Paul Heyman then came out and said he made a mistake and forgot to mention this was 2 out of 3 falls. He sat in a chair near the entrance and watched the match. The second fall started, and Taker fought them both outside the ring. He got back in and Brock & Show were counted out, but Heyman said no countouts either. Show then clocked Taker with a chair, and the ref called for the bell, until Heyman said no DQ either. Show attacked Taker on the outside near his bike, but Taker got his chain while he was down and apparently nobody noticed. He got tossed back into the ring and then smacked both Brock and Show with the chain around his fist, and got the second pinfall.

I'm not sure how much of this will be televised, but after the match, Brock attacked Taker, and gave him an F5 into the ringpost, then left. Vince got on the mic from the box and started taunting Undertaker while he was down. Taker slowly stumbled to the back while Vince got in his face and wanted to know what the match was. Undertaker said he wanted a match at Survivor Series, and it'll be a Buried Alive match. Vince said if that's what he wants, then he's got Brock at Survivor Series. Taker then said his opponent isn't going to be Brock, it'll be Vince. Vince looked shocked and Taker laughed at him as he made his way to the back.

After the show I got to meet Earl Hebner. Really nice guy. I asked if I could get a picture of him, and he offered to take one with me.

Biggest Pops:
1) Heyman announced as new GM
2) Kurt Angle
3) Undertaker
4) Rey Mysterio
5) Scotty 2 Hotty's return

Biggest Heat:
1) Vince
2) Paul Heyman
3) Brock & Show
4) Bashams winning the tag titles
5) Yang/Sakoda beating up Gowen
In what is a huge spoiler for this week's Smackdown, 1wrestling.com is reporting that Paul Heyman has just showed up to the arena for tonight's taping in Albany, NY. He's scheduled to appear on the show to take on the role of the new Smackdown General Manager. Everyone was said to be very surprised to see Heyman at the show, but in a good way.