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*~!WWE News For Week Ending September 15th 2003!~*
  1. For those who've asked about Zach Gowen's condition following the nasty bump down a flight of stairs on Smackdown, don't worry. It was actually a professional stunt man who took the bump for Zach, which would explain why he was still wearing his prosthetic leg while in the wheel chair.

  2. NWA-TNA has purchased a large amount of advertising space on WWE programming, with the ads expected to start airing in several markets on RAW this week. On the flipside, WWE has actually purchased ads to air during TNA's "Xplosion" program to advertise an upcoming house show in Nashville.

  3. The 9/4 edition of Smackdown scored a 3.5 broadcast rating.

    Thanks to Tampa Bay Jay for the following report:

    Kevin Nash called into The Bubba The Love Sponge show this morning. He said that he is just about finished with his scenes in the movie they he is shooting in Tampa. The crew had to miss a day of filming due to heavy rain. Bubba asked Big Kev if he has caught the acting bug and Nash said it's 'a nice change of pace'. Bubba asked Nash what his future with WWE holds and Nash said he would like to continue his feud with Chris Jericho. Bubba then asked if Nash was coming over to Hulk Hogan's house this afternoon to work out (Bubba and Hogan work out together quite a bit). Nash said he would try.
  4. Eric Bischoff will be serving as the special guest referee for the Kane vs. Rob Van Dam Steel Cage match on RAW tomorrow night.

  5. The morale amongst mid-card talent in the WWE locker room continues to get worse by the day. Wrestlers have been heard voicing their opinions regarding how much television time the McMahons are giving themselves, and the decreasing house show payoffs. Most feel they are receiving their fair share of the gate, but they aren't making what they were promised when they joined the company. Some have even gone as far as contacting other promotions to see what they would make if they decided to work the independent scene after their WWE contract expires.
  6. WWE has expressed interest in a few NWA-TNA superstars, including Johnny Swinger, Kid Kash and James Mitchell. It's believed that Swinger and Mitchell are not contractually bound to TNA, however, Kash recently signed a short-term contract with the promotion.

  7. WWE officials continue to push both Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio largely due to the growing Hispanic population in the United States. There has even been some talk of adding more Hispanic wrestlers to both the RAW and Smackdown rosters.
  8. The latest on Kurt Angle's injury status is that he needs to undergo surgery on his hamstring muscle, but he refuses to take the necessary time off from the ring. Kurt knows that it would be in his best interest to let the injury heal, but he's so dedicated that he refuses to quit. Because of this, many in the backstage area are concerned that it have an effect on the length of his career.

  9. Neither Goldberg nor Triple H are the favorite amongst the other superstars in the RAW locker room to walk out of Unforgiven as the World Heavyweight Champion. Aside from the well publicized reasons for being disliked, Triple H has basically reformed the Kliq backstage with he, Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels and basically alienate themselves from the other wrestlers. On the other hand, Goldberg believes that he's at the top of his game and doesn't need to improve his skills, which isn't the best attitude to have when trying to win over your fellow employees.
  10. When Jazz finally makes her return to television, she is expected to turn face and align herself with Trish Stratus to feud with Gail Kim and Molly Holly.

  11. Shane McMahon vs. Kane will be headlining RAW brand house shows following Unforgiven.

  12. As you may have noticed, Ernest "The Cat" Miller has been removed from the Velocity announcing team. The reason for this is because WWE is currently in the process of repackaging his character to have him return as a wrestler.

  13. Lita is expected to make her return sometime this month. She is already medically cleared to return, but officials have assigned her to OVW in order to work off any ring rust.
  14. Rikishi is currently negotiating a contract extension with WWE, which is why he hasn't been on television for a while.

  15. Goldust recently suffered a dislocated elbow, and he's expected to miss at least six weeks of action if it doesn't require surgery.

  16. Shane Douglas vs. Raven in a "Hair vs. Hair" match will take place on the 9/17 NWA-TNA PPV. The match will officially be announced on Wednesday night's one cent PPV. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will make his return on that same show as well.
  17.  What happened when Raw went off Air
  18. Post Raw:

    Flair bladed Goldberg after the chairshot...I didn't think he'd need to as Triple H really creamed him. That chair shot was almost as loud as some of the pyros!

    After the cameras went off, Evolution left up the ramp. Staff from the back came out to help Goldberg but he got up on his own after several minutes...staggering around the ring as he got his wits. He eventually left the ring under his own power, stopping to shake hands with fans and wipe his bloody head and face off on t-shirts and hats. He stopped at the Titan-tron and made a gesture of having the World Title around his waste and smiled...saying "It's mine!"

    Other items of note: There was real concern over the health of Spike Dudley after the blown spot on the table. He must have indicated he was OK since Bubba ended up carrying him out on his shoulder versus going out on a stretcher.

    WWE confiscated a guys "Kane fears Pro Zac" sign...perhaps too insensitive to those that actually take the drug?

    It's clear why WWE keeps Stone Cold around. His t-shirts were by far the most popular selling shirt. The inflatable middle fingers were also popular. By comparison, I saw no one buy the "HHH" inflatable sledge hammers. The crowd loves cheering and chanting "What!".

    Biggest Pops:
    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    2. Goldberg
    3. J.R.
    4. Trish Stratus

    Most Heat:
    1. Bischoff
    2. Jericho
    3. Christian
    4. Jonathan Coachman

Full Credit goes to WWE.com and Steves Wrestling for this news.