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*~!Zachary Gowen!~*

Nickname: "One Legged Wonder"
Real Name: Zach Gowen
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 155 Lbs.
Home Town: SW Detroit, Michigan
Birthdate: 3.30.83
Theme Song:
"Ready to Die" by Andrew WK
Trained by: Truth Martini & Prime Time Tommy Johnson
Pro Wrestling Debut: 3.16.02
Pay-Per-View Debut: 2.5.03 (on TNA)
National TV Debut: 5.15.03 (on Smackdown!)
WWE Pay-Per-View Debut: 5.18.03 (at Judgement Day)
WWE Wrestling Debut: 7.1.03 (Smackdown taping)
WWE Wrestling TV Debut: 7.3.03
WWE Pay-Per-View Wrestling Debut: 7.27.03 (against Mr. McMahon)

Tenacious Z is a HUGE up and comer in the wrestling world. Only halfway into his rookie year, he is touted as the next mainstream breakout star from Michigan. He lost his left leg to cancer when he was 8, but the amputation has not hindered his wrestling ability at all. He's an "un-natural" high-flyer and risk taker who will do whatever it takes to get the win. Mix in the fact that he has a solid mat game from his amateur days, and he is almost unstoppable as he is good-looking. He is truly one of a kind!

The Z3:

Top Michigan Workers:
Truth Martini
Breyer Wellington
Amazing N8 Mattson

Favotire International Workers:
Ultimo Dragon
Rey Mysterio Jr
Doug Williams

Best Restaurants:
Big Boy
White Castle
Golden Harvest

Favorite Music Groups:
Andrew WK
Missy Elliot
Harry Connick Jr

Best Movies:

Top Video Games:
Streets of Rage 2
Grand Theft Auto series
Double Dragon

Favorite TV Shows:
The Man Show
MTV Cribs