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*~!Edgeucation of Adam Copeland -- Aug. 5, 2003!~*
Edgeucation of Adam Copeland -- Aug. 5, 2003

Like Nicholson said in "The Shining," I'm baaaack. OK, I know it's an overused cliché, but I'm running out of them, so cut me some slack. It's funny, but I really look forward to doing this column, and find I miss having my outlet when I take my occasional hiatus.

I have to start off by saying that I had an amazing trip. It was exactly what I needed. Alanah and I spent five wonderful days in Vancouver. I liked Van City before, but I fell in love with it on this trip. We actually had time to take in the sights and not worry about rushing to the next show. For those who live in Vancouver, you already know; for those who have never been, go. It is actually breathtaking. I would go so far as to say I could see the ol' Edgemeister, retired, living there in a nice log home in the foothills of the mountains, sitting by the fireplace, hockey on the tube, a Molson in hand, and a big shaggy beard on my face. Grizzly Adam lives!

From my appearance with Trish Stratus at the Molson Indy, I flew to Edmonton for a media day. From there, it was Calgary, yet another media day and a whole lotta home-cooked food. I love going to Calgary. I love the city, and I have some great friends there.

One of my great friends is Lance Storm. Well, upon hearing the news that I was coming, Lance invited me to his house for dinner. I was in. I've had Tina's (Lance's better half) cookies before, and they rock harder than AC/DC at SARS-stock in Toronto last week. Tina did not disappoint. Dinner was great, followed by some blueberry cobbler for dessert. MMMMM! It was a great evening, filled with stimulating conversation, and Lance's two daughters, Rebecca and Rachel, who are adorable. From there we went to the local pub for a friendly game of darts with Lance's brother. In between stinking up the joint with my marginal dart skills, we noticed that SmackDown! was on. We watched as Chris Benoit made Doink the Clown (huh?) tap out to the Crossface. At this point, Lance decided to show me a different version of the Crossface. He also decided to lock it on me. OK, no big deal right? Maybe not, except I'm recovering from A BROKEN FREAKIN' NECK!!! Suffice it to say I was tapping! Lance realized what he was doing and let go quicker than you can turn the channel from an Al Snow match (sorry, Al, it's been awhile). Actually, in a strange way, it was a compliment.

Lance said he forgot I was hurt because I actually look healthy again. So Tina, thanks again for dinner, and Lance, stay away!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a friend of mine named Lenny Olsen, aka Dr. Luther. Lenny's mom, Karen, used to make the tights for Lance, Chris Jericho, Christian and myself. Lenny's younger brother Jax (real name Lee) is an awesome friend to have. Actually, one of the best Ive got. We went to Karen's and had a barbeque. Once again the Edgester got a great home-cooked meal. This trip was a chance to catch up with all of my friends in Western Canada. With our schedules (when healthy) you lose touch with so many people, and it was nice to see them again and show them you're still the same old guy.

The Crippler and I had a lunch with contest winners on Saturday, the day of the WWE event in Calgary. They were in for a treat, because another good buddy, by the name of Bret Hart, stopped by. It was awesome to see him, and he's doing great. Bret opened the door for me into WWE, and after reading his article this week in the Calgary Sun, I found out he considers me his prodigy. I wouldn't want to be anyone else's. We actually talked about our career paths and how similar they are. He began his WWE career in the Hart Foundation, and two Tag Team Titles. I basically started mine in E&C, and seven Tag Titles. He went on to win the Intercontinental Title two times. I went on to win it four times. He won the King of the Ring. I too won it, in 2001. He won the WORLD TITLE fives times. I ... still have to do that part, just bear with me. Trust me, I'm not comparing, there's only one Bret. But I realized I've done OK.

Now, it was show time. My first appearance since the surgery. At the Saddledome, home of one of my favorite matches vs. Kurt Angle in a steel cage. Man, when "Never Gonna Stop" hit, I felt like I could beat the world. Calgary showed me some serious love, and it felt damn good. Too good. I want back in the ring in the worst way, but Lance's aforementioned Crossface, while actually gentle, made me realize I'm still a long way off. For those who still ask every week, I'm roughly seven months away from returning, if all goes according to plan. Aug. 10 is five months removed from surgery, so I still have some serious guitar playing time on my hands. I do feel great though, and thanks for all the concern.

Enough about me. How about that Jericho/Rob Van Dam match last night? That match kicked some serious booty.

I find both of these guys a treat to wrestle. Which brings me to my question from the last column: What show would everyone like to see the leader of the Edge Army come back to? I left from SmackDown!, so I assume that's where I'm headed, but I thought it would be fun to get your feedback. It was actually closer than I thought, but I think SD! led the way. While many people want to see Edge/Triple H, Edge/Y2J, Edge/Christian, and a very interesting Edge/Shawn Michaels, it was still SD! that eked it out. It seems people are not tired of Edge/Eddie Guerrero, Edge/Angle, Edge/Benoit, and Edge/Rey Mysterio as a team. Those same people are looking forward to Edge/John Cena, Edge/Brock Lesnar and Edge/Undertaker. Basically, I just want to go to whichever show needs me the most, although I do feel SD! is my show.

Well, glad to be back, and before I go I want to thank everyone who made my western swing so much fun. Until next week, you have been Edgeucated.