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Smack down


This is not a summary of what went on in this weeks Smack down.  This is just a general look at the show, its talent and the management of it.  So, before I proceed, I will remind you that these are entirely my own opinions, shared by probably no one else on this planet.  If you get offended, just click on that picture of an arrow pointing to the left at the top left of your screen.  So here goes...


Pretty much, I have been more of a RAW fan.  There was more of my favorite WWE stars on RAW, and it seemed to have more of an aggression that Smack down didnt have.  But I still watched Smack down and my opinion changed slowly.  Smack down for me has always been the stronger brand as far as storylines go, with a lot more of their talent being utilised.  RAW was more of a wrestling-intensive show, and that was good in its own way.


The major flaw I found about Smack down, and its one that I cant ignore, is how there are only 2 dominant wrestlers.  Thats right ladies and gentlemen, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.  How many times in the last year have we seen Brock vs Kurt main events at PPVs?  The answer = too many!!


Now I can understand why this could be the case.  The Undertaker is aging and will probably be wanting to cut back on his schedule due to deteriorating health caused by aging.  And perhaps the management feel that everyone else just isnt right to be main event.  I mean how many pushes have they given the Big Slow and hes still never gotten over with the fans?  A-Train?  Im sorry, but I could never see him as a fan favourite.  He is a total heel, and a mid card heel at that.  Thats why hes beating up Stephanie instead of going after the belt.


This is a very simple problem to fix.  It is time for Smack down to give more of their younger talent a chance.  This means people like John Cena, who while he has had a few shots, has never been given a total push.  A champion has to have presence and mic ability, which Cena certainly has, and they have to have the look of a champion.  This would show that at least one brand is willing to shake things up as far as the title is concerned. (anyone notice the RAW dig there?!! lol) 


Dont get me wrong, Brock and Kurt have been wrestling other people, but all of their feuds/storylines/matches all seem to lead back to another Brock/Kurt situation.  I think fans are beginning to realise this and are anxious for a change.


Another Brock issue:  If he is trying to be a heel, but going over as a face, wouldnt it be easier to just push him as a face?  I dont think either Brock or Kurt could be suitable heels, no matter what they do, but perhaps thats why they need a fresh face?  And why cant they write in some sort of jump for one of the bigger RAW stars?  I mean, the writers obviously have a vivid imagination if they could throw Kane in fire one week and have him back the next, burn free and roasting Shane McMahons chestnuts!!  I think having someone like Jericho or Nash or someone along those lines over on Smackdown would provide a heel for Angle and Lesnar, then they can be the faces we all love!!


I wont return to the subject of the McMahons and go on about all Stephanies airtime on SD, because that would be rehashing old shit.  Instead I will ask this unrelated question, does HHH like her boob job?  I just want to know what his opinion of it is?  And why did she really do it?


Okay, I have to talk about some of the things I like about Smackdown now.  John Cenas gimmick is hilarious.  I find myself laughing at his raps and his whole wigga image.  It definitely provides some light relief, which is needed.  Matt Hardy Version 1 is also very cool.  I like how theyve made Matt a heel and given him a little follower.  It is a very cool concept and it shows that Matt can and has made it in the singles division.  I would not be surprised to see him in line for the championship in a year or two.


And to wrap things up, I would like to mention the upcoming bachelor party for our RAW champion, HHH.  I am wondering how many of the invitees are turning up because they genuinely like Mr Levesque and how many are just trying to stay on his good side.  And doesnt he realise that this could be a motive for people  attending?  Do you honestly think its a good thing, knowing that the only reason guys are coming to your party is to save their jobs?


Well thats it, another commentary in the bag.  Im off to offer myself as stripper for the above mentioned bachelor party, so if you want to argue with me about this column, email me at: