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*~!Chapter 17-23!~*
Chapter 17 - I Know You Feel Helpless Now

"Glad you could make it Hayley." Jim said as I made my way onto the plane and took my seat.

"Well there was nowhere else I would rather be now is there?"

"What did your family say?"

"They weren't all that understanding given the fact that I have not finished my high school education, but when they found out my job, and that I would still be finishing school, they seemed to lay off a bit."

"Most parents are like them, and I can completely sympathize, my kids are the same way, but then again, they don't work with their dad. Enjoy the flight and when we land, you need to come with me so we can get your contracts and paperwork in order."

"Sure Jim. Just find me when we land."

Leaning back in the chair and putting on the earphones that were supplied for all the first class passengers, I turned on the music. There wasn't a whole lot of selection but that was the price you payed for not bringing your own with you. Or in my case, packing it, but not packing it in a carry on that I could get access too when I needed it. Turning the sound up on the pop station I had tapped into I heard a song that I'd never heard before, and closing my eyes I let the music take over.


Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?

I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright

When I see you smiling I go

oh oh oh

I would never want to miss this

Cause, in my heart I know what this is

Hey now

this is what dreams are made of

Hey now

Hey now

this is what dreams are made of

I've got somewhere I belong

I've got somebody to love

this is what dreams are made of

Yesterday my life was duller

now everything's Technicolor


"Is this seat taken?"

I looked up from the song, taking the ear phones off and placing them on my lap. Looking up I saw the guy from the hotel bar the other day and smiled.

"Hey there. No it's not taken, not yet anyway."

"So can I take it?"

"That's what I meant when I said it wasn't taken yet Brian. Sure have a seat."

"So what are you listening too?"

"Pop music."

"Oh no."

"On no what? You got something against pop music?"

Brian laughed and I found myself cracking up too. There was no way I could keep a straight face when mentioning pop music. I always listened to rock music at home and being on the flight and that music being limited, I was stuck with the other brand. It seemed Brian felt the same way as I did.

"Yeah, I hate it. But I get the idea that so do you, and you're stuck listening to it because you need music."

"Right on the money. Give the man a prize!" I said clapping my hands together like he had won the lottery or something.

"So he offered you a job that day in the hotel I take it?"

"Yeah he did, a writing job, and as much as I am the newbie here and not used to wrestling or the business at all, I can't wait to get started."

"Well then it seems I won't have to convince you at all then."

"What? Convince me of what?"

"Convince you to like this business. I had all of my good lines prepared and everything. You ruined it all." Brian said hiding his face in mock shame.

I couldn't believe how silly he was being but at the same time I couldn't stop laughing. So far the good outweighed the bad with her joining with the WWE and it seemed that the only bad was Randy and Brock, who as I looked over across Brian, had taken seats across the way from them. Setting my face into a frown I looked back at Brian and tried to act like it didn't get to me. He didn't buy it for a second.

"Listen Hayley, I know about the rumors going around with Randy and you, and I want you to know that I know they are just that, rumors. Don't let those two get to you and you'll do fine."

"Thanks Brian"

Sitting back in the seat again and relaxing, I tried to let my mind fade away from the thoughts of Zach lying in his hotel room after being hit and no one knowing for sure who did it. I looked over at Brian and as the plane lifted off I noticed how easily it was for him to fall asleep. I was too hyped up on where I was heading and what was going to happen in my life now to take a rest. This was a huge step and I really had to make sure that I didn't make it the single worst thing I had ever done in my life.


"So the plan is still a go Brock?"

"Yeah Randy, did you really actually want to listen to what Jim said? We won't do anything that could get us fired. But you asked for my help to get this girl and I have never been one to turn a friend down when he wants something this bad."

"So you really think I could still have a shot with her, even after the whole drugging her and wanting to sleep with her thing?"

"People make mistakes right? She was hot for you Randy, don't lose sight of that alright? She did want you that night whether she was sober or stoned or totally aware. I really do think you didn't do a damn thing wrong."

"Well let's just hope that she can get over it and when we are back in our element, I can show her what a really good guy I can be. What happened with you and the friend anyway?"

"Oh she was just filler on the road Randy; I thought you of all people would understand that. I will never see her again and for the time I was there it was nice to have her on our side."

"Does she know she was just filler?"

"No she hasn't the slightest idea, and if she finds out, I know just who to come after don't I friend?"


I turned my head back towards the window and just stared out of it. So all of Ariel's hard work at distancing herself from me had payed off. She wanted to fit in with the wrestlers and she had, but not in the same way she had hoped. I then realized it was time to wreak a little havoc in the lives of these two assholes once and for all. For what had happened to Zach and for what they were now planning on doing to her and Ariel. It was too bad they wouldn't know what hit them when I was through with them and with the WWE.

Chapter 18 - If You're Over Me, Then I'm Over You

Walking into my hotel room, I threw my duffle bag down on the bed and went and tuned the television on automatically. It was still a little surreal that I was sitting here with a bunch of wrestlers after only yesterday being a normal high school senior. I know my mother wasn't pleased with my choice to get on the flight and give up my schooling, but this was something I had to do.

Realizing I had promised that I would phone her when I got to the hotel, I immediately went to the phone. Dialing the number that I knew so well, I waited while it rang in my ears. My mother was usually in her office working this time of night, so I knew that when she didn't answer on the third ring, she would answer it in a couple of more. Much like I suspected on the sixth ring she picked up the phone.

"Hello, Peterson residence."

"Mom its Hayley. The flight was fine and I'm sitting here at the hotel right now. So I just wanted to make sure you didn't worry about me or anything."

"Oh Hayley dear! Thank goodness for that. Guess who stopped by for a visit?"


"Your little friend from school."

"Okay mom I really don't know who you mean when you say little friend from school. Have you been drinking?"

"No dear and that is not a proper way to talk to your mother." I heard her laugh into the background and I couldn't believe it. I knew that when my mother got depressed about something she hit the wine bottle a little hard then she normally would after a hard day's work, and my leaving and hopping on a plane to go miles away was cause enough to drink. I couldn't help feeling badly about it though, but why she was lying about her drinking was beyond me. She knew I wouldn't judge her for it.

"Okay mom, I'm sorry. So why don't you tell me who is there with you right now?"

"Ariel. She is such a treat to be around Hayley. Would you like to speak with her dear?"

I didn't really understand why my ex best friend was sitting at my house with my mother, but I didn't have to wait much longer to find out. I heard my mother pass the phone and then I heard Ariel's shrill voice come onto the line.

"Oh Hayley! How is the WWE?"

"Well Ariel, not that you care, but I haven't started just yet. I just got off the plane. Now what the hell are you doing there with my mother? I don't want to hear bullshit about how you care about her since I left either. Because we all know you don't give two shits about anything."

"Hayley, you need to let go of your anger issues. Brock is gone now; we can get back to normal. I just needed to get Randy out of the picture for you."

"Oh is that what you call turning your back on your friend and making her think that she wanted sex when all she really wanted was a chance to get an interview with a wrestler?"

"SO bitter you are Hayley. Listen, I came over to see you and your mother said you had left to take a job, and she also told me that you're leaving school too and will only be back for grad night. So I just wanted to tell you as your friend that I'm happy for you girl. It looks like you can be around Zach all you want now."

I couldn't believe the shit she was spewing out of her mouth and expecting me to believe. I had known Ariel all my life and I loved her, no matter what she did, but I wasn't stupid and I knew that if Brock and Randy called her up right now and asked her to go against me, she would do it in a heartbeat.

"Hayley are you there?"

"Yeah I'm here, listen Ariel there is something I need to tell you, and I know you probably won't believe me and you might even hate me after it, but I think you should know."

"Oh and what would you need to tell me?"

"Brock is using you. He told Randy on the plane that you are just filler and that he's just going to get another one in the new town we are in. So I don't think he's going to call you, and I honestly don't think you should call him."

I didn't want to hurt my best friend but someone had to make her see that what she had done, turning her back on me and our long friendship was just wrong and that I was only looking out for her like I hoped she would look out for me. I just hoped she listened to the words I had to say.

"I'm just filler?"

"That's what he said. I'm not sure what the hell he means by filler aside from what it sounds like right off the top of my head. I'm sorry Ariel."

"Don't be sorry. I should be the one that's sorry. I shouldn't have gone against you. I saw that randy was doing to you in his car and how out of it you were. I knew how much you hated drinking and just being around it. I should have known you wouldn't do anything like this but I had this chance to be with Brock and he seemed to really like me, so I took it and ran with it. I'm sorry I chased you out of town and the school with my lies. Can you forgive me?"

"It's forgiven Ariel, but I wont forget it, not for a really long time. I'm just sorry I had to be the one to tell you about this."

"Well I've got an idea; think you can help me pull it off?"

"Sure, just let me know and I will do what I can."

I listened as she laid out the plan for me. I couldn't wait to do it. It was about time that these two guys got what they wanted. They had some things in store for me, well it was time that I fought back, and with Ariel on my side again, there was no way that those two apes would know what hit them.


When I put the phone down, I started to unpack my bags when a knock came on my door. Throwing the pants I had just pulled out of the bag down onto the bed I went to the door and opened it wide.

"Hey Zach, come on in!"

"We didn't get a chance to talk on the flight much, and I went to Jim about the attack in Toronto and he's going to look into it. Now that I finally got some time to come see you, I took it. How are you doing?"

"Just got off the phone with my mother."

"How is she taking being away from her daughter?"

"She's drinking, and as much as I hate that, she was bound to do it when I went to college anyway. So she just had to do it earlier this time. She's been this way since my dad left us."

"I don't know what to say, that's tough."

"Yeah it is tough, so what brings you by again?"

"Actually I wanted to take you out. We don't have to worry about anything WWE related tonight, so why don't I take you out to a movie?"

"You know what Zach; I think that's a good idea."

"Listen Hayley, there is something I've been meaning to talk to you about. Do you think we could talk before we go?"

"Sure Zach, what's on your mind?"

"I asked you yesterday, if now that you were working with the WWE, if we could be together. Actually I didn't ask you, I just assumed. You told me not to be so sure. Is there something you want to tell me about?"

"Zach, I got this job because you asked Jim for me, and it just so happens that Jim has faith in me. So I don't want that faith to be misplaced and overshadowed by us getting together. So the reason I said that isn't because I don't like you. We established how much we like each other the night we spent together in the hotel room. I just need to do this and do it the right way right now."

"So you like me, but you don't want to officially date me?"

"Yeah that's it in a nutshell."

"Where does Brian fit in?"

"What about Brian?"

"It's obvious he likes you, and you two sat together on the plane. I came to sit with you but he had beaten me too it. So are you sure it's not about Brian?"

"It's not about Brian. He's been nice to me that's all. Not that I have to explain it to you. Yes Zach, I like you, and yes we did make love. I just can't allow myself to get this close to you right now."


"Can we just drop this and go out and have a good time?"

"Hayley, why is it okay to come to my hotel room and make love to me, then leave in the morning before I wake up, and now its not okay to share your feelings with me and get together?"

"You make it seem so damn easy. You wrestlers piss me off!"

"Us wrestlers? What the hell does that mean?"

"First Randy, drugging me and trying to have sex with me, then Brock, trying to kick the shit out of you because of me, and now here I sit with you, liking you so fucking much, but scared to do anything about it because its not the right time and its dangerous. Now on top of all of that, Brian likes me now too? I didn't come here to be a fucking object Zach. I came here because I really think I can do a good job."

"Well finally she admits it."

"Oh what the hell do you mean now?"

"You just admitted why you don't want to be with me. Now let's go watch the movie alright? No more pressure, just a good time. Hayley, when the time comes when you think you can be with me, you let me know. For now, it's just nice to have you around. You really are a friend to me."

Looking at him for a split second, trying to figure out what he meant, I smiled. I knew that I had just shot out all of the things I had been thinking about since meeting the people in the WWE, and if Zach had gotten something that made sense out of it, and he now understood and would lay off, then I couldn't be happier.

"Hayley, one more thing."

"Yeah Zach?"

"When we made love, how was it?"

Laughing and slapping him on the shoulder, I walked to my door and opened it. I didn't want to get into this right now, and it was bad enough I could feel the color taking over my cheeks and I was going deep red.

""Let's go Romeo, or we are going to miss the movie and have to catch the late show."

Chapter 19 - Pedal To The Floor Thinking Of The Roar

"So Ms. Peterson what did you think of the show you're going to be writing for?" Jim asked as I took a seat in his office. He had asked me to go and watch the show from one of the locker rooms, and when it was over I was to report back with new ideas and things that I think should be used in the future.

As I sat here with him now though, I really didn't know what he wanted to hear. I wasn't sure rather if what I was thinking was going to be good enough for them to use. I loved my writing, which was the reason I was so into the paper at school but when it comes to doing this, and not being a fan of the sport at all, I didn't know how much actual help I could be.

"Honestly Jim, I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know dear?"

"I am new to this. You knew that when you hired me. I think in turn that's one of the reasons you didn't want to hire me right away when Zach asked you too. I don't know a damn thing about this business except from what I've learned from you, Zach and what Randy told me and did to me. None of that is good, and in turn I don't know how to write for you at this point."

"Are you saying you want to go back home and not do this?"

"No, but I want to be up front with you here. I don't know what I'm doing, you know that already, and you want me to tell you things I think would make the show better and although I have some good ideas, I don't know if they are going to be good enough to use."

"Well the only way we are going to find that out is if you talk to me about what you are thinking dear. I hired you because you are a very good writer. Now if it turns out that wrestling writing isn't where you need to be, I will accept that. If anything we have a position waiting for you in PR work. You write a good interview, so maybe putting our product out there for us would suit you better. Before we decide I want to see what ideas you have though. Then and only then will we decide."

I was shocked. He knew what I was trying to say to him and he even had another job that might be more what I needed to do with my time here. He had really thought of everything for me and I was grateful. Maybe he was right though, I was new and maybe once I got more into what I was doing, this part of the job wouldn't feel so weird for me. I did like working with the guys I knew, and upon talking to all of them about their direction it seemed I did want to make their dreams more of a reality then had been lately.

"Stop making Brock a monster Jim."

"That's an observation you made while watching the show?"

"Yes, and before you say you want him to be the big baddie in the group, I want to tell you why I think you need to fix this. It's gotten out of hand now. He beat on Kendrick apparently before I got here, and now he just beat on Shannon Moore, and it looks like that kid wont be wrestling much if any anymore, so what I am saying here, is keep him bad, just make it less mean."

"Less mean?"

"Yeah less mean. He's a good talent and I know with Kurt as champion now, you want to push the whole good vs. evil thing, and I am with you on that. What I think you need to do though is stop making Brock beat on guys that weigh 150 pounds soaking wet. Make him go against someone who can hold their own. Now take Chris Benoit for instance. He is a very small guy in terms of height, but he has heart and desire and can hold his own with guys like the Big Show, so I think he would be a good person to face Brock the monster."

"Are you saying this because of the fact that he aligned himself with Randy recently where you and Zach are concerned?"

"No. Brock is the least of my worries at this point. I just want to write for you and do it to the best of my ability. So will you think about it?"

"Most definitely. Now tell me what else you have on your mind."

He was actually listening to me, and he took my ideas to heart even though I didn't have the first clue what I was talking about. I looked at Jim and saw the look in his eyes. He actually did want to know what else I thought of the show and where I thought it needed to go, and I knew that no matter what path I chose, I was going to let him hear them all, because this needed to change and change for the better.

"Does Vince always like the spotlight?"

"Yeah, being his company and his baby now, yes he does. Why do you ask?"

"I want to talk to him about this as well. So if you could arrange a meeting, I think the show needs to go in a different direction then the family feud that is constantly happening here."

"I can arrange it. How soon can you get together with him if he agrees Hayley?"

"Make it yesterday. I will sit down with the two of you and lay everything I am thinking out on paper, and then you can decide what to do with me. I am willing to work in PR if you don't like what I have to say, but I think Vince needs to be in on this thing too."

"Well I will see what I can do. So you don't want to talk to me about anything else while I have you here?"

"No, save it all for the big boss right? Plus I think I have had enough of being here tonight and seeing what I have seen. Now if you don't mind, I am going to go back to the hotel."

"Sure, thank you for the Brock idea and I cannot wait to hear what else you have for us Hayley."

"My pleasure."


I was sitting at my laptop, talking through a messenger with Ariel, laughing at something stupid she had learned that day in school about me. It was obvious the school didn't want to hide the fact that one of the most talented writers in their classes was now working for a company that was wildly known and even traded on the NYSE.

A knock sounded on my door and I looked up. I wasn't really expecting anyone since Zach had been by earlier and we had watched some horrible movie on the pay per view station and then he had wanted to crash. Getting up out of my chair, telling Ariel I would be right back I got to the door and opened it. I didn't expect to see who I saw standing there.

"What a pleasant surprise. Come in."

He made his way into the room and looked at me with a huge grin.

"How was your first night as a WWE writer?"

"A pain in the ass. So when do you get back in the ring anyway?"

"As soon as the doctor tells me that my ribs aren't all that bad off anymore."

"Which means what exactly and when?"

"Soon. Actually that will depend on you. I mean once the doctor clears me, you need to write me in there and let me have my time on air. So do you think we are good enough buddies for you to do that for me next week?"

I laughed, and then seeing his face I realized he was serious. I didn't mean to offend him. But when I stopped laughing and got serious he broke out in a smile as well, trying to ease the weirdness.

"I was kidding Hayley. You write me in when you get the notice that I am alright again. But for now I am not alright. I hated being at the arena and not being able to get in the ring and kick someone's ass."

"You really take it seriously don't you?"

"Yes I do. It's my life."

"It's just a job."

"No Hayley, it's much more then that and talking with Zach the way you do, I thought you would get that. I mean he has one leg and he wants to do nothing but get into the ring and wrestle. I do have a great idea though."

"And that would be?"

"How about I show you the ropes?"

"I don't think you can do that Brian. I mean I am a writer and you aren't. What could you show me about my job that I don't already know?"

"I don't mean those ropes silly. I meant how about I show you how to wrestle. What do you think?"

"I.I don't know Brian... I do not want to get into the ring and wrestle. I leave that to all of you."

"You don't have to be a wrestler, but you told me what happened with Randy, and I don't think you want that to happen again. So why don't I show you some basic moves and holds that you can use if any of my fellow wrestlers get frisky again?"

I couldn't believe what he was telling me. I had never even watched wrestling until recently, let alone step foot into the ring. I didn't think he had the slightest clue what he was getting himself into, trying to teach me anything. He did have a good point though. Randy had taken advantage of me, and after going through what had happened, even though it could have been a lot worse, I didn't want to go through it again and learning how to fight it off would help a great deal.

"You're on. Now get out of here. We have a long day tomorrow, what with another house show on the horizon. I will talk to you tomorrow."

"Wow your getting it already." Brian said as he walked to the door.

"Getting what?" I asked. Turning around he looked at me and smiled.

"The lingo. House shows and live shows. You are finally becoming one of us Hayley; there is no going back now."

With one last little laugh he made his way out of my hotel room and shut the door. Sitting down at the computer again, I looked at the screen as Ariel had been typing away, and just smiled. Maybe being in the WWE and being around wrestlers wouldn't be so bad after all.

Typing back to her request, I looked at what I had written and realized I was changing. Being so far away from home, and everything I loved, I was finally growing up. There really was no going back now.

TorontoPartieGurl: I'm going to be a wrestler.


"She what Jim?"

"She wants you to be less of a monster, and after talking with her and Vince, I am inclined to agree with her. I just wanted to let you know that no matter what ideas you have, they might be subject to change."

"Jim you told me that I had control over my character, why the hell would you want to change it now?"

"Because I don't think, contrary to what you believe that viewers want to see you kicking the shit out of helpless guys like Brian, and Shannon. It's not selling anything at all by the looks of things."

"Is the plan for Gowen still a go?"

"Next weeks match with Gowen is a go, but after that, tone it down Brock or I am going to have to pull you into a meeting with Vince."

Hanging up the phone Brock was seething with anger. This new girl comes in as a writer and starts making demands on his character. He knew Randy wanted to come across as a better guy for her, to make her see he wasn't really a rapist who drugged girls to get with them, but he wasn't going to be a part of it anymore.

This girl wouldn't screw with his character for much longer. No matter what Randy wanted in the long run, Brock had to put this girl in her place where she belonged. Slamming his way out of the hotel room and to the elevator, he remembered what floor she was on and stepped it. It was time to make this girl pay, and pay dearly.

Chapter 20 - She's Watching Wrestling, Creaming Over Tough Guys


Before I had the chance to lie down in bed after turning the computer off, my mind filled with thoughts of my new job, and Brian and his offer of help, as well as my ongoing issues with Zach, there was a knock at my door again. This time I knew it couldn't be Brian again because he would be polite enough to wait until tomorrow morning to talk to me. What I got when I opened the door was nothing short of an insane man, with apparently a lot on his mind.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Can I come in or would you rather I start laying out the garbage in the hallway?"

"Yeah come on in. I don't think we have a whole hell of a lot to say to one another, but what the hell right? At least I get dinner and a show."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

I watched him in silence as he made his way inside the room, and slowly closing the door and not wanting my back to him for very long I turned around. There was no way after what had happened to Zach I was going to leave my back turned on this, or any other wrestling man for that matter.

"We aren't friends Brock, let's not pretend we are. Just tell me what you want and then get the hell out because much like you I have a long day tomorrow and I do need to get some sleep before it all begins again."

"Why did you change my storyline direction?"

"I didn't change anything; I don't know what you are talking about."

"I had a nice chat with Jim; it seems you think I am too mean for television right now, and that I should become less of an asshole. Well princess I am here to tell you that it isn't going to happen."

"Why's that?"

"Because I have creative control over where my character goes and if I want to make him insane and kill all those little idiots you now call friends, I will. Business is Business. It doesn't mean I don't like these kids, but this is something I do for the show."

"You have to know what you are doing isn't good for ratings right?"

"How would you know anything about ratings? Wait a second here, how would you know anything that's good for this business, you have never been here before."

"Listen Brock, I don't proclaim to know anything about the WWE and I wont start lying that I do, what I did was tell Jim I thought what you were doing needed to be toned down a little bit because its vulgar, now if you cant accept that then I suggest you just leave me alone."

"I don't accept it, and I am not going to just leave you alone."

"Then what are you planning on doing then? Are you going to lay a beating on me like you did on Zach in his hotel room the other night? I mean you do have to realize we know it was you now, and we are two seconds away from taking your job away from you because of it. That wasn't for television was it Brock?"

"You're a real bitch you know that?"

"Yeah I am learning fast being around such steroid popping monsters all the time. I mean that is what you are isn't it?"

"You don't know anything about me, and besides I don't care what you say now, I am here to tell you to back off or pay the price."

"And the price is what?"

"Just listen to me and back off and you will never have to find out. What I did to Zach will pale in comparison to what I can do to you."

"Is that a threat?"

"I think you already know the answer to that don't you princess?"

"Get out! For the record, I am a writer, and when someone asks me for ideas I freely give them, if Jim wants you to tone it down then that's all on his head not mine. I just threw the idea out there, but hell when I go and see Vince tomorrow I will put in a good word for you."

"You self righteous bitch."

"Wow, such harsh words from a hired hand. Listen Brock, you stay out of my way and I will stay out of yours. But I will not lie when I am asked to tell the truth on something. So if that affects you then so be it. Now, if you can excuse me I need to get some sleep before the show tomorrow, can you find your way out of the room on your own?"

"Just make sure you are in the arena next week and writing Hayley, because I've got a big surprise for you and you aren't going to like it."


As I stepped out of the cab in the crisp air of the arena I wanted to get back in the car and go back to the hotel. It was early, and I wasn't used to being out and about when my bed looked so good. I had promised Brian that I would come and meet him when he called me and woke me this morning, and I didn't want to seem like a bitch by not showing up.

By the time I fell asleep the night before, after Brock's announcement, I slept fitfully. He had something that he was going to do, and it had something to do with Zach she was sure, because he was waiting a week to do it, and I knew that he was going to have Zach in the ring on next weeks broadcast. There was nothing I could do about changing it now since the ads were out there, but I could warn Zach about it. Right now though, Brian was expecting me and I was about to learn basic holds and things to get me out of a tough spot.

Seeing the arena as it looked before everything was put together was a little disconcerting. I had never been this close to a ring before and now Brian wanting me to step in it and learn how to fight, it just seemed ironic.

"You made it!"

Jogging the rest of the way down to the ring as Brian talked I smiled at him, a little out of breath. I spent most of my time behind a book or writing, so being in the ring and actually running to get somewhere was a big turn off to my body. I kept in shape, but only by being natural and eating right. Not by jogging and beating myself up that way.

"Yeah, so why did you want me to do this so early?"

"Early bird catches the worm and all that."

"Good point. So what do you want to show me first?"

"I am going to come at you off the ropes, when I get close enough that you can smell me on you, just flop backwards."

"You want me to throw myself down on the mat?"

"That's the basic idea yes. You are going to do it?"

"I'm going to try. What exactly am I learning by doing that?"

"A bump. Ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

He came at me, not really fast because he didn't want to hurt himself more then he was with his ribs being still bandaged, but when he got close enough to smell me, I flew down on the mat. What I found out as soon as I did it though was that I did it wrong, because my whole back was searing with pain.

"Hayley you alright?"

"If you think that having my whole back on fire is okay, then I guess I am. Was it supposed to hurt like that?"

"No. But that's not a big thing."

Brian helped me to my feet and when he did we came within inches of each other, our faces evenly matched together. If I moved just a little to the left, he could kiss me, and I couldn't stop him. I pinched myself a little to make sure it was me thinking that and tried to bring myself back to focus. It seemed by the look on Brian's face I wasn't the only one thinking in terms of what it would take for him to kiss me like that.

Pulling away and standing a couple of feet away from me Brian looked down at the mat, trying to pull his gaze away from whatever the moment was between us.

"Okay so no more bumps for today then. Want to try a clothesline?"

"Sure, sounds simple enough, and no immediate back pain right?"

"No, because I won't be doing it on you, I mean you come at me."

"But Brian, you need to show me how it's done don't you?"

Before he had a chance to answer, we heard footsteps coming down to the ring, and when I turned around, I came face to face with Randy.

"Oh what do you want?"

"I saw you two learning and I wanted to join."

"Oh did Brock send you to scare me again?"

Randy looked genuinely shocked that Brock had done anything to her that he didn't know about, and Brian's expression didn't look much happier. Unfortunately for Randy, Brian had the good sense to ask first.

"Brock came to scare you?"

"Well he came to see me and to tell me to back off trying to change his storyline and his character. Didn't really scare me."

"Did you tell Jim?"

"Brian, don't worry about it alright, not a big deal. Plus I am not the type of girl to go running to ask for help unless I need it. Right now all I need is help learning, and that's where you come in. Randy, if you don't mind I was working with Brian."

"I will show you how to do a clothesline. I won't use you, but if Brian will allow me, I will do it to him."

I noticed Brian nod his head in agreement with what randy had said, and decided to get out of the way. If these two wanted to show me the move, I wouldn't complain about it. I didn't like Randy and my plan with Ariel was still fresh in my mind, but he showing me a move wouldn't be so bad would it?

Brian seemed to set himself up to be taken down and when Randy came off the rope, with a little bit of speed, holding out his arm, he knocked Brian to the ground, a little harder then I thought was supposed to happen. What I noticed next was how quickly Brian recovered from it and stood back to his feet. He looked a little in pain from his back hitting the mat, and irritating his ribs again but no worse for wear. Coming closer to the two of them I didn't have time to react when Randy clothes lined me to the mat as well.

Brian turned around and as Randy hopped as fast as he could out of the ring, and back out through the doors, Brian bent down to me.

"Are you alright?"

"I think I know how to do a clothesline now Brian."

"I thought you might, and once I teach you more moves, you can get revenge for that little stunt alright?"

"Sure, now can you help me up please?"

As he pulled me up from the mat our faces bumped together, and looking up into his eyes again and seeing the moment to rich to pass up, Brian obviously feeling it too, we came together, and his lips parted mine, pressing into me with a need that I had only felt once before, and in one quick second, his tongue played with mine and we deepened the kiss. Before we had a chance to end it, we heard someone cough from up by the gym doors.

I pulled away quickly and looking up I saw the one person that could really make me hate myself for what I had done. How was I ever going to explain this now?


Chapter 21 - What's Wrong With My Life Today?


Looking up at the ramp I saw the look of horror in his eyes and immediately pulled as far away from Brian as I could. Looking at Brian for one quick second I saw the look of shock come across his face, and then he motioned me to go. He obviously knew where my head was at and didn't want to stand in the way of it.

Moving as fast I could, I booked it up that ramp, but not before he took off behind the stage that was being prepared for that nights show. Running into the back I looked everywhere without a single clue as to where he had gone. I knew that if I didn't get to him soon, things were only going to get worse.

As I continued running I ran smack right into someone I didn't want to see. Looking up I saw Randy with a grin on his face. He seemed pleased about something that I didn't really have the time to ask about.

"Randy, did Zach come by here about two minutes ago?"

"I don't know, you tell me."

"Oh for five minutes can you please try and be a nice person. What way did he go?" I said exasperated and just wanting to get the hell away from this idiot.

"What will you do for me if I tell you what way he went? Quite a show you put on out there though, I have to commend you. Had much more of an affect then ours did a while back?"

I couldn't take it anymore. I was sick and tired of hearing about what had happened with me and Randy every time I turned around and it was time someone put a stop to it. If Jim couldn't do a thing about it then I would. No one was going to talk to me this way ever again. Raising my hand I smacked his face hard, causing him to take a step back.

"You hit me!"

"Wow, observant now are we? Now tell me what fucking way he went Randy or I might just have to do it again."

"Down the hall on your right side."

Not waiting around to hear him ask me any more information or to ridicule me anymore, I ran down the hall that he told me to run down. Little did I know that this was all a set up? As I rounded the corner, out of nowhere Brock was standing there. There was no other place to go, I was trapped.


*~!Zach's POV!~*

"Zach open the door please."

"No, now get out of here. I don't want to talk right now."

"You have to let me explain!"

I opened the door and let him in. I didn't want to be heard screaming throughout the entire arena right now. It wouldn't look to good for business, especially when this all revolved around the new writer. He didn't think much of Hayley right at that moment but she was a talented writer and he wanted to make sure nothing got in the way of that, and rumors in this business had a way of doing just that.

"You can't explain this away Brian. We talked about this and you still kissed her."

"I know I did, and I'm sorry. She's a nice girl and she didn't stop me man. I know you like her, but if she doesn't like you then I can't not show an interest in her."

"You can if you thought anything of our friendship Brian."

"I do think a lot over our friendship Zach. I'm sorry it happened and that you had to see it, but it was just a kiss."

"Get out, and when you see Hayley again, and I am sure you will because she wont be coming around here, just tell her I want nothing more to do with her. She is now on her own, just like she wanted."

I watched as Brian made his way out of the locker room, throwing one sadder look back at me as he went. I know it was just one kiss, but it was one kiss that he didn't get to have with her now. I should have made my move sooner, but I was an idiot and now she was free to be with Brian.


"Let go of me you big oaf!" I screamed as Brock threw open the locker room door and threw me inside. There was no way I could get out of this but plead with him. There surely had to be a good person underneath all of that muscle.

"You don't listen when I come to your hotel room so why don't I just use my own hired muscle and make you listen."

"What are you talking about?"

"Back off the changes to my storyline. I get all the say where that is concerned."

"It's a story, that's all Brock; it's not that big of a deal. Why are you making it out to be more? You are just being stupid."

With that remark he slapped my face and he slapped it hard. I remembered a time when my daddy used to get drunk and slap my mother around, and I always wondered what it felt like to be hit that hard. Now I had my answer, and there was nothing I could do about it. I could try to scream, but I didn't think it would get me anywhere at this point, so I just took it.

"Now are you going to listen to me now Hayley?"

"I never stopped listening to you Brock, what the hell are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to give you a preview of next week that's what I am going to do. Now if you want you can stop this by going to your meeting today with Vince and telling him that all changes with me that you talked about were just you being silly and not knowing your job. So what's it going to be princess?"

I didn't know how to answer him; all I knew was that I wanted to get out of there and away from this business as fast as I could. I had seen some pretty messed up kids in my school, but they never acted insane like this. I didn't know how to deal with it, only that I needed to stay calm, say whatever he wanted me to say and get the hell out of there. From the looks of it, my life depended on it.

"I will tell Vince that I was mistaken, and I will quit my job and go work in the PR department Brock. Whatever you want me to do. Just please, let me go now."

"You know, I don't know what Randy was thinking."

"What do you mean?"

"He actually told me on the plane over here that he wanted to be a better person for you and that he did want to make up for what he did back in Toronto. I'm so glad I talked him out of that idea. Placing Zach there to see you and Brian was pure genius."

"You planned that?"

"You're damn right I did. Someone had to teach that silly one legged son of a bitch that you aren't what you seem. You led the poor fucker on didn't you? We were right about you that first night. You are a tramp. First Randy, then Zach and now poor Brian, who was already on the receiving end of my madness. You certainly get around. Think I could have a go with you?" he said leering at me.

I did the only thing I could do, I rolled my eyes. He had no idea what he was talking about and the whole reason he had me in here had seemed to slip his mind. I supposed with such a big head and no brain that wouldn't be all that hard a thing to do. What I didn't expect was the slap he gave me, knocking me down to the floor.

"Now what's the plan Hayley?"

"I go tell Vince I don't want the job and I tell him to keep your character as is, and for emphasis I can tell him that my friends love you the way you are, I mean they do make up the ratings right?"

"Good girl. If you do that, and only when you do that will I lay off of you."

Tears forming in my eyes from fear and from the stinging pain searing from my face where he had slapped me, I looked up at him. He had me right where he wanted me and there was no way out."

"Can I go now?"

"Yeah, but Hayley, if you tell anyone about this, your friend Zach, what I did to Brian will look mild. Now get the hell out of here and don't forget what we talked about."

As soon as he told me I could go, I got up from the floor and dusting myself off, ran from the room. Rounding the corner towards the other locker rooms I ran smack into Zach. I was so happy to see him at that moment; the tears just started streaming down my face. I had to tell him about what happened in the ring, and being set up. I just had to make him understand.

"Move Hayley, I don't want to talk to you."

"Zach please.."

"No Hayley, I thought you were different then all the other people I have met, but I guess I was wrong."

"Give me a chance to explain..."

"There is nothing to say; maybe randy was right about you. Maybe you do just screw them and leave them and then move on. You are no better then the groupies we have around here. Well I won't be played with. So thanks for the ride Hayley, it hasn't been fun."

There was nothing I could say to that so I just let him walk away. If he didn't want to listen and I couldn't tell anyone else, I had only one thing I could do, and that was what made me smile. Brock might think that by smacking me around he had made me his slave of sorts, but he was going to be shocked when he saw what Hayley Peterson was made of.


"How soon can you teach me moves Brian?" I asked into the phone later that night while I sat on my bed trying to ice down the bruise left from Brock's fists.

"Well I can teach you the basic ones in a couple of days if you pick up things quick, but Hayley do you want to talk about what happened today?"

I didn't really want to talk about anything. I just needed to make sure that he would help me. I didn't want to bring him into this any further anyway because he had already been victim number one of Brock Lesnar's temper.

"No I don't care anymore Brian. It was one simple kiss. Nothing major and I don't feel bad about any of it. I just need your help with something, so can you teach me?"

"Yes I can teach you babe you know that. You want me to come and get you now and we can work on some stuff in your room?"

I thought about his request for a few minutes before realizing that that probably wasn't the best idea in the world given the state of my face. I know he would see it sooner or later but right now I had to get the swelling down or Vince was going to have a lot of questions. It was bad enough I had to cancel our original meeting because of it, feigning sickness.

"No, just meet me at 6 am sharp in the park down the street tomorrow alright?"

"Anything Hayley and about what happened with Zach, I'm sorry."


Chapter 22 - California Here We Come, Right Back Where We Started From


"So did I teach you enough stuff that you wanted to know Hayley?" Brian asked me as we made our way back across the field in the park. We decided to put an end to what he was teaching me as the heat started blaring down on us, and people started showing up to do their own things.

"Yes you did, at least for today. Thank you so much Brian."

"Listen, about yesterday, I mean I didn't plan on kissing you and I really didn't plan on you kissing me back the way you did. I didn't think you would want to talk to me anymore after it either, but you called me."

"Kissing you was nice Brian, and yes I did have something that was going to happen with Zach, which was why I freaked out the way I did, but after looking at it, things with you and kissing you it wasn't complicated, with Zach it always was. Maybe it was you I was meant to be kissing."

I didn't really believe anything about what I was saying, but I didn't want Brian to think I had only kissed him to get back at Zach or to be a tramp, as Brock seemed to think I was. I also didn't want to think about Zach's words from the night before, or how much I had hurt him. I just wanted to think about a way to solve my problems and then get back home to Toronto where I belonged.

"Are you going to tell me what happened to your face Hayley? You didn't get those from anything we did in the ring last night right?"

"No, I didn't get them there." I said, but I was hell bent and determined not to get him involved in this, but I could tell from the kind of guy that Brian was, he wasn't going to give up that easily, he was going to dig and bother me until I told him the truth.

"Did Zach hurt you?"

I looked up at him finally, my eyes showing the shock coming off my face. Brian knew what his friend was like, he had told me before that Zach wouldn't hurt a woman, or even a fly for that matter, so why was he asking now if his friend had abused me?

"No he didn't hurt me Brian. Someone did hurt me, but it wasn't Zach. I hurt him if anything."

"So are you going to tell me what happened?"

"Some other time. Listen I don't mean to cut this short, but I have a meeting with Vince and Jim that I keep putting off because of my own personal shit. So maybe we can get together later?"

He didn't look to impress at me saying that I had to leave but he knew I was telling the truth and that I did make the effort to want to see him again. So with one final smile he looked deeply into my eyes.

"I liked that kiss Hayley, and even if you don't know what you want right now, you know it felt good for you too. There is something going on with you, something bad, and when you get the nerve to tell me I will be here for you in any way I can. Don't be afraid to tell me. I will see you later; we can have dinner or something before the flight. Go on to your meeting now."

Looking at him as he spoke, I closed my eyes and brought my lips to his again just to feel what I felt the night before and to also let him know that I was in agreement with everything he had said to me. Pulling away after a few seconds, I turned on my heel and headed to my rental car to get back to the hotel to see Vince. I had a lot of things to tell him.


"Thank you for requesting this meeting Ms. Peterson. Now I know you haven't been here all that long but I do like to speak with all of the people on my payroll and apparently Jim tells me that you have a lot of ideas that you would like to share with me personally."

Now that I was sitting here in his hotel room, I didn't know if telling Vince that he spent way to much time on television was a good idea. I know that a lot of people agreed with me, as was apparent by some of the emails I had been forwarded from the fan mail department. But now sitting in front of him, his presence almost dominating over me, I almost wanted to wither away and die. But I knew for the sake of fans everywhere, and the job I was given to do, I couldn't not tell him.

"There are some ideas yes. I felt this would be better spoken to the man who I have the issues with."

"You have issues with me?"

"Not with you specifically, I mean it all has to do with your product and what you are trying to sell, and you do play a huge part in that, and its that part that has me bothered."

Jim hung his head in shame. I looked over and saw him do it and knew that me challenging the owner and runner of the company like this was possibly going to get me fired.

"Do you care to explain yourself here Hayley? I am not sure what you are trying to say here and I am pretty much at the point where if you don't I will not hesitate to kick you out of my office and my company."

"I will tell you. You are the owner of the WWE and with that alone comes a lot of power and prestige right? My issue with you at this point and for the sake of writing development for the show of Smack down, you put yourself on air too much. You have such an array of talent on that roster, which I have taken the time to look at, that you just do not use. You put so much time on yourself and not enough on your talent. Basically Vince, I think if you took five minutes and pulled your head out of your ass, you would make a ten times better product. If that gets me fired, at least you heard my view before I left."

I looked between Vince and Jim, who both looked like they were deer caught in someone's headlights. I didn't mean for this to sound as bad as I know now that it did, I just wanted to make sure they knew where I was coming from and what I thought would make a better product. I also knew what was coming next, so I was prepared. Or that's at least what I thought.

"Jim, you got yourself a feisty writer this time didn't you?"

As Jim looked over at me, I looked over to where Vince was seated and he smiled at me. Apparently even though I had just told him to get his head out of his ass, he was happy with me. Maybe this was some sort of game before he fired my ass, I had no idea, and I had to admit the thought irked me a little.

"She does tend to speak her mind. I had no idea how much though. I am sorry for this Vince."

"Don't be Jim. She's telling the truth and you know that Linda has been asking me to spend more time at home with her now, so maybe I should think about doing that and handing Stephanie her show back."

I was stunned, I really was. I had come to this meeting to tell him what I had told him and then work with whatever they wanted me to do from there, and now here was the owner of the WWE agreeing with something I had said. This had to be another world I was living in.

"I like this girl so much, that in actual fact I want to hear what else she has to say. I also want to know what happened to your face. According to Jim you are just a writer and a very young one at that, so do you want to tell me who did that to you?"

Now was the time I had been expecting to come since the minute I stepped through the hotel doors. They wanted to know if someone close to the company had done this or if I was some young girl out looking for a good time and gotten attacked. I know what Brock had told me about keeping my mouth shut, but I wasn't sure I could do it any longer.

"Just a family issue sir."

"Family issue?" Vince and Jim asked raising their eyebrows.


"Elaborate please. If you need some assistance I can assure you I am here to give it."

"My father beats my mother and I when we don't do what he asks of us that's all, and the look of my face stems from that. I don't really want to get into it anymore then that, if you don't mind."

" I can totally understand why, can't you Jim?"

"Yes I agree. Well any other idea's on what to do with our current stories Hayley?"

"Yes Vince, I brought this up with Jim but what you are doing with Brock Lesnar." "Yes?"

"I think you should keep doing it. Giving him creative control over what he does was a brilliant idea and I think you need to milk it for all its worth. Him being that much of an asshole is going to do amazingly for business."


"Hayley, we need to have a talk right now."

I turned around and saw Jim coming down the hall at me, and with one small movement he swept me to the side of him, wanting to talk alone.

"What can I do for you Jim?"

"You and me have discussed your family life on more then one occasion, and you told me that your father wasn't in the picture anymore, and now all a sudden back in there with Vince he had come back to get you and your mother. How would he know where you find you seeing as your mother doesn't even know?"

He had me. I know he had me, but I refused to give into it right away. I had to make sure that no one got involved with what Brock was doing with me, and especially not Jim, who didn't know how to fight and could get seriously hurt. Hell for that matter so could I.

"Ariel told him."

"Ariel, the friend that you had when you came to visit Zach at the hotel in Toronto? The one that I found with Brock Lesnar as we were leaving town?"

"One and the same. She told him where to find me and after taking care of my mother, he came to do the same to me that's all."

"This has nothing to do with your father does it? This is about Lesnar. He got pissed off at you based on what I told him about toning down the insanity didn't he?"

I didn't bother giving an answer, he had figured it out all on his own. He didn't need me for anything else, so with one more swift movement, I ran down the hallway and as far away from Jim's eyes as I could get.


"Isn't this the friend that you said hated you?"

"We now have pooled our hate together and made it stronger."

"So what time does her flight get in?"

"20 minutes ago. Are you going to keep asking me questions or what?"

"You know I will. Thanks for inviting me to come along. I know Brock will want to see her."

"No problem, you did want to make a change didn't you?"

"You're right I did. Thanks for allowing me another chance. This time, I promise, no drinking, drugs or cars in our future."

"Just what I wanted to hear. Now there she is, go grab her bags and lets get the hell out of here. We have a lot of catching up to do."

"Hayley wait!"

"Yeah Randy?"

"I never thought I would say this, but I thought you were an ice princess and it seemed your friend agreed with me, but knowing how easily you listened to Brock and did what you were told, and then calling me and asking me to come along with you, it seems I was wrong."

"Yeah, I'm not as good natured as you all think I am. Now lets go get her and get out of here."

I hated myself for doing this, but Ariel knew the score, and she was going to play along as well. There was no way I was going to give Randy another shot, and no way Ariel was going to trust Brock again. Now that she was in town things were about to change, and the power was about to shift. It was just too bad that Randy and Brock had no idea where it would be going, and that I had to lie and be friends with them to get it. For one brief moment I let my thoughts go out to Zach and Brian, two of the best men in the world, and two of the people that were going to get hurt. There wasn't anything I could do to stop it. I had to get out of the WWE.


Chapter 23 - I Need You To Survive, So Stay With Me



*~Hayleys POV~*


"That flight was a bitch girl, lets not have me do it again." Ariel screamed throwing her bags into the trunk and looking up to see Randy watching her friend.


"You are going to be doing it again tonight girl when we leave for San Diego. So for the next couple of weeks get used to it."


I saw the look that Ariel was throwing at me and wondering why I had taken Randy to come pick her up. He was the enemy and at some point I knew I would have to pull her aside and let her know that I wasnt cozying up the enemy, and that it was part of my greater plan.


"So you got the writing job, and youre meeting tons of hot guys. How does it feel girly?"


"Oh pretty good actually, just wait until you meet Brian, you will love him."


"What about me? I thought I was gaining points with you again!" Randy exclaimed with a tad bit more anger then I expected.


"You are, but I have to tell Ariel about all her options."


"She's got Brock, dont you babe? There wont be time enough to look at other men when he sees you."


"He does have a point Hayley, I can't wait to see him, it feels like forever and its only been a few days."


"Well lets go see him then, and Ariel we totally have to go shopping before the flight, I saw this skirt and dress that are to die for and you would look awesome in them."


I watched as Randy rolled his eyes and jumped into the rental car, waiting for us to get in after him. Pulling Ariel closer to me, I looked at her seriously for a moment, hoping she would get the message without words. Apparently our friendship had remained the same because she understood that the plan was still on, and that I was only being friendly with Randy for show. Jumping in the car we were off on our way to the hotel.




*~Zachs POV~*


I didnt want to be here. We were on the airplane and she was with her friend, the one that had turned her back on her for Brock. It was sick to watch, especially since it was apparent that she wasnt all that into Brian anymore and had gone back to sitting with Randy and Brock.


"Hey man, mind if I sit with you?"


"Your funeral if you do, Im not good company and I really dont want to talk to you yet."


"I wasnt asking for words, I was asking for a seat, I can wait until you want to talk to me."


I watched him sit down in the chair. Brian was one of my best friends and seeing him kissing a girl that he really liked still made me sick in the pit of my stomach. I wanted to be able to yell at him and tell him I was so pissed off I didnt want to see him around me ever again, much like I had with Hayley, but I couldnt do it. It was hard enough watching Hayley turn away from me and turn to Randy again. This was going to be one hell of a long flight.


She doesnt like him if thats what youre wondering about.


No, she doesnt like him because then that would mean she likes you isnt that right Brian?


Look, dont bite my head off, I am just letting you know that something is wrong here, she hates him she told me so, why she is with him and Brock now of all people I dont have a clue.


Yeah well shes better off with them, they suit the way she is more anyway, and her friend Ariel must be so happy to have Hayley back with her again.


What do you mean?


Ariel turned on Hayley in Toronto, thats what I mean, and now here they are all best friends. You are right about one thing, Hayley hates them, so theres something more going on here. But I havent the faintest idea what.


We are just going to have to wait and see my friend.


I didnt dignify that with an answer because I didnt think one was needed. Here Brian was, after kissing the girl of Zachs dreams, wanting to act like everything was just fine. Well it wasnt fine and he didnt think it would ever be fine. He had to admit to himself though that he hated the fact that she was sitting with them, and he knew he had to find out why.




*~Hayleys POV~*


So the plan is still a go for tonight then? Ariel asked, looking up from the magazine she was reading and casting her gaze at me.


Yes, its still a go, and Im glad they allowed me to do it.


You think you will be alright out there?


Listen, Brock told me in passing that he had something planned for Zach, the only way I can handle that and tackle it and get my revenge on the two assholes Ive been forced to hang out with is to be beat him to it. So no I do not think I am ready, but I am going to do whatever it takes to see this through.


Youve been working pretty hard then?


Youre damn right I have. Brian has spent every night and morning in every city we go to, helping me. I dont think I am good enough to do this long haul, but Im doing well with the writing, so I think I deserve to do this too, and Vince and Jim were good about it.


Thats because they know.


Know what?


Hayley, they know what I have always known; youre more then just a writer.


I knew what she was trying to say, and it made sense but I knew that writing would be my life, no matter what options were thrown my way. I just couldnt see myself doing anything else with my life. It just so happened that my life was in the WWE, and I just had to make sure everyone realized it.




*~Smack Down~*


That was a pretty shocking announcement from Mr. McMahon dont you think Tazz? Brock Lesnar against Zach Gowen. In Zach Gowens hometown no less!


I listened on the monitor in the back as Tazz responded to Michael Cole, and shook my head. I had to get over this fear or the entire plan was going to be ruined. Ariel was in position at the foot of the ring, and was waiting for the fireworks to erupt. I had to admit the closer I got to it, the more I just wanted it over so I could go home.


"What the hell is he doing here? Hes a Raw superstar!! Tazz its Randy Orton!"


Things were finally picking up it seemed. Vince had taken the bait about having Randy show up for tonights match since most of the fans knew that Randy and Brock were best friends. It would only seem natural that he was there, not an invasion of talent again. So it looked like Randy was alright with the idea as well. I hadnt talked to him all day, but from the looks of it as he walked down the ramp he was enjoying the hell out of all the new attention he was getting just by being there.


I watched as he picked up the microphone that Tazz handed him and put it around his neck. He was going to be impartial in all of this, or so he wanted everyone to believe. I knew different and I knew that this plan could go up in smoke if he did want to get involved in it.


Shaking my head to get the cobwebs out, I left the locker room and walked down the hall, passing Zachs locker room, hearing raised voices, I stopped quickly. Now was not the time for Zach to be getting into something, he had a match, and I had a plan to put into motion.




*~Zachs POV and Locker Room~*


"Brian what are you telling me here?"


"Shes going to get involved in your match."


"Why would she do that? She doesnt wrestle and its none of her business."


"Ive been training her."


"You did what?"

I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Brian and she had been spending so much time together because he had been training her for the ring or so it seemed. I had no idea what Hayley thought she was doing but I knew that if she came out there tonight, she was going to get hurt. I didnt like this one bit and I had to make sure that Brian got to her and told her to stay out of it.


"Go tell her to forget whatever she has in mind. I dont know why she wants to be trained, and I dont know why she wants to get involved in my match, but damn, I do not want her out there. I have to think about staying alive myself, not about her as well."


"She's going to do something because of Brock, Zach and you and I both know why."


"I dont know what you mean."


Of course I knew what he meant. Brock had been the one to attack Zach in the hotel room in Toronto, and then now he planned this match. It was all part of some thing bigger that had to do with Hayley. He knew why she wanted to get involved.


"He beat her up Zach, and she wants payback, for both Brock and Randy. You might be out there for a match, but shes coming to fight, and so am I."


Before I had a chance to ask him what I meant about him, he was out the door, and I could have sworn as he left I saw Hayley standing there.




*~Hayleys POV~*


"This next match is scheduled for one fall, coming to the ring first, weighing in at 295 Lbs, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brock Lesnar!"


The roar of boos from the crowd just shook the place, and I had to admit that it was a bit shocking to see. I knew that people didnt like what Brock was doing, and after seeing this I knew I was completely right. At the same time I had to wonder if Zach knew he was going to be a lamb going to slaughter out here tonight.


As Brock jumped into the ring I could have sworn from my spot in the back that he shot a wicked smile at Ariel and then one over to his friend Randy.


"God he cant know what I am going to do."


"Talking to yourself isnt healthy."


Spinning around I saw Brian standing there. He didnt look half bad suited up again. Although he was still majorly taped up, you could tell the rush of being back was with him again, and at that moment I finally got what he meant about it being in his blood, and being his life. He had never looked better. Smiling I turned around completely to face him and gently kissed his cheek.


"You ready to do this?"


"Yeah actually I cant wait. Hey Hayley, that date the other night, dinner and dancing, or well for me lack of dancing, it was nice thank you."


"I liked it too. I cant wait to do it again."


He obviously thought that he wouldnt be able to do it again, so when I told him that he could ask me out again, he smiled as brightly as I could, and I felt myself turning to butter. There was just something about him that was different, and for one brief moment I didnt have to think about Zach and what went wrong there.


Placing another kiss on his cheek, we stepped over to the gorilla position as Zachs music hit and the crowd got to their feet. It was almost show time. I just hoped nothing too serious happened until the plan was put into motion.


"Now entering the ring, his opponent, weighing in at 158 LBS, from Detroit, Michigan, Zach Gowen!!"




The action started with Zach trying to be a clean sport and going to lock up with Brock, but Brock didnt seem to want any part of it. He grabbed him right off his feet and slammed him down to the mat. Brock then, knowing what town they were in, and how everyone was rooting for the hometown boy, started to showboat that he had taken Zach down so easily.


While Brock show boated and turned to face Randy, with that grin still plastered on his face, Zach got back to a standing position. Leaning back onto the ropes he broke into a run and dived onto Brock, taking him off his feet, and not wanting to waste any time, Zach ran to the corner, jumping up on the top turnbuckle, did a super kick off the top hitting Brock in the face as he got to his feet.


Putting his hand to his forehead Brock realized the wrong end of Zachs boot had hit his face, and it threw him into a rage. Getting to his feet quickly before Zach could do another move, he grabbed Zach by the throat and threw him into the corner, and as Zach lay crouched in the corner, Brock hit him with his boot, not once, or twice but about ten times.


I had to turn my eyes away from what I was seeing. I wasnt all that used to what happened in the ring but being on the receiving end of Brocks anger, I knew this was something that I didnt want to see, and it seemed Brian understood because he held onto me with a firm grasp like he was protecting me from the same thing.


"He smacked you around didnt he? That night, your face, it was Brock wasnt it?" he asked me as I continued watching Brock maul Zach in the ring.


"Yes, it was a warning beating, and I heeded the warning well, so I didnt get another. Dont you see Brian, this is personal now."


I saw a look in his eye, but I didnt have time to question it because as Brock threw Zach onto the floor outside of the ring, and stepped out and power slammed him again, I knew it was my chance to go out there and get some revenge. So when Brock turned around to showboat to the crowd again, I saw my chance and I ran with it.




*~Zachs POV~*


She came down to the ring so fast; they didnt have time to cue her music. I was lying on the ground, desperate for air because I knew that as fair as this fight was supposed to be, it was about Brock beating the shit out of me, and I didnt want my last breath to be this one. That was when I saw her. She came flying down the ramp and immediately jumped up and kicked Brock down, giving me enough time to get my bearings and get back to my feet to fight fairly.


I dont think she had completely planned this out because Randy jumped up from the announce table and came around and grabbed her by the arm and started to drag her out like she was a child and she shouldnt be getting involved, so for the first time ever, having a match that wasnt planned out at all, I grabbed Randy by his arm and swung him around as hard as I could, which by all rights wasnt hard, and I punched him down.


Knowing everything that he had done to Hayley made hitting him that much easier and I the feeling when I did it felt pretty damn good. Grabbing her by the arm I looked at her, and knowing it was the only time I could do it, I pushed her away. I had to make her get the message to get out of here. But as I pushed her away Brock grabbed me and picking me up, he did the f-5 and I blacked out.




*~Hayleys POV~*


He hit the steel steps and the ring post at the same time it seemed, and he didnt move, but I had no time to check on him because Brock was coming at me, so doing the only thing I knew, I jumped into the ring as he was making his way around to follow me. Jumping on the top rope like Brian had shown me, I flew off, but I didnt plan it out the right away and Brock caught me, and much like Zach, he pulled off his signature move, but lucky for me I hit the floor with the mats, because I didnt black out.


Grabbing my back in pain and realizing that my plan was an entire mess, I saw Brian make his way down the ramp, the music cued up perfectly and he came flying down and he drop kicked Brock to the ground, and coming around and seeing Randy getting to his feet he did the same thing again. Once he was sure that both men were down for a minute he came over to me and checked on me.


"Im okay; get the chair, its payback time."


The look he gave me was one of pure shock, like I knew I was sitting here in no position to fight anymore, but I wanted to make sure that Brock felt my pain and Brians all in one.


Brian did what I asked and went and took the announcers chair and bringing it back over to me, he helped me to my feet. None of the people knew who I was, but they soon would, because I was going to be the person that took Brock out for good.


As Brock got to his feet, on the other side of the ring, he grabbed Zach, and before I had a chance to move, I was frozen in place, when he picked Zach up and gave him another f-5, with Zachs face landing right on the ground and I could have sworn, bleeding.


While Randy got to his feet Brian went to take care of him, and with a free moment I saw Zach lying on the floor, and I had a flashback to his hotel room the night I found him all beaten. Brock had been the one to do it, there was no doubt in my mind now, and he was damn well going to pay for all of our misery. Grabbing the chair, and not thinking about a DQ, I hit him with the chair, but at the same time as he went down, his head bleeding more from the open would Zach had given him, the chair backfired and hit me, knocking me out. My last thought as I went down, was I made him pay for what he did to me.