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*~!Edgeucation of Adam Copeland -- Sept. 2, 2003!~*
Edgeucation of Adam Copeland -- Sept. 2, 2003

Hello again for another installment of the Edgeucation.

Nothing but good news from the office of Dr.Youngblood. Seems I'm actually ahead of schedule, although that does not mean he will give me clearance before the whole year of recuperation is done. What it does mean is that, if I continue on this pace, the injury won't keep me out longer than a year. That was definitely good news, so I've been flying high all week. It's strange but that has also seemed to slow time down. It's crawling along right now which I don't help by constantly thinking of my comeback. Still a little too soon for that.

I usually receive quite a few e-mails asking what road life is like. Everyone seems to assume it's all glamour, and partying. Some nights you can get that opportunity, but the reality of the matter is, we usually have to get to the next town right after the show we just finished, or fly out at the break of dawn the next morning. Here's a little example of one tiring trip we did. After 3 days on the road in cities I can't remember, we had a SmackDown! TV taping in Memphis. Right after the show we hopped on a plane to Gander, Newfoundland. That was just a refuel stop. From there we hit our real destination, Helsinki, Finland. Now I'd like to say I went sightseeing, but we got in at 3am, and our show was the next day. I slept, watched a heavy snowfall in October, and
realized this place had Canada beat for snow. We did the show and went directly to a plane headed for Belfast, Ireland. We got in at 4am, crashed hard, woke up the next day at noon, with 3 hours to do something before we left for our show. I had time to hit an authentic Irish pub (although the Irish might not think it is) called the Beaten Docket. SmackDown! referee Mike Chioda, announcer Tony Chimel, Valbowski and myself had fish and chips and a Guiness. Besides the crowd responses it was the highlight of the trip. Right after my Irish experience we hopped on a plane for Manchester for a ppv the next day. We got in at 3 am again and hit the building at noon because it was a ppv. That night I wrestled Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman in a 30 minute handicap match. It wasn't over yet, because we had a show the next day in Sheffield. Right after that show we went to the airport and, you guessed it, flew back to the States.

When we got in (at 3am, go figure), we had one day before our next TV taping. Those trips take a little while to recover from, but you still have to be able to turn it on every night when you get in front of the crowd. These tours pale in comparison to some of the horror stories I've heard about the 80's road schedule. On the road for 69 days straight. I have to admit, that would suck. When I first started in WWE we ran 14 days straight, 3 days home, and back out again. That was a pretty demanding schedule, but nothing like the 80's. Now with all of that complaining out of the way, I still wouldn't change my career for any other.

It's been a slow week for the Edgester, filled with countless hours of Vh1's, I Love the 70's. Yes, I'm extremely bored, and yes, I do love the 70's. Not much to say this week, so I'm off to see Isaac Hayes tell me what the hot hairstyles were in 1976 (probably mine).

Short class today, but you have still been Edgeucated.