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IM BACK!  AND IM BETTER THAN EVER!  Woohoo!  After a slight hiatus Tink is back to share her random thoughts and ramblings about the wrestling world with all of you lucky people!  Now, Ive missed a few shows in the last couple of weeks, I just did a major move so please bare with me.  Im not going to dissect the shows, but, I will just touch on a few subjects pissing me off and the few things that are making me a little happy in the WWE right now. 


Ok, Raw lately.  Not good, but not bad lately, and from me thats saying a lot.  I honestly did not want to see the Triple H/Goldberg match at Summerslam, and I think Im like the only one who doesnt want to see that match.  For one, I think the belt needs to get the fuck away from Triple H, but I sure as the hell do not want to see it with Goldberg.  You all know my opinions on unbeatable superstars and I honestly think they need to show that Goldberg can loose, he is only human after all. 


But the Elimination Chamber Match for Summerslam sounds like it is going to be a good one.  Kudos to the people who decided to give Randy Orton the chance to shine and step up during that match.  I hope he will do well, but we all know Randy Orton is not going to win.  Lets see, weve got Chris Jericho, Triple H, Shawn Michales, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, and Randy Orton.  I love Randy, but he has no chance.  I honestly think that this might be the time that Triple H will job the fucking belt, I wouldnt mind seeing it go to HBK or Nash, but in all honesty I think that the Highlight of the Night will walk away with more Bling Bling than ever.  It should be a good match. 


Ok, Im honestly disappointed in the whole Kane story.  I know Im not the only one.  I mean, how dense are the writers, you start a great feud with Kane and Shane McMahon, the crowd is reacting wildly to it, and you put Kane in a match with RVD?  What the hell?  More people were wanting to see Kane and Shane go at it, I know I was.  It would have been a great match, and sure, they might be thinking of doing it later, but will they have the same heat going in to it as they would if they would do the match now?  I dont think so. 


I love Eric Bischoff.  I know, Ive said that before.  I think hes great, and the way he and Steve Austin work together is just great.  I find them both hilarious.  I love the push that hes getting and the fact that the last two weeks of shows, he has won his matches.  He won against Shane (with a little help, but I can over-look that) and he won against Kane (a count-out still means he won).  The Eric/Shane match at Summerslam should be good, not what everyone is wanting to see, but good.  Im waiting to see what kind of stipulations they put on this match and what they do over the next week to try and add some heat to this feud before the match.  It should be interesting and Im waiting anxiously for RAW this week.  All I have to say is Go Eric Go!


Ok, I havent heard that much from the Smackdown side.  I honestly have not seen the show since my last commentary so Ive been relying on the spoilers and my 12 year old brother to tell me whats going on.  Honestly, I dont think they are going in to Summerslam with much behind them. 


Ok, Brock Lesner turned heel and is friends with Mr. McMahon.  What the fuck?  I dont get this, he actually had a personality and I gotta say, I liked Brock as a face character.  He did good with Kurt and I had wanted to see so much more from the two of them in the future.  As at tag team, Angle and Lesner would be unstoppable and probably get the titles away from Team Suck Squad.  But, for some fucked up reason, the writing department decided they just had to Lesner a heel for Summerslam and to ally him with Vince fucking McMahon of all people.  Yeah, thats one hell of a way to turn someone heel, and in other circumstances, I would be proud of the writers for coming up with it, but I do not like their choice for what they are doing with Lesners character right now. 


But the Wrestlemania rematch between Brock and Kurt should be AMAZING.  I cant wait to see and to see my American hero come out on top.  The match at Wrestlemania kicked ass and Kurt was injured.  Now, both men are fine and well going in to this match.  I am definitely looking forward to this match.  If for no other reason than this match, I will get Summerslam at my house somehow. 


Stephanie McMahon, my hats off to you.  That girl has taken some pretty damn good bumps lately and has shown that she is one tough bitch.  Im very proud of her, just look at how far shes come from when she started on TV in the WWE.  She truly has evolved and I am so impressed with her.  I cant wait to see what shes going to do when she comes back again and I hope she starts kicking some ass.  Go Steph!


Now, I have been sitting here every night for Raw anxiously waiting for womens matches praying that we will see Lita or that they will make some sort of match that she can just show up and kick ass during Summerslam.  Theres rumors about her allying with Trish for a feud against Gail Kim and Molly Holly, that could be cool.  I think it could be interesting to see her and Trish really working together, the two could compliment each other nicely, but at the same time, Lita might want to fly it solo.  All I know is, when she does come back (soon I hope) she will make an impact, like she always does. 


The Hurricane and The S.H.I.TI love these two.  Rosey is doing such a good job with this whole thing and I cant wait to see what they do with this in the future.  It would be interesting to see if they try and make a league of superheros in the WWE.  I read something about the Hurricane doing that a long long long time ago in The Informer article of WWE Magazine, maybe thats in the works now.  I cant wait to see these two in tag team action.  With two superheros (ok, one superhero, one in training) I think they will be a force to be reckoned with. 


Lance Storm and GolddustI think this is fucking hilarious.  Poor Lance, apparently hes not that bad of a guy, and Im sure he actually does have a personality, but on camera, he doesnt.  He always seems to be the butt of the joke and unfortunately, the receiver of boring chants which he does not deserve.  Lance is an amazing wrestler, it just sucks that some people out there cant see that and choose to chant that horrible word at him.  Granted, if that were me people were  cheering boring at, I would have kicked someones ass. 


I just want to state for the record, that the Hair versus Hair match with Jericho and Nash is just wrong and shouldnt be done.  NEITHER OF THESE MEN SHOULD DO ANYTHING TO THEIR HAIR!!!  Both men look great with the long beautiful hair and should not under any circumstances cut or shave their heads.  That would be like Edge almost having to shave his head.  Its just not freaking right! 


Well, that is all of the random thoughts I have for you all right now.  I knew this was going to be a short column.  Oh well, Ill be back after Smackdown Thursday to give my pre-Summerslam predictions and thoughts before this ppv goes down.  I hope youve like this weeks ramblings, feel free to find my site and tell me what you think.  But then again, thats just my opinion. 



 Its not only an honor, its a damn dream come true.  Oh its true!  Its damn true!

Kurt Angle, Smackdown 7/31/03


Let me holla at you playa!  Tink here with another dose of profanity-laced opinions for you to think about for the next week.  Now, I could always wait until tomorrow and throw RAW in here toobut Ive got a lot to say right now so why not let it all the fuck out? 


For starters, not on the wrestling front, I just saw the movie American Wedding.  I strongly suggest you all go see this movie!  It is fucking hilarious and Ive been here talking like the Stifmiester ever since I saw it.  I know, thats a scary thought.  But if youre out looking for a good movie to see this week, American Wedding is the way to go!  Now on with the wrestling. 


For starters, Smackdown wasnt too bad.  It wasnt great, but it wasnt too bad.  But thats my opinion.


Im Kurt Freaking Angle!

Starting the show with the NEW WWE Champion KURT ANGLE was great.  I think its great that hes the champ, no one on Smackdown right now deserves the strap more.  I thought it was great when he said, Its not only an honor, its a damn dream come true.  Oh its true!  Its damn true! and I am so happy for him.  The road back from his injury surely wasnt an easy one (though it is easier than the one Scotty 2 Hottie, Lita, and Edge have had to and will have to take) but he is back, and better than ever.  I only hope they do something great like this with Edge when he comes back from injury. 


Also in this segment and at the end of the show, we see the possibility for a Brock Lesner heel turn.  Nothing will make me angrier than if they take Lesner and turn him heel.  He makes a good face, yeah, he makes a good heel too, but Brock as a face is great.  They are actually starting to develop a character for him that is more than just a Im big must destroy! mentality.  He and Kurt work really well together and Iwas hopping to see a possible Tag Team run from the two of them.  The problem the creative dept. is making is that they need this to be heel/face going in to the match. 


Why cant two people who are friends with respect and admiration for each other go into a match like that.  It would make it more interesting in my opinion.  They dont need everything to be good versus bad because seeing two friends fight each other and try to keep it together is entertaining enough.  And as Ive said many times, the writing department of the WWE fucking sucks right now and needs some serious help before the shows start to go even more down hill than they already are.  But, thats just my opinion. 


Gotta say, I loved the return of Doink the Clown.  If I had been there that night, I would have loved to have gotten one of those balloon animals.  I think that Doink the clown is cool and it was great to see him in action again even if it was only for a short while in which he got his ass kicked by Chris Benoit.  I gotta say, I like that they picked up the Rhyno/Benoit angle again.  Its great.  They picked this up at Vengeance and since I decided it wasnt worth my money to get I didnt know this.  Im glad they are doing something more with the two of them and I think this is going to be a great rivalry to watch in the coming weeks. 


The Jamie Noble and Torrie Wilson vignettes were fucking sick and disgusting, but slightly funny.  Only slightly.  Who wants to see Jamie fucking Noble prance around in his underwear and a cowboy hat?  Or visualize Nidia and him getting it on while Torrie watches?  Honestly, I did exactly what Torrie did (and you will never, EVER hear me say that again!) and threw up.  It was just wrong *shudders* so wrong.  However, seeing Torrie sitting there drunk on champagne with her hair all messed up was the funniest thing ever.  I dont know why I found that so entertaining, but it was funny.


I enjoyed watching the Zach Gowen story.  Not only last week on Confidential but the bit they showed this week on Smackdown.  He truly is an inspirational person and just hearing how he over came so much adversity makes me wonder why I bitch about the little things in life.  He is a role model for everyone and I for one think that he is going to go far in the WWE. 


Ok, now that Smackdown is out of the way, on to different things, like this months WWE Magazine.  This months copy is great and I recommend you all run out to the store and buy it!  If the fact that my idol, the Xtreme Queen herself, Lita, is on the cover isnt enough to make you want to buy it, then the other contents of the mag will be.  Theres an interview with The Peoples Champ, Christian, that is hilarious.  Not to mention some nice pictures of him, that $700 hair cut, and Trishs pants.  Theres also a letter to all members of the RAW roster saying someone, anyone (but Goldberg) needs to get the title away from HHH. 


The article on Lita is great and all but says that shell be on RAW soon.  Im hopping for a Summerslam return for the Xtreme Diva.   I would love to see her come back, beat the shit out of Molly Holly for the championship, and taking her place back as one of the most dominat females in the WWE.  I cant wait to see her come back and I hope that its soon. 


Has anyone out there seen the promotional poster for Summerslam?  Could Sable be more of a slut?  I honestly dont know.  Not to mention that shes old!  Who wants to see a practically naked old silicone injected woman?  Sure as the hell not me!  Someone please tell Sable, that shes really not making Smackdown televison or WWE television for that matter, at all better. 


Another thing, I would like to see the WWE use more of the talent they have.  The Hurricane, he is a great talent who is getting no push.  Booker T also, yeah he won the damn Intercontinental Title but hes not getting the push he deserves.  Chris Benoit should be up there going for the WWE Championship, but instead is going for the US Gold and his rivalry with Rhyno.  Molly Holly has only now gotten her chance at the Womens Championship when shes been far more deserving than other competitors and champions.  Then there is other talent, not so deserving in my opinion, is getting too much push.  Goldberg, Scott Stiener, Gail Kim (I love her, but she didnt deserve to get the gold).  I think the creative department should seriously reconsider the way they are writing their show and the ways they are pushing talent.  I would rather see some of the more impressive athelets doing their thing than Scott Stiener out there flexing in some damn gimmick match. 


Well, I think thats it for the trip into my head for today.  Those are just some of the ramblings of what I think about the wrestling world and how things should be run.  But then again, thats just my opinion.