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*~!WWE News For Week Of August 10-16!~*
  1. In today's edition of The Daily Report, is was reported that Fulton County (GA) judge Susan B. Forsling ruled last Wednesday that Hulk Hogan's charges against WCW and Vince Russo for defamation, stemming from the incident at the Bash At The Beach PPV on July 9, 2000 where Russo verbally trashed Hogan after Jeff Jarrett laid down for Hogan, allowing him to win the WCW World Title. Forsling ruled that the remarks were directed at the Hulk Hogan character, not Terry Bollea himself, and thus were not defamatory in any way. Forsling based her ruling off the fact that characters in wrestling often say bad things about other characters in storyline, and this wasn't any different. She also stated that the comments made by Russo were made within the context of the storyline and even if they weren't, there wasn't enough evidence present to prove his case to a jury.

    However, Forsling did rule in Hogan's favor that WCW breached his contract by not making his bout with Jarrett the "featured match" at the PPV and by not featuring him in at least six PPV events that year. That case will proceed to trial.

    Speaking of Hogan, today is his 50th birthday.
  2. WWE.com's RAW preview is teasing that we may see the return of Jim Ross on RAW tonight. The decision to put Ross back on television is a popular one, since most feel Jonathan Coachman hasn't done a very good job since taking over a few weeks back.

  3. For those in the Philadelphia market, Smackdown will be preempted this Thursday night due to Phillies baseball. Instead, the show will air on Saturday, August 16th at 10 p.m.

  4. Al Snow is now able to accept independent bookings due to his new contract is as an announcer.

  5. There is already talk of developmental wrestler Aaron Stevens being brought up to the main roster, and being managed by Daffney (Shannon Ward).
  6. Over the past few days, several websites/newsletters posted a story regarding WWE possibly ending their relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling, their developmental territory. A source close to the situation is reporting that these rumors are 100% false.

    OVW, which is run by Jim Cornette, has seasoned some of the top talent currently on the WWE roster including Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista and John Cena.
  7. The latest on Booker T's injury is that it will take approximately 6-8 weeks to heal, with there being a slight chance that it could be career threatening.
  8. Nunzio and Dawn Marie will be the special guests on Thursday's edition of WWE.com's Byte This.
  9. Mick Foley will be appearing on Conan O'Brien this Wednesday night to promote his new book.
  10. Due to the tremendous feedback that WWE's From The Vault: Shawn Michaels DVD received, the company has decided to release a similar DVD on Ric Flair's career. It will be released in Canada on January 27th, so I assume it will be available in the U.S. before then.

  11. After visiting his dictor, Booker T is only expected to miss about four to six weeks on ring time due to a herniated disc in his back. It was originally feared that the injury was career threatening, but this doesn't seem to be the case at the present time.

  12. Walter "Killer" Kowalski will be closing down his Massachusetts-based wrestling school next month. Throughout the years, Kowalski has trained many top stars including Triple H, Chyna, Perry Saturn and A-Train.

  13. Lita is expected to be brought back as a member of the RAW roster any week now. She will most likely be aligned with Trish Stratus to feud with Gail Kim and Molly Holly.

  14. Despite what Jerry Lawler said on RAW, Teddy Long is not really on a cruise. He has actually been out of action ever since doctors found hepatitis in his blood. He is, however, expected to return on next week's RAW.

  15. The Brock Lesnar vs. Vince McMahon cage match scored a very disappointing 3.4 quarter-hour rating. Although the show was preempted in the New York market, the rating is still considered a HUGE disappointment considering the company was actually considering this match as the Smackdown brand's main event for Summer Slam.
  16. Thanks to Jerry Lynch for the following:

    I was flipping through the channels during a commercial break for RAW, and came across Celebrity Justice talking about Chyna (Joan Laurer) and Sean Waltman (X-Pac). They said that Chyna was abused by Waltman and he ripped out her hair. Chyna stated that X-Pac threatened to kill himself in the past and is terrified of what he might do. They then stated that Chyna's website has shut down, and her phone lines have been disconnected. Chyna has gone into hiding. It was a very odd, and scary story.

  17. Although The Undertaker picked up the win against John Cena at Vengeance, Cena didn't seem to mind doing the job and even claimed that it was an honor to work with someone on the level of The Undertaker so early in his career. However, many were disappointed with the decision to put 'Taker over, since the company should be using the veteran wrestlers to put over the younger stars in order to build for the future. Even some of the veterans in the locker room see 'Taker's actions as being very self-serving and not looking out for what is best for the company.

  18. The Smackdown creative team are currently working very hard to find a way to work Nicole Fink, who wrestles as Nikita in OVW, into storylines. There were several instances in the past where Fink was planned to debut on TV that were later cancelled, but it looks as though she'll be debuting very shortly.

  19. If you read the Smackdown spoilers, you may have noticed that Chris Kanyon worked a dark match prior to the taping as Mortis, a character he used during his days with WCW. It appears that creative are trying to do something different with Kanyon, as the creative team have failed to come up with a decent storyline for him.

All news goes to the Credit of Steves Wrestling, the WWE and their reporters.Thank you!