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*~!Diary of A Serial Thriller Entry # 52 August 22!~*
The Life and Times of Shane Helms
Entry #52 Friday, August 22nd, 2003.

What it is?

Well a lot has happened since my last Entry. A new T-Shirt, a new tag-team partner, going to the Playboy Mansion, ending up at Michael Jackson's house, another birthday . . . wait a minute . . . back up! Playboy Mansion! Michael Jackson's house! Wtf?!?!?! LOL

Yeah it's been a busy month and a half for everyone's favorite superhero. First I would like to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes and gifts sent to me. Everything was appreciated more than you know. Thank you.

So anyway, the last time that the WWE was in Los Angeles, I got invited to the Playboy Mansion. Well, far be it from me to turn down such a gracious invitation, so in the name of science, I decided that a little exploration was in order, if not for me than for the millions of alpha males that would have beat my ass had I turned the invite down. So anyway, upon entering the grounds the first 2 people I see are a set of Brazilian twins (who each had twins of their own, and begin!) that were just gorgeous. Course I'm playing it Joe Cool so I ain't putting nobody over! I mean they look great but I'm Hurri-pimpin! Now let me tell you this; that whole place is designed for one thing, and if I have to tell you what that is, then just go back to your rock and burrow back underneath, cuz the air is getting thin up here anyway. :) And remember this: What happens in the grotto, stays in the grotto! Scratch that one off my list!

Next on my L.A. agenda I get invited to a special pre-screening of Jason-vs-Freddy at New Line Studios. Whether the movie is good or bad doesn't matter, it's just one of those movies that you have to see just to say you did.

I then get invited to attend the birthday party of Joe Jackson which will be held at Michael's Neverland Ranch. For those who don't know, Joe is Michael's father. Now, this was a virtual who's who of celebs both from Hollywood and the music industry. I never saw Michael, but I did see Janet and Latoya so that's a fair trade in my book. I spent a few minutes trying to convince MC Hammer to get into wrestling. LOL Hey! Hammer rocked back in the day, and everyone knows it! Sometimes I just have to amuse myself, ya know. And I will say this, Michael has the backyard of all backyard's! A zoo, an amusement park and a movie theater. Diz-amn! So all in all it was just a fabulous time and because I told them I'd give them a shoutout on here, what's up to Warren G, La La, Eddie Grittith and Tiny Lister who will always be Zeus to me. Thanks for being so cool.

Did I mention that I ran into Jamie Foxx too? Yeah, I went to a club called The White Lotus in L.A. which is supposed to be the hottest night club in the country. Anyway, so Hurri-pimp is out again, and their is some talent in this club. I mean TALENT! Think about this, most clubs I go to, their might be one or two ladies that I would classify as a TEN, but in this club everyone was at least a Nine or Ten. Just talent everywhere. Of course Hugh Hefner is in there as well with, I think, 13 ladies! LOL Hugh! We get it! You got girls! You don't have to rub it in! LOL

Another funny little story happened down on Melrose. I'm down there shopping, since I didn't make it home that week and we have to fly out to Australia in a few days. This chick comes up and asks me to take a survey. She is decked out in skimpy little shorts and a bikini top with a silly little clip board, so right away my BS alarm is starting to tingle. She says (in stereotypical air-head voice) "I'm in a class on human sexuality, can I ask you a few questions?" And the BS alarm is getting louder. She starts asking questions evidently designed to embarrass me, but obviously this chick doesn't know who she's dealing with here! So I'm firing off answers, and now she's giggling, but keeps on with the questions. And I'm looking around as the BS alarm is in Code Red mode. So finally I just look at her and ask her, "Are you filming Jackass or something?" She says no, but I tell her thanks but I'm done here and I start to walk off. Then people come out of little hiding spots to tell me that I was being filmed for Playboy's Totally Busted, which is their version of MTV's Punk'd. They were telling me that I was really funny with my answers but they wanted to know how I knew and would I sign a release form so that they could use me on their show. I told them that I was already on a TV show, so thanks but no thanks. Cuz they weren't paying, and I don't come cheap baby! :):) But afterwards I was like, "What else could happen this week?" LOL

And then there was Australia! This was another great tour. The Aussie fans are very pleasant to meet and just awesome at the events! I got some cool pics of the Sydney Opera House which I'll put up at some in the future.

And finally, it seems that my new partner, Rosey, is coming along quite nicely. Rosey is actually a kinda quiet person backstage so getting to see this other side of him is a lot of fun. Just wait until we start getting in some match time. It will be the return of some of my old Serial Thrilla antics. Long time fans know what I'm talking about!

Until then remember, "Everybody's Got a Little S.H.I.T. in Them!" LOL And begin!

Shane "Hurricane"Helms