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*~!Crack The Liars Smile!~*

"You wanted to see me Roman?" Belle asked pushing the door to his office slightly ajar enough to put her head through.

"Yes I did Belle. Why don't you come in and have a seat. We have an assignment we think you might enjoy."

Belle had to admit that this was music to her ears. Only a year before while dating Philip Keriakus, who was already in the ISA, she herself got drafted. Since then she had been on the sidelines, patiently waiting to have her first mission. It looked like now was the time and they finally had some faith in her ability, even without Philip by her side.

"So what's the deal then Roman? What's the job you have for me?"

"It's going to revolve around you being on camera, on a television show watched by millions. Is that lucrative enough for you?"

'What does me being on television have to do with the ISA?"

"I'm getting to that. There was a murder of one of the top female competitors, and the local police aren't getting anywhere a month later, so that's where you come in. We need you to go undercover and be a competitor, get these people to trust you and then get some answers. Can you do this Belle?"

"What do you mean female competitor?"

"Are you familiar with the WWE?"

Belle rolled her eyes. Her best friend Mimi had expressed an interest a few months earlier in wrestling, so she had a vague idea of what the WWE was.

"I take it from that look that you know a bit about it?"

"That I do. So you want me to be a diva?" she asked stunned.

"As convincing as you can be yes. Are you up for this?"

"It's not the assignment that I would have chosen but it's a start. We have to find out who murdered that girl and make sure that it doesn't happen again.

"That's just what I want to hear." Roman said matter of fact, pushing some papers aside on his desk. "Your flight leaves at eight am tomorrow morning. You are going to Connecticut to meet with the boss. They've been apprised about what to expect."

"Then I guess I better go pack. Thanks again Roman for the chance."

"Don't mention it princess. Just find the son of a bitch that did this and come back to us in one piece and we're even."

With a small nod and a smile Belle let herself out of the office and closed the door. As the door shut she leaned against it and sighed. This was her chance to catch a killer and prove herself once and for all.