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"So you're not just another new DIVA after all. Why didn't you tell me before?"

Belle, over her last two official days as new General Manager had managed to become rather close with Shannon. There was something about him that just made Belle want to be around him. He also didn't seem to mind a little bit of extra attention.

"It's not something you just drop on someone Shan, and besides there's a killer on the loose around here who managed to take out the last person with this job on their resume. I don't need someone setting their sites on me now do I?"

"You've got a point, but I had no idea I was talking to my boss on her first day here. It's kind of unnerving ya know?"

"Yeah I actually do know. I still haven't gotten used to the idea that I employ all of you people now."

"It will get easier believe me. If you can work hard, you're pretty much in. Stephanie loved this job."

"I keep hearing that and it still doesn't surprise me. I mean this is a family business so who wouldn't enjoy it?"

"It was more then a family business to her though. She thought of it as her way of life."

Belle was shocked with how easily Shannon could open up about this. He liked to talk it seemed, and it just so happened he liked talking about her. Belle didn't mind because she needed as much information as she could get to make this case count.

"So who do you think did it Belle?"

"Sorry what?" she said coming out of her train of thought.

"Who do you think killed Stephanie?"

"I haven't the faintest idea. She had a fiancÚ who she broke things off with recently right? Not to mention her family. It just seems everyone can be labeled a suspect here. That's what's unnerving most about the whole thing." "How did you know about the breakup? It happened months ago, and the family wanted it hidden from everyone."

"Oh there was some talk about it since I've been here that's all."

"Yeah right.talk."

Belle realized suddenly that she had to watch what she was saying or she was going to blow the entire case and go home with nothing and possibly another dead body to explain. She liked Shannon, but as nice as he was, he could still be a cold blooded killer. That was something that Belle had to remember before she put her foot in her mouth again and spilled everything to him. She was coming awfully close as it was.


"What have you got for me Roman?"

"Aside from some drug charges, both of your suspects are clean. Vince had a trial for steroid use which for a long time was damaging to the company, but he has never so much as been involved in a beating of an insect. At least none that are on record. He's clean, which brings us to Brock Lesnar."

"What have you got on him?"

"His arrest was more recent then the trail Vince went through. As early as 2001, and the charges were dropped. Just another steroid freak wanting a fix. Does any of this help you at all?"

"Not really, but it does explain why Mr. Lesnar is such a loose cannon. Maybe he is still involved in it somehow."

"You have anything else you want me to dig up for you while I have you on the phone?"

"No that's it for now. I've got a position of power now, so I know I will be calling you soon for more information on these wrestlers. I'm sure me taking this job is bound to piss someone off and come out of hiding."

"Just remember what I said the last time we talked alright?"

"I will and thanks a lot Roman. Send my love to Shawn. I will call him really soon."

"Good thing too, because Cassie is up to her old tricks over here, and even if you two broke it off a long time ago, he still needs his best friend."


Arrest Warrant Suspect: Brock Lesnar Reason for Warrant: Suspected Use of Anabolic Steroids.

Brock Lesnar (middle name Edward) was arrested in January 2001 for suspected use of anabolic steroids which are illegal in 49 states and some other parts of the world. Lesnar was released and the case then dropped four months later when toxicology reports came back with evidence that the pills were not steroids, but a growth vitamin. Reading the report that Roman had faxed over, Belle read it over and over, looking for something she knew she wasn't going to find. Sitting back in the chair, she closed the file and sighed. With the show of rage that had erupted in Vince's office only a few days before Belle would have bet her life that he was capable of doing what has been done to Stephanie.

Hearing a knock on the door, she returned to the present and got up to answer it. She wasn't really expecting anyone, but it could have easily been Shannon, wanting to spend some time together like they had the night before, waiting for the Pay per View the following night. What she didn't expect was to see the person that was on the other side of the door.