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*~!Lipstick and Bruises!~*
Zach Gowen Fiction. Romance in Genre with a bit of a motivational twist in there as well! I do not own Zach although it has been rather tempting as of late! Rating will be PG just because I could do somethings with it later on that might be considered to hot for tv ;) Enjoy your stay and click the links to start the reading!
~Lissa Dawn~
Lipstick and Bruises
Superstars: Zack Gowen, and appearances by some others later in the story.
Written By: Exist2Inspire aka Lili
Rating:G with the ability to go PG
Summary:The basic summary of the story is simple. Zack Gowen is sent to a high school located in Toronto as a motivational speaker, and the senior editor of the school paper is sent to do an interview with him. That interview turns out to be so much more for both of them.