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*~!Enter Stage Left!~*

Pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace he finally looked up at her. They hadn't been a couple for almost two years but hearing about the situation she was about to enter, he couldn't help wishing Philip hadn't come between them.

"So they think making you up, with hardly any clothes on and throwing you into the ring are going to help them catch a killer and solve a murder of a rich and power hungry wrestling princess?"

"In a nutshell yes. This is really big Shawn. Probably the biggest thing I'm ever going to deal with in this life. I just can't help feeling scared right now. I mean I've never done this sort of thing before and now I have to go in there and make like I have?"

"So where do I come in?"

"Friendship and moral support. I know you and Cassie are together now and I respect that, but you are the only one I can trust with all of this. I could get hurt out there and I don't think not speaking to you is a good way to go out."

"Don't talk like that Belle. You were chosen for the ISA for a very real reason. You've changed a lot in two years. You are stronger now, and you'll do this just fine because you're smart."

Leaning back in the chair she realized that was what she missed so much about her friendship with Shawn. He had a lot of faith in her ability. So much more it seemed then Philip ever had.

Do me a huge favor would you Shawn?"

"What's that Belle?"

"Tell Philip that would you? He's got me doomed to fail already and I haven't even boarded the plane."

"I don't have to tell Philip anything. You're going to do that and so much more when you catch this guy Belle. And I'm here when and if you need me at any time. Don't be afraid to ask."

"Thanks Shawn, I really appreciate that."


"Mr. McMahon will see you now Belle. You can go ahead and go in, he's expecting you."

"Thank you so much Rose, for the company and all."

"No problem dear. I know how nervous you must be, coming in here as new talent and all.'

Belle breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that it was obvious they were all buying her story that she had fed them, courtesy of the ISA. Making her way to the door she knocked gently and opened the door.

"Come in and shut the door. Then I need you to have seat Ms. Black."

Walking further into the office and seeing full sized family portraits lining the walls she instantly felt sick to her stomach. This man who she was now sitting with had lost his only daughter, and it happened to be in the most horrible way imaginable. She could only imagine how hard this had to be for him.

"She was a good girl, and an even more stunning woman. I want you to find the sick bastard who did this."

"Well I plan on doing just that Mr. McMahon. We need to catch him as much as you do."

"I believe you do Ms. Black. But let's get down to business here. I'm bringing you in not as a DIVA as was the original plan, but as the new General Manager of Smack down. No wrestling required. Please do call me Vince though. Seeing as we will be working very closely with one another to catch a killer."

"Vince, are you sure this is a wise move?"

"Well Ms. Black, if the person that did this to my daughter hates the show, then he's going to come out of hiding to do it again. As an operative you can stop him before he makes a repeat performance."

"Since I am allowed to call you Vince, why don't you call me Belle? I can see your point though. Having me as the new GM could bring this asshole out of hiding a whole lot quicker then it would if I was a normal DIVA."

"Exactly why I went ahead and did it. How are your acting skills? Can you be believable on camera if we placed you there immediately?"

"As soon as you need me I'm there."

"Okay-well here's your plane ticket for our live taping in San Francisco. You need to be there for the meetings as well, where I will announce you've taken over as the new General Manager. Everything else I think can be ironed out when the time comes."

"That sounds good to me. I just want to lie this out there, so you know where I'm coming from. I've never dealt with something quite like this before, and I'm sorry that it even had to happen to your family. But I do intend to lay my life on the line to find out who did this and make sure that he or she feels the same thing that they made your daughter feel."

"Well that's all I can ask for isn't it? Thank you for coming out here on such short notice and I will see you on Tuesday."