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*~!Breaking News - Matt Hardy Injured!~*

Matt Hardy suffers concussion
by Phil Speer

After suffering a concussion last week, Matt Hardy is scheduled to be back in action this weekend at SmackDown! events in Boston and Long Island, N.Y.

The former Cruiserweight Champion landed on his head when Rey Mysterio gave him the West Coast Pop during their match on the Aug. 21 episode of SmackDown!

Nothing else hit (the canvas) but my head, Hardy said.

As a precaution, Hardy did not wrestle this week on SmackDown! I hate being here, sitting and not wrestling, he said backstage at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas, site of this weeks show. But Hardy also realizes, when he thinks about Superstars like Lita, that his injury could have been worse. He says he was fortunate that he tucked his neck and no further damage was caused.
But it was bad enough that he experienced dizziness and lightheadedness throughout the week when he sat up. He didnt have to wrestle at SummerSlam because Zach Gowen forfeited their scheduled match, and he figured hed be OK by Tuesdays SmackDown! taping.

On Monday, however, he again felt lightheaded while working out. Until then, he just figured he had a little short-term dizziness. Working out made him realize that, obviously I got a concussion. He let SmackDown! trainer Larry Heck know about his lightheadedness, and he was taken off the SmackDown! card to prevent further head trauma or another injury.

Its much improved, Hardy said Tuesday. But having this three or four days off should clear it.

Hardy has never missed a show due to injury. There have been a very few occasions when he was unable to compete but appeared at the show in a non-wrestling capacity.

This is not the first documented concussion for the Cameron, N.C., native, nor is it his worst. That one happened back in his OMEGA days when he did a moonsault off the top rope to the concrete floor which was not covered by any padding and landed head first, knocking himself unconscious for 90 seconds. He also suffered a concussion when Bubba Ray Dudley clobbered him with a ladder during the TLC Match at WrestleMania X-Seven.

Full Credit for this news goes to WWE.com.