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Just My Viewpoint

By Melissa Dawn

Dated: September 1, 2003



I decided since I watched Smack down and didnt have a whole lot to comment on as far as the show was concerned, that I would do a commentary based on talent and who I think should be used more, or used less, and who I think is going to carry the business in the future. But please do remember that this is just my viewpoint!


~Melissa Dawn~


Biggest Waste of Talent to Date: This award would have to be won by the tag team of La Resistance. I know I have said this before, but please, this French thing is getting old. Not to mention that it used to be Canada against the USA where Vince was concerned. Now he is adding to it but throwing in the French people. These two, with the addition of that freaky man, are an overall good tag team, and I see why they want them to be heels, but give me a break, the racial lines and border lines are insane and its really getting old. Why Bubba Ray and Devon agree to this shit is beyond me, and even helps them out with storylines. I mean Jesus they are ruining a good tag team in the Dudleys and making complete asses out of the French guys. There has got to be something better for them.


Funniest Skit to Date: This one is going to the SHIT! LOL I mean you have to admit that when Rosie goes out there and kicks the gun guys ass its pretty funny. Oh well people got some shirts before this all went down anyway. Hes also managed to get hit by a purse and done some other weird shit. Good angle for the fading Rosie and the Hurricane as well. They still need to do something with Shane in terms of making him a contender for the IC title, but hell what can you do. I just wish the people in the back would get their acts together and see what a good selling property they have with him.


US Title Race: What I want to say here is that I dont mind Eddie having the strap. Hes a good wrestler. Not really sure right now how I feel about the actual guy but the style that he has is like no other. As far as him having it for a solid month, NO WAY! There are a few guys in the back at Smack down that I think would benefit more from having it then him at this point. Chavo is about ready to come back so that means we could see lie cheat and steal in action double time again. So why not have Chris Benoit win it. Since the WWE doesnt see fit to put him in the actual title race with Angle and Brock, then why not the next step up? The US title is like the second belt and the people that have held it usually go on to be the champion. So why not give it to Chris and have people like Rhyno and Cena and Eddie go for it? Just my Viewpoint folks.


From the Background to the Camera: Now this is going to be focused on the McMahon family. I like Stephanie, good or bad, there is just something about her that makes me interested in her, and the same goes with Shane, her brother. These two are going to run the WWE when Vince gives it up. What I think is great is that Shane, much like his father before him, went from being in the background and doing things there to be on television and giving us good matches. He really is Vinces son and I like what hes doing. He is a man that is not afraid to brutalize his body, and he never leaves me not entertained. So Shane kudos to you man and I cant wait to see more of you. Stephanie does well as a GM, when her dad doesnt get involved, and as of late he has been, so we havent seen the Stephanie we have come to love over time. So please WWE higher ups, get your head out of your ass and let us see Stephanie back in REAL power.


WWE-The Music: Now this is one section of the wrestling business that isnt being totally ruined as it goes on. Every month there is a new song and they suit the pay per views totally. Then we get the theme songs for the wrestlers with words and not just rock music and then we all go and download it and the band gets famous. It was a brilliant idea and Ive seen some bands that are mighty damn good go on to tell Millions because of it. Kid Rock, Trapt, Trust Company, Evanescence. Just to name a few. They have all gone on to do amazing things in their career and the WWE was like one of the first steps for them. Good on you guys in the music department. Jim Johnston, you continue to amaze me with your ability to make good music come to life.


Sadistic Move Gone Right, Then Wrong:  I will totally admit that Kane was lacking as far as being a monster goes. So when Eric made the match to take the mask off, I knew it was time that he was unmasked for the world to see. When it happened I think I was mentally scarred for life. You see I am such a sick girl that when Kane had the mask on with the hair, I mean the hair was a turn on, looked much better then Kevin Nashs ongoing frizz, so when the mask came off and he didnt have that hair at all, my whole libido went nuts. Did that mean that Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore would soon take off their wigs too? Thank god both of those men, whom Ive met didnt do that. LOL But none the less they made me sick after burning of JR and Lindas accident, but I started to warm to it after that, because he is supposed to be burned, but hes not. He is just scarred so badly on the inside that he sees burns and ugliness that arent there. Im sorry but I can now identify with Kane and I know a lot of you can too. When someone turns you down for a date, you immediately think its something wrong with you. Which is called Mental Anguish and I get it. So good job on the Kane story. Now with the idea of him being really burned, after Monday night with Shane, well it will be interesting to see if the good old mask comes out again or if we will see a charcoal mother fucker. Good one WWE.


Best Line On a Raw Show to Date: Burn in hell you son of a bitch said by Shane McMahon to Kane before he burned his poor ass.


**Okay thats it for this addition; look back in a couple days for the next one to show up. I will have more to say after Raw tonight I think, but if not Tuesday I will. I always have something to say, but you must remember that its just my viewpoint. Have a good one guys.




Commentary-Monday August 25th , 2003

Written By: Melissa Dawn



This is actually the first time I have done a commentary based around one show. Usually I want to wait until I have had the chance to view Smack Down too, but with the recent events on that show, I refuse to watch it, so I have thrown everything back into the RAW Brand, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.


Funniest Moment of the Night: This had to be the moment with Shane Helms and Rosie (aka The Shit), I like where they are going with this whole storyline with Shane. I mean he has needed a good comedic stunt since the actual superhero thing was dying out with a lot of people. Not to mention the talent people arent sticking him in the title contentions like he deserves. So they stick him with a tag partner and it turns out to be the best thing for everyone involved in it. We the fans get a few good laughs at the SHIT, and Rosie gets exposure to those said fans. Shane also gets to sit back and get himself on television for something other then getting his ass kicked around the ring.  I applaud the WWE this evening as I sit here and write this because they did give me something to laugh about for the first time in a long time.


Most Awaited Match-Up: This was something I didnt expect to get into much, but as I sit here and go over it in my head and see the absolute hotness of it, I cannot wait to see it go down, and go down it shall. Shawn Michaels, the one and only Heartbreak Kid, against the Laid Paid and Made, Randy Orton. Did anyone else see the hotness of this match? These men are so good at what they do, Shawn for being the older teacher, and Randy for being the not so willing student. I liked the fact that Randy did his move, I mean the super kick is awesome, but a note to randy if he ever reads this, put your leg out more man, you need to make that boot have more of an impact. With that said, this is a match I would pay the entire fee for to see at the next PPV. So lets hope the powers that be at RAW finally do something we actually want to see.


Most Wasted Time Span of the Night: This would have to be the pairing of the Dudleys and that damn group of French people, La Resistance. The only reason I dont like this whole set up is because it has been done and done and done every damn RAW for two months now, and the Dudleys still arent winning the gold. They are still allowing themselves to get their asses kicked and handed to them. So note to the writers, move on from this, its fucking boring as hell and if they dont start winning something soon, I am going to lose my fucking mind with the whole lot of them. Nice addition to the French team though, very classy. He is an American soldier and a cameraman, cant knock a man of talent now can we? Wait a second, yes we can and I just did. Get over it, you wasted too much time already.


Idiot of the Month Club: Now even I have to admit I like Coach as an ass. I mean when you think about it, he was on heat, and then it was like they knew they needed to turn it into Stevie Night Heat, and well away we go. Then when JR left due to the burning, and the ass kissing awhile back with Vince, he took over and he just ruined it. He cannot call a match. I have noticed how tall he is, and how in shape he has become over the years and in all honesty, I cannot wait to see him step into the ring next week. Coach might make something of an ass of himself when hes commentating, but shit, he might just make me famous as a wrestler. Hey wait a minute, he might make himself famous. LOL. I thought using the Takers line would work here, and it seems it did, for my own self amusement.


Highlight Reel of the Night: I almost called this section the highlight of the night, which will come later, but seeing as it is the REEL that I want to talk about, lets get down to business shall we? First of all the whole thing was a piece of shit because I so wanted to see Eric get some kind of shit for what he pulled with Linda the week before and then coming out and lying about it. So when she said she had something for him, I was kind of happy, until the genetic jackhammer came out. Or whatever he calls himself these days. I didnt think Vince would show up to ruin the only show worth watching, but he did. But, to add insult to injury Chris had to get further up his ass, which was totally gross in my books. Chris you are awesome on your own man, you dont need to suck up to make yourself better. You just end up looking like a bare monkeys ass my friend. So hail Shane McMahon for coming in and totally allowing himself to be put in a match and get knocked and bloody. Nice touch, cant go wrong with a little blood. HENCE when I say a LITTLE blood people. I am not a sick freak, just a mild one. Overall it turned out to be one hell of a highlight reel tonight and I cant wait to see where this garbage goes next.


This could make you famous event of the Night: I am not commenting on any of the rest of RAW because nothing came close to what happened at the end of it. What I will tell you here is why this is the best news the WWE ever had. Shane was in a match with Chris at the end, somehow Kane came out, which we knew was bound to happen, and the idiot Chris was smart enough, yes I said smart enough to throw himself out of the line of fire, HAHA thats funny considering. None the less Kane took out my man Shane O Mac, but he left the ring. WRONG move pal. Shane followed him and basically got beat the fuck up outside on some garbage bins, and that was damn bad enough, so I am sitting there thinking that Shane is going to get burned when kane pulls out a light and lights a bin on fire. What I did get my friends was seeing Kane, the fucker who didnt have burns in the first place from the last fire he was in, get thrown deep into the bin. Shane standing overhead and the best words in the world were spoken then.


**Burn in Hell you Son of A Bitch**


Overall I want to say that this was the best showing for a RAW in a very long time, and it just means that next week I will be glued to the TV so I can see the aftermath of that disaster. So kudos WWE, and you are getting better in my books.


For now, you have had your ass officially kicked by me,


Melissa Dawn, Site Owner and Operator.



Just My Viewpoint
September 18, 2003

Raws Shining Moment and Other Weirdness from the Web Maker Extreme


I decided to take what I had learned from Kacie this past week in her commentary and write one of my own. I am only going to touch on things I think are either really good, or really shitty. So here goes nothing. Sit back and enjoy the ride, agree to disagree if you will. As long as you read it, my job is done.


Best Moment of the Show: Okay so I will admit this one was a little expected. I mean I knew she was coming back, I mean read her website and you pretty much learn. I didnt get spoilers or anything, I just knew she was coming back. So if you havent guessed the person I am speaking of is Lita and as Kacie says, the Queen of Xtreme. She looked good and healthy and in shape, which for some reason I think she wasnt before because she has never looked quite this good and strong. She did her patented moves, so nothing was too much of a shock, but hell seeing her getting in the ring again was worth it for me. I hate Gail Kim, they ruined her by bringing her in and making her win the belt the first night. They could have developed that badness over time, and its just not right the way they did that, so having Lita back and kicking her ass and making her pay her dues was good. Also on a side note, Trish paid a hell of a due before they let her have the belt, it wasnt immediate, otherwise she would have had it when she was Vinces toy. She didnt but Gail did, and now its time for Lita to have it again. Good job on bringing her back from OVW when the time was right.


Funniest Feud: This one would have to be the feud between announcers, much like Kacies commentary. I am seriously not trying to copy what shes saying, but its hard not to agree with her. Now as far as a good storyline, I dont think this is all that good right, I mean it seems like a waste. But it does make for some comedic moments from the likes of Coach. Now as an announcer he is mediocre at best, and having on Heat was good for him because much like Josh on Velocity he can warm his talent and get more people to like him. Now I am not a JR fan all that much either, because he is the company scapegoat all the time, and his voice drives me mental, which would explain a lot of things. But none the less, watching these non wrestlers duke it out has been entertaining if nothing else, and let us all hope that JR and King win please? I dont know if I could handle Coach for one more night. At least not with that monotone voice on mic all the time. Thank God the people in the arenas dont hear him when they are there, unless hes in the ring, because he sucks ass, LOL Okay so I went from saying it was funny to bashing the people in it, can you tell I just dont care, but the idea is interesting?


Tired and Annoying Bit I Want To See Ended: Just give Goldberg the belt right now and get it over with. He gigged at the PPV because of a blade Flair went blood happy with, and then they have to make him do it a whole bunch of times again? Never the less that bit is old and tired and we all know hes gonna get the belt, so why not be sports about it and fuck the PPV off and give it to us now? I mean it would be much deserved at this point because it would put the fans out of their misery. We need that at this point believe me. The match I do want to see with Evolution in the middle of is Randy and Shawn. God its like new hottie of the day with me meets old hottie for me. I mean what can I say other then Hottie Heaven. I can see Randy winning this in my own personal view, because he is the future, but hell it seems in the locker room as of late, the Kliq has come back even though Shawn said it was dead and buried. They are taking over again with their politics in the background so maybe HBK wont want to lose, Hell he is where Triple H learned all this garbage from. None the less, give Bill the belt, go to sleep HHH and get well and come back and kick Ortons ass as per the plan. I need something new.


Best Overall General Idea: Christian and Y2J the king of Bling Bling ( oh wait wasnt that shane?). This is a good showing right here. I mean Christian went back to whiner days there for a bit, and Y2J is seriously lacking in the whole needing a good person to run with to show off what an amazing talent he is (without the beard people!) So seeing this at the PPV along with RVD should be really cool and I cant wait for it. It just seems like something they should have done along time ago, but they are suddenly waking up for. Good on them and another good move not having RVD Vs Kane all over again, that got overly tired really quick. I cant wait to see if Y2J is good enough with his bling bling to win the IC title.


Repeated Sentiment thats not being Heard: La Resistance. God it just keeps getting worse. I told you before in all my other commentaries that I hate this group because of the way they are being used, and how they only fight the dudleys. Well after Spikes wrong fall onto the table it brings me out again to say that this fucking shit needs to stop and stop soon. Its old and its tired and someone France keeps kicking Americas ass and there isnt much of a fight anymore. So god listen to me this time guys and find someone else to put these two idiots and Rob Conway against because I am fucking sick of it, you are ruining the best tagteam ECW ever had, and I hate that thought.



Last Call Final Thoughts:  Someone really close to me brought this up last night on the phone with me, and I have to make note of it. We all know how much I love to do about 100 different things in terms of my writing, singing, wrestling, and overall working myself to the bone and not knowing what it is I want to do. Well I am adding part time college to it now and taking courses, and what I wanted to touch on and what it has to do with the WWE is pretty simple. I want to go back to school and this person, a REALLY close friend if you all must know, mentioned that Trish wanted to be a doctor and a lawyer before making it to the WWE and following that dream. I mean lets face it, she went to school here for those things, so I know its all true, but he made a good point. I can still be a wrestler and go to school, or maybe he was saying, fuck school and get your face on TV. At this point I am not really sure what the POINT was, but I mean it made sense as he told me and I wanted to touch on it. I do not want to do something with my life that I dont like. I am doing it right now in the form of making money and it blows the big one. Writing is hit or miss, you either sink or swim, so as far as a career you might sell a book and it sells good but your next one will die in a firey blaze somewhere, so its all about chance. But I dont think I want to be doing what I am right now for the rest of my life. I am 23, and I want to be 4 different things, all of which I love with everything I have in me. I want to own my own business, not sure which kind yet, but you get the idea, so school or business and shit would be ideal. I want to be a writer, but like I said, hit or miss, a singer, again hit or miss because people love you one day and then hate you pretty much, and then I want to be a wrestler because there is something with me and that ring that I will never give up, even when I almost break my neck twice and I injure my pelvis flying off things wrong. Its not something I can say is in my blood, none of it is really, the writing the singing, no one writes or sings well in my family, cept my brother, but hes all alone in what he does too. This is just a bunch of little pipe dreams that make up me, and why I am talking about this is because my friend brought up Trish and said that wrestling might be her love now, but something else drove her before, and I am thinking it might be a good plan to follow.


Okay enough of the rambling, I am out of here for another week. I need to get caught up on my stories and just generally be me! See you soon with more of an update.



September 18, 2003