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*~!I Can Feel You Pull Me Down!~*

"Belle Black?"

"Yeah, that's me."

"I'm Shane McMahon."

"Yes, I've seen you before. What can I do for you?"

"I know you took over as the new General Manager of Smack down."

"Well then, nice to meet you, but would you like to come in, or would you like to say what you came here to say in the hallway?"

Moving past her and walking into the room, Belle closed the door and turned to face him. She didn't have the slightest notion as to why he was here, and here now, but she had a feeling she was about to find out.

"You are making a big mistake Ms. Black."

"And pray tell what would that mistake be Shane? Your father hired me, so maybe he should be the one you talk to about this."

"Oh he did make a mistake and I already talked to him about this. What I mean is you know how my sister died and you still managed to take this job .Does you life mean anything to you at all at this point?"

"I am perfectly safe, and my life means a lot to me actually. It is my assumption that whoever did this crime, and it is one of the worst kinds of crimes, did it to your sister only."

"You think she was the only target is that right?"

"Yes that's what I believe to be true. This was isolated. So as you can see, I am in no danger and I thank you for concern, but I think you should leave now."

"I'm not leaving yet Ms. Black."

"When did you get to decide that? You are in my hotel room."

"This person wants more then just an isolated incident Belle, and it would be best if you just left and let me deal with the General Managers position."

"What's stopping you from being a killer yourself Shane? I'm already worried enough about your fathers involvement in all of this, but now you coming here and being like this, adding yourself to the mix, well it's insane and its really making me wonder."

"I didn't kill my sister Belle. I don't care really if you believe that or not, but it's true. I had no reason to hurt her."

"You stand to inherit the company now isn't that right?"

"Yes, that's right. Where are you going with this?"

"You have motive Shane. I'm not the police or anything but I would assume they know this already. I would suggest getting your alibi in order, because the police will probably want to see you."

"They already have seen me Belle. It's over and I'm not a suspect anymore."

"Shane there is a thing called follow up and I'm sure the NYPD takes that very seriously. It's the name of the game, and until they can find the person that did this everyone is going to be a suspect. Just be ready to give them very real and very honest answers. Don't try to lie about it."

"How do you know all of this? And why do you care?"

"Because Shane, this is my job now, and I will protect the people close to me that I know are innocent with everything I have."

"You would do that for people you barely know?"

"Yes I would. I hear I'm a lot like Stephanie that way. I would help anyone who needed me, it's just who I am. Not to mention I work for you now."


She closed the window and got up from her computer. She had done as much background work as she was going to do tonight, and she needed to get some sleep. Keeping up with the demands of this undercover job and then trying to make the new job as General Manager Count, it was taking its toll on her body, and her mind. If she didn't gain control soon, she was going to end up messing up the case. It was bad enough the way she had talked to Shane the night before was cause for alarm. His father hadn't told him anything about her real job, and she had almost blown it again.

As she was about to turn the laptop off and close down for the night, she heard the familiar sound of an IM on her screen.

SensationShannonWWE: Are you there?

SalemsOnePrincess: Yeah, I was just about to go to bed. Big night tomorrow.

SensationalShannonWWE: Can we talk for a minute?

SalemsOnePrincess: What's on your mind Shannon?

SensationalShannonWWE: You're an awesome GM. I did some digging though, and there's no way you could have known about Stephanie and Paul.

Belle immediately felt her stomach drop. There was no way that he could know about her job and what she had been sent there to do. She had been stupid in the past and let her mind slip away from the job at hand, but now, there was no way that he could know anything about her. Although she was using her real name, her entire background had been set up. She decided to play along and not start worrying until there was more of a cause too.

SalemsOnePrincess: But I do know.

SensationalShannonWWE: Can I come to your room?

SalemsOnePrincess: Sure but I don't know if it's going to help you get the answers you want.

SensationalShannonWWE: I'm on my way.

****SensationalShannonWWE has signed off****

Belle, lost in worry over what he did or did not know at this point looked out her window into the pitch black sky, and whispered to herself.

"There is no way he could know Belle, so don't worry about it. He just wants to talk like normal that's all."