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*~!The Xtreme Poetry In Motion Board!~*
For some time now, the tag board has been a way of all of us talking to one another, and now that I have noticed I'm missing you guys when you come by because I DO talk TOO much, I figured it was time to make a board where you can talk and have your way without space constraints. Talk about anything, get a response on anything, and even shoot some ideas in there as well. The one rule I have for that board is to have fun and enjoy yourselves. So click the link below and go have a good time courtesy of me.
~Melissa Dawn~

I just want to give credit to JNH.com and to the Puppy Site for the use of this picture and for letting us see Jeff as he is now. Also to the men of Burnside 6, one of the best bands around right now. Yeah thats a shameless plug too! Go Check em out!