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*~!Fuck You Like An Animal!~*

No matter how much she said those words out loud she couldn't make herself believe it. She had allowed herself to get close to Shannon and now there was a chance she was caught in the act. She liked Shannon and wanted to confide in him and have him on her side, but the risk was greater then the reward.

The knock she'd been expecting came almost instantly after he had logged off his computer it seemed. Belle knew that now it was time to face the music.

"Can I come in Belle?"

"Of course Shannon, although I must admit, I don't know what's so pressing you have to be here at one am. Can't this wait until tomorrow?"

"No. I know how you know about Paul and Stephanie now. I just can't believe you didn't tell me sooner."

"And how is that?"

"Vince of course silly. I know as the new GM he had to tell you what the past GM had done and was doing around the time of her death, as far as anything with the industry goes. And dating and almost marrying a wrestler on your roster seems like big enough news. As would the break up be."

"Yeah, you're totally right. Sorry I couldn't tell you Shannon."

"It's alright you had a lot of things on your mind. I can totally sympathize."

Belle looked up and into Shannon's eyes as he spoke, noticing him moving closer as he responded to her. Once he was close enough to be eye level with her, Belle realized that something was about to happen between them and she wasn't sure she wanted to stop it.

He kissed her lips gently at first, begging her with his mouth to probe further. Not wanting to miss a moment of how amazing this felt, Belle used her tongue to play with his, deepening the kiss and then gently sucking on his tongue, feeling her body openly respond to every feeling.

Moving with each others bodies down to the bed, Shannon climbed on top of her, using his hands to explore every inch of her body. Belle, lost totally in this very heated moment, put the case to the very back of her mind, and allowing herself to forget that Shannon could be a killer. Ripping Shannon's shirt with her nails she threw it onto a heap on the floor, burning inside for him to continue touching her, he helped her take her shirt off, letting the passion to keep building between them.

Belle, reaching her body up on the bed to reach Shannon, looking deep and longingly into his eyes, searching for a way out, and when none came, she pulled herself up to his chest and starting to kiss his neck, moved down to his chest, sucking every inch of his skin, driving him crazy.

Not being able to take it anymore, Shannon removed Belle and pushed her back on the bed, looking into her eyes with an animalistic rage, and slipping her skirt down from around her waist, throwing it down, and removing his pants, he looked at her and smiled, then continuing to slip off his briefs as she watched him intently.

Crawling up over her eager to take her and feel himself inside of her, he again looked at Belle with a heated intense gaze and bent his body down into hers, bringing his lips down to hers as he slid his hardness inside, feeling the moisture.

As he slid into her, slowly at first, watching her face as he took her, he heard her moan and grab her hands into the bed sheets. Smiling, and not wanting to waste another moment, he slid himself deeper into her, feeling her body contract and tighten around him, sending sharp bolts of pleasure through his entire body, and causing him to choke back a moan of his own.

"Shannon...this is.."

"It's something we both want, and we both need."

"Oh God Yes."

Shannon knew she was at the point of no return as their bodies came together as one and began moving in perfect movement with each other, and looking into her eyes one last time, he pushed deeper into the tight wetness around him, and with one movement, he felt her dig her nails deeper into the bed, ready to rip them apart, and then place them up on his back, digging deeper into his flesh as he took her. With one loud moan, he took her over the edge and felt himself join her as soon as he heard the moans escaping her mouth and the way her body moved when she was releasing her pleasure.

Taking a couple of deep breaths and lying down on her for a split second, feeling totally drained, he looked up into her eyes, and with out wasting another moment, slid him off of her body. Slipping his clothes on, and wiping the sweat from his brow, let himself out of her hotel room without another sound.