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The McMahons


I have been a fan of the WWE for 12 years now, and only recently has my patience really been tried.  And I have come to realise that a large part of this angst is a result of the McMahons.  Has anyone else noticed how much they DOMINATE the air-time of Smackdown! and RAW?  Im going to take each McMahon in turn, starting with big daddy Vince, and ending with the soon-to-be McMahon, Triple H (aka Paul Levesque).


I remember Vince as a commentator back in the days of Gorilla Monsoon.  I always saw him as a face, a kind father figure.  But now he seems to revel in the role of nasty bastard boss guy.  I mean, how many times does he have to say Im Vince McMahon, dammit!!?  I think we get it.  And barely a week goes by without him getting in the face of various superstars on the rosters.  How many CEOs would you know doing this?


Next up is Linda.  Until RAW last week, I actually liked and respected this woman.  However, the way she lowered herself to actually being a part of the sexual assault storyline sickened me.  Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy watching her (the way she brought back Mick Foley a couple years ago for the Fatal Four way at WM was awesome) but now I cant get that little scene with Bischoff out of my head (I dont think my skin has stopped crawling yet!!).


Stephanie is good at what she does, and it is obvious to all that she has worked hard to train as a legitimate wrestler and not just a piece of ass.  And she is one of the few (if not only) Divas to not get involved in these stupid fluff matches they insist on having.  My problem is not with Stephanie, its with the marketing and creative teams for Smackdown!  They insist on having her on the advertising posters for SD every week, and on WWE.com, she is often on the front page for something that has happened on the show.  There are a lot of other superstars busting their asses every week, and they still dont get the same exposure she does.


Shane is the only McMahon that I can honestly say I love.  He has had some of the best hardcore matches I have ever seen recently, and he obviously has a talent for acting.  And the best thing about Shane-O is that HE KNOWS WHEN TO TAKE A STEP BACK!!  Its no accident that he was off our screens for so long.  He has a job to do (Director of New Media at WWE) and he dedicates himself to that.  Vince, Linda and Steph also have other jobs to do, but with all the time they spend in front of the cameras, are they really able to do their jobs behind the scenes?  Maybe thats why Steph made such a boob with hiring the creative team, she was too anxious to get in the spotlight.


And lastly we come to the Game.  I have to say that I am a huge fan of HHH, but he has become far too political behind the scenes.  It leaves me with a lot of questions about how much stroke he has, and now hes on the creative team, where will it stop?  If he write his own storylines and dictate how shows are run, we could end up with RAW IS HHH in a short space of time.  And once he and Steph are actually married, will he become Vice President of the company?  Vinces lapdog?  Whipping boy?  He needs to get back to his Cerebral Assassin days, when he was at his peak.


At Summerslam on Sunday we saw all the McMahons, every last one of them.  It was like a family outing or something.  And the only one worth their socks was Shane.  Triple H spent his time in the chamber either sitting or kneeling when he wasnt fighting, which didnt really go over with the crowds.  And surprise, surprise, he retained the belt.  If he doesnt drop the belt at Vengeance against Goldberg, I suggest people start asking questions about what the hell is going on down there in McMahon-land.  Taking an active role in your companys product is one thing, dominating and manipulating your company to be the centre of attention is quite another.  Im sure the rest of the WWE talent are starting to feel the same way I am, and one by one, they might start voicing their complaints.  (RVD already did it, so its practically inevitable).


Thanks for reading, I know Im very opinionated, so if you want to agree, disagree or fight, email me at alldunn_katy@yahoo.co.uk .  Id love to hear what you have to say.