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*~!WWE News For Week Ending September 7th, 2003!~*
  1. Bazooka Tshirt guy with Rosie/Hurricane was Oklahoma indy wrestler Slater Vain f/k/a Vinnie Valentino. This was his 7th show with WWE since May this year -- he's also booked tonight in El Paso and next week in Lafayette & New Orleans with WWE. He was recently seen on Heat & Velocity (Moline IL & St Louis MO). He also worked both Colorado Springs shows & the recent Dallas & San Antonio shows in dark matches.
  2. Paul Heyman has finally been medically cleared to return and writers are now trying to find a way to work him back into storylines. Definitely expect him to make his return within the next week or two.

  3. There is some concern among officials because Brock Lesnar has been receiving a lot of cheers from the crowd.

  4. Booker T is expected to return to action sometime in late September/early October.
  5. The idea to turn Jonathan Coachman heel was the idea of Vince McMahon, who felt that he needed an "edge" to get rid of the blandness that was evident during his brief run as the lead announcer of RAW.

  6. Hulk Hogan is featured in the latest edition of Celebrity Car magazine. The article focuses on Hogan's collection of cars, including pictures of them and his thoughts on each.

  7. Speaking of Hogan, many within WWE would be absolutely shocked to see him not involved at WrestleMania XX.
  8. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon continue to spend a lot of time in Hollywood looking for movie roles.

  9. Maven is conducting a poll on his website, www.mavenhuffman.com, allowing fans to choose the name of his new finisher.

  10. Randy Savage appeared on the Hot 97 radio show in the NYC Metro area yesterday morning. The purpose of his appearance was mainly to plug his new rap CD, which will hut stores on 10/7. The first single, "Be A Man", was played on the air.
  11. Stacy on 'Tom Green'
    The leggy Stacy Keibler will be on "The New Tom Green Show" Friday night, Aug. 29, at 12:00 a.m. on MTV. Don't miss it. Who knows what Tom Green will do when his eyes fall on those long legs?

  12. Rue a new addition to SmackDown! brand
    EL PASO Aug. 26, 2003 Theres a new co-host on After Burn. Joining Josh Mathews on the syndicated SmackDown!-brand program is New Jersey native Rue.

  13. According to report, Triple H re-injured his groin at the 8/29 house show in Memphis. HHH finished the match, but once he got backstage, he knew that he was in no condition to be wrestling yet.

    It appears that he will be taking some time off from in-ring competition so that he can be in the best possible condition for his match with Goldberg at Unforgiven. He will, however, still be attending RAWs and house shows, but only as a corner-man for Randy Orton and Ric Flair's matches
  14. Kurt Angle will be working a lighter house show schedule due to a minor hamstring injury that has been affecting him since WrestleMania.

  15. Jazz is expected to make her return on tonight's RAW.

  16. Booker T was recently told by his doctor that he will be able to return to action sometime around October. It's possible that he will be written into storylines before then, however. Booker has been rehabbing a bulging disc in his back after being diagnosed with the injury during the RAW brand's tour of Australia.

  17. Paul London, who was recently signed to a developmental contract by WWE, made his OVW debut on Saturday night.

  18. WWE will be releasing a Trish Stratus DVD on September 23rd.
  19. Many WWE officials have been expressing that the company made a mistake by not advertising the Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle match at Summer Slam as a submission bout. The plan all along was for Brock to tap out, most feel the company could've created more interest in the match by advertising such a stipulation.

  20. Speaking of Summer Slam, despite the PPV featuring wrestlers from both the RAW and Smackdown brands, the show was technically not a joint production of both crews.

    Although Vince McMahon had the final say in what went down and the Smackdown writers chose which wrestlers from their brand would compete at the event, the RAW staff booked the entire PPV. Apparently, the reason for this is because Vince McMahon and several other officials feel that RAW is the more entertaining show.
  21. There will be a bachelor party for Triple H on 9/16, following that night's Smackdown tapings. The reason it won't be held after RAW is because HHH wants everyone from both brands to attend. Most are expected to be there considering that it wouldn't be the best political move to skip out.

  22. The reason why WWE failed to explain how Kane survived the "burning" on last week's RAW was that the company feels they are the storytellers and don't have to give the fans any in-depth explanation.
  23. There is a very good chance that Goldberg will walk away from Unforgiven as the new World Heavyweight Champion, so that Triple H can take time off to allow his groin injury to heal.

  24. For those wondering why Maven was acting slightly heelish to Shawn Michaels on RAW this week, there are rumors that he may be joining Evolution in the future. The tentative plan is for Triple H to turn babyface sometime down the road to feud with Randy Orton, would be become the leader of Evolution. The stable would include several other younger wrestlers as well, and Maven is being strongly considered for a spot in the group.