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*~!Drowning In My Eyes!~*

"You can't do this Belle! You aren't a wrestler. Plus you can't kill a bug without feeling bad about it later."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She knew that everyone had a hard time dealing with her career choice, but the one person that she thought would understand would have been Philip. From the sound of things though, he had no faith in her either.

"This is my first official assignment, and yes it's a weird one, but I can do this and deep down you know I can too."

"I know you're capable of it yes."

"Then why don't you think I can do this?"

"I don't think you are going to fail Belle. I just-I guess I am just afraid of you getting hurt. This is a murder case, and not one about fluffy bunnies and pajamas."

"I didn't come here to argue with you Philip. I came here because Roman said you've been reading over the case files, and you have the original police report. What I need is to look it over right now, before I get on a plane to see the boss."

Philip nodded his head and went into the office desk. Unlocking the drawer, he slid the entire folder out and passed it to her slowly.

"That's everything you need to know. Witnesses after the fact, the detectives report and pictures of the crime scene and the victim. Belle, I hope it helps."

With a shy smile, Belle took the envelope and walked closer to him. Keeping her eyes trained on him, and moving slowly, she kissed him gently on the cheek, allowing him to smell her perfume ever so lightly, and walked out of the office and out the door. She had a lot of reading to do before she stepped into the WWE.


Initial Report Detective Henderson - New York Police Department

~~Our 911 distress number received a call at about 9:57PM on Monday July 29th, 2003. The young woman when we arrived at the scene was covered in blood, with abrasions to her skull, which was ultimately the cause of death, but had also shown to be stabbed upwards of 6 times over her entire body. Also visible from her clothing were the dark bruising and abrasions on her legs, showing that she had recently gone to battle with someone and lost. Sources at the scene say that she received those while in the middle of a match in the ring, which was her job at the time of death. The burns that were placed on the body though are still under investigation as part of the horrific nature of the murder. Identification of the body and by personal affects carried by the victim at the time of death, show her to be the daughter of WWE chairman/owner/CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Stephanie McMahon. Interviews with the family accompany this report. No arrests have been made at this time, and everyone is still considered to be a suspect until we can rule them out. ~~

Personal Effects: Two water bottles stained with lipstick, personal hygiene items, cell phone belonging to the victim, her wallet with ID and cash, A dress, long and blue, looking to be used when dining at a fancy restaurant, matching purse about three feet from the body.

***Items listed above have been sent to the family members after being carefully examined***


Belle closed the file and turned away quickly. Now she completely understood why the ISA was called in on the case. It was a high profile family that this murder had hit, and there was a serious risk of it happening again. That was something that Belle now had to prevent.

Turning back to the file folder, she realized this girl had been violently beaten and murdered in the harshest way possible. No one deserved to die like that. No matter what they were capable of doing themselves. Flipping through the witness reports, she realized she had a long night ahead of her.

Picking up the phone from its cradle on the wall she dialed the number she knew all too well. There was no doubt that at this point, he was the only one would understand what she was about to do, and her desire to do it right.


"It's Belle, how soon can you get here?"