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Roman Brady picked the phone off the receiver. She hadn't even been away a week and she was already calling. Sending her on this assignment might have been a very bad move.

"Roman Brady, Salem PD."

"Roman, please dispense with the title. It's Belle."

"Well what can I do for you Belle? Are you having trouble already?"

"No, but I do need your help with something. I've got a couple of people I need background checks on, and if I do things here, it's going to look suspicious and we don't need that right now."

"Okay, shoot me the names, and I will get someone on it right away."

"Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and Brock Edward Lesnar."

"The victim's father? Are you shifting your investigation to the father now Belle? Do you have any idea what you're doing here?"

"I know exactly what I'm doing here Roman, and the stonewall I'm for sure going to encounter, but you want me to solve this case the right way, and that means everyone is a suspect."

"I'll get someone on it right away Belle, but do me a favor alright?"

"What's that Roman?"

"Don't let anyone know what you are doing here. If anyone finds out Vince included you could end up further in the ground then our victim okay?"

"Oh and Roman, there's one more thing."

"Just name it Belle."

"The NYPD cops interviewed the family right?"

"Yes they did, they spoke to Linda, Vince and their son Shane. Why do you ask?"

"I think I need to encounter them all again, on a purely undercover level and see what I can find out. This whole case is throwing me for a loop and I just got placed on it."

"It will make sense, you will do just fine. Remember what I said."

"Yeah I know, to be extra careful. I will. Get back to me on the background information on the two people I mentioned soon."


Questioning Part One. Suspect In Question: Shane McMahon (brother of the Victim Stephanie McMahon) Dated: Tuesday, July 30th, 2003 Interviewer: Detective Rivers, NYPD Badge Number: 143727

Rivers: Where were you on the evening of your sister's murder?

Shane: In the arena dealing with some talent issues that Stephanie had asked me to look into and had been having trouble dealing with.

Rivers: Regarding who, and what was the issue she couldn't seem to handle?

Shane: Brock Lesnar, one of our previous champions, and Paul Wight were the talent in question, and they were having a conflict of interest on a match we wanted to use.

Rivers: What kind of conflict?

Shane: These are two very big guys, and when one vetoes the idea of a story line, things get heated. Stephanie couldn't handle that, so she asked me to help out and step in for her.

Rivers: Do you know anyone who would want to intentionally hurt your sister?

Shane: She just broke off a five-year relationship with her fiancÚ Paul, but he loved her more then life itself, so I don't think he would hurt her. Stephanie got along with everyone. I find it hard to believe her being the one on the end of this attack and murder.


Belle threw the report down and looked at her watch. She had the General Manager's meeting in the morning and her head was swimming with ideas about the murder and who could have done it. She closed the file and resolved to look at it again in the morning when her mind would be clear.

She also resolved to talk more with the McMahon family. Even if she had to infiltrate and put herself in there like the daughter they never had, she was going to get to the bottom of this case, and who exactly murdered Stephanie McMahon, even if it was one of her closest family members.