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*~!Diary Of a Serial Thriller Entry # 50 - May 22nd!~*
The Life and Times of Shane Helms
Entry #50 Thursday, May 22nd, 2003.

Diary Entry Number 50!!!! Whoo-hoo! Upon realizing that this was indeed the 50th Entry into the Diary of a Serial Thriller, I decided to go back and re-read all the previous admissions. Upon doing so, two things became apparently clear to me. Number one (1) The Life and Times of Shane Helms has involved some serious changes! And number two (2) I should not be held responsible for anything I say! LOL Because I have made some outlandish comments without rhyme or reason ever since I started this thing.

With that being said, I'm over here now!

As far as my wrestling career goes, whew, what a ride these last few months have been. My TV program with The Rock was just a fantastic piece of business for everyone involved. From our first promo together, to our match on RAW, the whole deal was just too sweet for words for me. The Rock is without a doubt in my mind, the single most entertaining persona in the history of our business, and being given the opportunity to work with him was the equivalent to stepping up to home plate with the bases loaded and the game depending on me! I felt that the match went great, the C-C-Cleveland crowd didn't think I had a chance in hell but cheered for me anyway, Rock was in rare form that night going so far as to wear my cape which kinda gave him that 70's gay Robin look which not many people could pull off, and when the three count happened the place went crazy! It was awesome. But to be honest the best part of it all, was seeing how many of the boys in the back had stayed around (we usually leave before the show ends to beat the traffic) just to watch the match and to be there for me when it was over. It was a really special night for me that my friends, my good friends, made that much better. Can you feel the love?

Following my program with The Rock came matches with Triple H, Jericho, and yet another RAW main event, this time pitting myself and Booker T against Triple H and Ric Flair which ending with me pinning Flair. Now just under the Rock match, this was the highlight of my career but for a more personal reason. I grew up idolizing Ric Flair. Hey, I'm from NC baby, and Ric ruled this state! So to get a win over "The Man" was dream stuff to me. This later led to a singles match with Ric, a match in which some said that Ric looked better than he had in months. And you can bet that I will take some of that credit though, because out of respect for Naitch I didn't try to stifle him at all, I wanted the Ric of old! However, I had to remain true to myself and the Hurri-Fanatics by pulling Flair's pants down and turning him from the "Nature Boy" to Ric "Au Natural" Flair! The end came via Ric's patented Figure Four and although I was on the losing end of the encounter I will always treasure that match! Flair then went on to have an awesome match against Triple H in Greenville, SC this past Monday night. And as most of you probably heard or read, an impromptu Ric Flair appreciation night took place in which most of the guys in the locker room came out just to say "Thank You" to (in my opinion) the greatest in-ring performer that's ever "walked the aisle." The hugs were real, the tears were real, and the emotion from everyone in the ring combined with everyone in the building watching proved to be a genuine special moment in wrestling history. Flair later told me that he thought the match with Hunter came about because of how good the match that he (Flair) and I had had the previous Monday and he thanked me for that and told me it was an honor to have worked with me. Considering the impact that Flair had on me as a young kid who loved wrestling, this turned out to be one of the biggest compliments I think that I have ever received in any aspect of my life. I'm not sure if Ric is an internet kind of guy, but just in case he is, "Ric, the honor was ALL MINE!"

I hope everyone got a chance to see me on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Well, actually it was Chris "King of the Face Lock" Jericho that was on the show, BUT, a clip of the Fozzy video was show, and therein could be seen the smooth dance moves of one fly ass crime fighting white guy that just happened to be me! As Dave Chappelle would say, "White Power!" If you don't watch The Dave Chappelle show, I doubt you got that joke, so watch it and catch up.

Now on to random craziness! I just saw Monica Lewinsky on some late night show promoting her new job with yet another "Reality" show, and I must admit that she looked rather good. Dare I say cute? But one particular thought kept invading my mind, an image actually, kept running through my head. Now how can I put this into words? She . . . ummm . . . she . . . ummm . . . how can I say this? She . . . she . . . she had a great smile! ;) Now what did she have to do to get that job again? Nevermind, I'm over here now.

If you haven't picked up Matt and Jeff Hardy's book, please do so. It ranks with Mick Foley's as the best wrestling book that I've read. And the reports of me beating someone with a folded lawnchair are greatly exaggerated. Well to be honest, it was actually pretty accurate but my motives were pure. LOL

Well, that's all for now, until next time,
Stay cool.