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Superstars have talent, they look good with anything, and you want to acknowledge the impact they made in the business. This is the factoring for the first annual RAW superstar of the Week. So get over to the board and vote for next weeks star!

Shane Brandon McMahon was born on January 15, 1970 to parents Vince and Linda.  Shane stands at 6'2", weighing in at about 230 pounds.  Shane's dark brown hair and puppy dog brown eyes have made him a heart throb to many female fans in the World Wrestling Federation.  Shane's current title at the WWF is President of New Media (he is believed to play a major role in story line development as well), but he did not start out in the WWF office.  Shane started his career  at a very young age, promoting the WWF by putting up flyers and posters in stores;  Shane also got the distinction of sometimes getting to carry the turnbuckle down to the ring.  From age 9 to age 14, Shane cleaned up after WWF events at the Cape Cod Coliseum, which Vince owned at the time (purchased in 1979).  At age 19, Shane started refereeing, ring announcing, and constructing then deconstructing the ring.  Shane graduated Boston University with a degree in Mass Communications and became a full-time employee as a WWF TV producer in 1994.  In July of 1998, Shane joined the announcers' table for Sunday Night Heat.  On October 26, 1998, Shane became an official member of the story lines when he debuted on RAW, announcing that he had betrayed his father and hired Stone Cold Steve Austin back into the company (of course, we later found out it was part of a "McMahon master plan").  Shane now lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his wife Marissa (believed to have married in 1996) who is the WWF publicist (she also has appeared on "Howard Stern" and had a correspondent job on Livewire, where she went by her maiden name of Mazzola).  Shane and Marissa plan to have children in the future.  Shane and his sister, Stephanie, are currently working within the WWF with the intention of eventually taking over for their father.


Shane Facts:

-According to WWF.com Extra, Shane went to Greenwich's Central Middle School. (credit: CityGirl4211@aol.com )

-Shane was born in Maryland, not Connecticut.

-When Mike Tyson was in the WWF, Shane was his body guard.

-Shane started his career in the WWF on the ring crew, and later became a ref. If you look at tapes from a few years back you'll see a smaller Shane with the same haircut! ;)

-When Stone Cold Steve Austin was on the "Howard Stern Radio Show", Marissa McMahon was on, and she said that Shane and her lived across the street from each other, and that's how they got together. (credit: vocalise@peachworld.com )

-A very cute and true story from an article on Vince McMahon that appeared in US News and World Report: "One night, when Shane was four years old, he was convinced Dracula was hiding in his closet. No amount of reassurance from his mother, Linda would help, so finally, Vince strolled in, big and bad-like, and headed straight to the closet. After about ten minutes of "fighting" and banging around in the closet, Vince emerged from the closet, sweating and breathing heavy. He walked straight over to his son and said "You don't have to worry anymore, Dracula's dead". Shane promptly fell asleep."

-When Shane was on "Off the Record", he stated that the McMahon's *always* had a dog.  He mentioned a terrior named Buster and a black lab named Star, who threw up all over the place! ;)

-According to Shane on "Off the Record", he went to his first wrestling match when he was 2 years old.  His dream was for Andre the Giant to become his tag-team partner and for them to become tag-team champions.

-According to the WWF's 2000 Calendar, Shane once came home with a mohawk.

Full Name: Shane Brandon(!) McMahon
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240lb
Birthday: Believed to be January 30th
Age: 32 ( but he looks younger if you want my opinion.)

Since his debut at the announce table on Sunday Night Heat, Shane has come far and fast in the WWF. As the son of Vince McMahon, he was always destined for bigger and better things than colour commentary with Kevin Kelly...little did we know at the time just how big he would be
Shane soon became avidly involved in WWF storylines, choosing to take the side of his father's arch nemesis, Stone Cold Steve Austin....or so we thought. In a turn of events perhaps only rivalled in number of "Oh My God, NO!" screams, by the whole "Higher Power" nonsense, Shane, who had been busted down to referee by his father for his insolence, screwed Steve Austin over for the first of many times, causing Stone Cold a shot a the Championship Title, which was won with the help of Shane and Vince, by The Rock later that night. This of course occured at Survivor Series 1998, the second in a series of three Survivor Series screwovers at the hands of the McMahon family...
Shane soon became one of the most hated Superstars in the WWF, and when he began his fued with X-Pac, many of his critics laughed with glee at the though of Shane-O-Mac's impending beating at WrestleMania. These same critics soon had the grins slapped from their faces as Shane proved for the first time that not only is he a great character in the WWF, but also a great wrestler.
Shane has since refined his in ring skills even more over the past year or so, providing some amazing moves as well as groan inducing bumps (from the top of a cage, though the announce table, etc...all of which made me scream and hide behind a pillow). Shane turned face after an amazing fued with Test over his Sister Stephanie's relationship with the former Motley Crue bodyguard. But with Stephanie's marriage to HHH and subsequent heel turn, Shane's fans were subjected to two months of abject misery as he disappeared from our screens, and the McMahon-Helmsley Era was in full swing.
At No Way Out, Shane-O made his triumphant return - as a heel. And not only as a heel, but with The Big Show en tow. Smashing The Rock in the head with a steel chair, and therefore losing The Rock's title shot was perhaps not the best decision Shane has ever made, as The Big Show went over like a lead balloon, and Shane was forced to dump him. After destroying The Big Nasty Bastard at Judgement Day (albeit with a little help) and becoming Shane The Giant Killer in the process, Shane was an active member in the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, and participated in the six-man tag team at the King Of The Ring that saw Shane take a choke slam from the top turnbuckle through the announce table (webmistress reaction - "ARRRRRRRRRGH! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!") and The Rock become the five time WWF Champion. Towards the end of the year saw Shane embroiled in several fueds, not least of all with other members of his family.

This led in turn to one of the major turning points in wrestling history. Shortly after Shane's return to our screens in early 2001 to confront Vince about his affair with Trish Stratus, Shane appeare,not on Rawbut on a live feed from Monday Night Nitro. Announcing to a world that was largely speechless with shock ( I know I was) that he had purchased WCW, Shane kicked off 2001's major storlyine. Shane brought many major WCW stars to the WWF shortly after Nitro stopped airing, including Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, and Lance Storm. But it was only when Stephanie appeared, claiming to have bought ECW, did the fued between the WWF and the Alliance really kick off. Shane brought Stone Cold Steve Austin over to the Alliance, whilst Vince reinstated The Rock. The storyline culminated in a winner takes all battle at Survivor Series 2001, during which The Rock defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin to win WWF supremacy. The next night on Raw, it transpired that Shane and Stephanie had sold their stock to none other than Rick Flair...Shane has since disappeared from our screens, and when he will be back is anyone's guess; whenever his return, I'm sure won't be dull...
Other Facts about The Boy Wonder
  • He is the President of the New Media department at Titan Towers - which basically means he's in charge of all the web site stuff.
  • Marrissa Mazzola, co-host of LiveWire, is his wife. Ughh.
  • He was ranked No.46 in Power Slam's 50 best wrestlers in the world, and was tipped by them as a future WWF Champion. Or the next Kerry Von Erich.
  • When asked who would play Shane in Mick Foley's life story, Mick replied, "probably Charlie Sheen". Hmmm.

Full Credit to the WWE for the superstar info and also to other wrestling related sites such as StevesWrestling for any news posted here.