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*~!Chapters 6 - 10!~*
Chapter 6- Things I'll Never Say

I didn't know what to say. There was nothing more I wanted then to go out with this guy, but I had to think about what that would mean for the paper if we didn't have a good time. The whole premise behind Zach coming here and doing this public speaking and human interest piece was so he could inspire people. Little did he know that he was inspiring me so I could get into the college of my dreams and be a reporter. He asking me out on a date was something I didn't need to deal with right now.

"Zach, that sounds like a really good idea but..."

"But you're totally not interested in a guy like me. Hey that's alright. Don't worry about it. Some other time I'm sure."

When he stood up from the seat slowly, getting his balance my heart was breaking. I didn't want him to think that because he had one leg I wasn't going out with him. It had nothing to do with that and I didn't need him thinking otherwise and realizing I might be superficial. But was I really sure his one leg wasn't the real reason I was saying now. Was I embarrassed to be around someone like him? Or was I really just more interested in getting this article done and him flying away?

"No Zach wait, you're getting the wrong idea here!"

"I think I get the idea crystal clear. Look can we call this a day right now? I think I need to get back to the hotel and rest up a little bit before I have to go rehearse some matches. We can finish this whole thing up tomorrow so I can be on my way. I'm sorry for making this whole thing hard on you Hayley."

"Zach wait!"

Even though he had the cane, he was walking slowly, and I know that if I really wanted to run after him and make him stop, I had a ton of time to do it, but for some reason, him not stopping made me not want to stop him. Maybe it was really better this way and he walking out would be the best thing for them both. I didn't want to lead him on and I was sure that even though he looked hurt right now, he wasn't going to push me into anything either. So as I sat there, I just walked him walk away and out of the diner and possibly out of my life all together.


"You did what?"

"I turned him down Ariel why does that seem like such a shock?"

"Because he's cute and he likes you. Are you mentally deficient or something today?"

"No, and I would appreciate it if you stopped talking to me like I'm 5. I did the right thing for all of us."

"How is that good for all of us? Brock thinks that you would be great with him and that he genuinely seemed to like you, and now you go and do this?"

"He's better off remember?"

"I never said that and you know it Hayley. I think you need to get over your past and move on to someone that might know what its like to be where you've been. Zach could totally be that person for you and deep down you know it."

"Deep down I know that he's not here for long, and I am not allowing myself to get more attached and have him leave. I can see that happening with Zach, cant you see it with Brock or are you just playing him?"

"I know what you mean, but should we sit here and be pissed off for a week when we have these cute guys, who have I mentioned make more then my parents combined?"

I knew she had a point, but I had to shake my head to realize I didn't want to focus on how much money they made. This wasn't a motivation for me. Money never mattered before and because Zach had some, it wasn't going to matter now.

"Money means nothing, and you're not going to make me feel bad about this Ariel."

"There is no talking to you, you're a mess. Call me when you finally get your shit together Hayley, because right now you don't see the forest from the trees."

"Oh not you too! Ariel, don't you dare hang up on me."

"Give a reason to stay on the line?"

"Because you're my best friend that's why, and you're going to throw away years of friendship because I can't double date with you and your wrestler of the week? Never mind that thought I've got another call. I will be right back."

Clicking over the line quickly, trying to block out what Ariel had been telling her about Zach, the mistake and the money, she heard the strange voice on the other end of the line.


"Can I talk to Hayley please?"

"This is her, who is this?"



"Oh so quickly she forgets! I must not have made a big enough impression on you earlier. I'm Randy Orton remember now?"

"Oh Randy yes I'm sorry! What can I do for you?"

"Actually I was wondering about the offer I made you earlier, if you would like to meet up and make use of a good story."

"You want me to interview you?"

"Among other things. What do you say?"

I had to think about this long and hard. I mean I had just gotten the same request from Zach and turned him down. My thoughts were leading back to what Ariel had been saying on the other line, and that I did need to move on. The best part was that if I did it with Randy, I didn't like him so there was no way I could get hurt. It seemed full proof.

"Hayley, what do you say?"

"I say yes Randy; I will see you at the hotel in an hour."


(Hotel Later that night before the Date)

"Hey Brock can I use some of your cologne?"

"You got a hot date or something?" Brock said rolling his eyes.

"Actually I do, and she's pretty hot alright. Oh and if its possible I might be bringing her back here later, so if you could, could you get lost for the night?"

"Where the hell am I going to go?"

"Well you picked yourself up a nice piece of ass earlier I thought too, I'm sure she would take a lost puppy like you in."

Brock couldn't listen to his arrogance anymore, especially where Ariel was concerned. It was true she might be a little spitfire, but she was his little spitfire now and there was no going back. Grabbing Randy by the neck, he pushed him against the wall.

"Drop this topic right now, Ariel is off limits. Now who the hell are you going on a date with?"

"You know that girl that was here earlier talking to Zach?"

"Oh no! Randy don't even think about it. You know about the brotherhood we agreed on."

"Screw the brotherhood, she's young and I want her, and it's not like I see Zach making any moves in her direction."

"Did you even think to ask?"

"No, and besides she said yes, so she's as good as mine."

"Randy, don't do this to Hayley, she's a nice young girl."

"And what the hell am I? I'm not going to hurt her, just show her a good time, Orton style."

With those as his last words, Randy patted some cologne on his neck and walked out the door to meet up with Hayley. When he was safely out of the room, Brock grabbed the phone and immediately dialed his friend.

"You're going to want to know about this buddy. Hayley might be in trouble tonight."

Chapter 7 - Everything's Changing

Randy pulled out the chair for me at the table and I quickly sat down. I had to admit that being here with him wasn't half bad. He was being a complete gentleman, and he wasn't pushing her for anything. Maybe he was only interested in getting his name in the paper too, and getting more people aware of him as a talent. I didn't know all that much about wrestling, but that seemed like something all the guys would want. More exposure. As Randy took his seat I looked up into his eyes.

"So thank you for coming out with me Hayley, I know you probably had a ton of other things to do."

"Actually I didn't and well this is a good thing for the paper and for me, so why wouldn't I want to be here?"

"Have you finished up with Zach and his piece yet?"

"Actually no, things keep getting involved in what I'm doing and it never gets a chance to finish, but I did get to ask him a few questions."

"So what do you think of him?"

"He's an inspiration of course. I think the WWE is pushing that a little hard right now. He is only one man, and although I think that everything said about him is warranted, I don't think pushing him this hard is going to be good for him in the long run. It is actually great because he's one the best people to talk to and have it be natural."

"Hey! You haven't tried the Orton style yet!"

"Well then why don't we get started so you can paint that picture for me, shall we?"

"Sure ask me anything you want, only..."

"Only what?"

"I want to able to ask you things too; get to know you better, if that's alright?"

"Sure but why would you want too? I'm an open book though, so ask anything you want."

"Why are you single?" "Who said I was single Randy?"

"A vibe you give off."

"I tend to give those off a lot."

"I didn't hit a nerve did I?" He asked noticing the look on my face at his words about me having a vibe that I give off. I had already been over this earlier with Zach and was trying to do my best not to think about it again. I really had to make sure I stopped hanging out with wrestlers, or I wouldn't have anything that wasn't a vibe about me.

"No you didn't and in answer to your question, I have yet to meet someone who isn't trying to get into my pants. So how about I start asking you questions now?"

"Ask away, I'm as open as you are."

"How long have you known that you wanted to be a pro wrestler?"

"Ever since I was a kid. I remember being in the locker room a lot of wrestlers would be over to the house, guys my dad would work with like Piper, Greg Valentine and Hulk Hogan. I guess growing up around them inspired me, and I kind of liked the lifestyle. It sounded fun and interesting. My dad was always gone. I missed him and everything, but I knew he was out wrestling and I'd see him on TV. I knew my dad did not have a nine-to-five job. He would come home for two days and be gone for a couple of months. I figured he was having a blast."

"When did you earnestly start working to achieve this goal?"

"I guess about four years ago I started getting into the ring. I had wrestled in high school. My dad would come over and roll around on the mat and show me some things but it was more mat wrestling. It wasn't high spots off the ropes or anything like that. I learned chain wresting and technical stuff first and I'm brushing up on it now. I think we're going back toward that, with less punching and kicking and slowing things down because of injuries."

"Do you get injured a lot doing what you do? I'm asking this from a non fan standpoint of course."

"I've had two minor injuries that took me out of action for good amounts of time, but I'm injury free right now. I think hurting yourself is always something that can happen in this line of work, you can't avoid it sometimes. You just have to be more careful of what you do that's all."

"How much pressure is there being third-generation wrestler?"

"There's definitely pressure carrying my name. When I got to Louisville, I was 20 and most of the guys here were 28 or 30. I was by far the youngest. I came walking in not knowing much of anything. I never had hit the ropes except when I was a kid. They saw a kid who obviously got a deal for certain reasons. I ended up proving myself and proved to be a quick learner. It's really good if you know somebody, but that can only get you so far. It was up to me to take it the rest of the way."

"I can understand that, I actually got my job as editor because my brother stepped down in his senior year and told everyone I would make them proud, and there were a lot of people that doubted me."

"So they doubt you now? After doing it for so long?"

"Not as much anymore, because they know I will bend over backwards to get what I want, and to make the paper the best thing out there."

"You seem very driven."

"When it's something I want, then yes I'm very driven."

"How would you feel about skipping out on dinner and going for a drive? You can show me some places around here that you like to go to."

I had to think about this for a moment, was this really something I wanted to be doing with Randy tonight? Right now we were in the safety of the restaurant and I didn't think anything would happen sitting here. But to be alone in his car, where he called all the shots, well the idea I had to admit scared me a little.

"Sure Randy sounds like a good idea."


"She went where?"

"Zach she went out with Randy. What I don't get is why you aren't out with her right now and he is. Didn't you tell me that you liked her or something?"

"Yeah I do like her, and I asked her to come out with me, and she isn't interested. At first I thought it was because she didn't want to date at all, but now that you tell me she's out with Orton, it makes me realize my gut was right. She just didn't want to get involved with someone with one leg."

"Oh Jesus Zach, I don't think it's that at all. You probably just took her off guard."

"Oh yeah, then why right now, is she out with Randy and not me?"

"Because you didn't stick around and make her want you. She's probably out with Orton for some normal reason we don't know."

"What would that possibly be?"

"I can answer that one for you both." Ariel said stepping into the room and pecking Brock gently on the cheek.

"What do you know about this Ariel?"

"She's taking Randy up on his offer to be in our newspaper that's all. Zach she does like you, I gathered that much from our talk earlier, but she just doesn't know how to approach it right now. I've given her advice and it's up to her to take it."

"She likes me you say?"

"Yes, you're telling you that you can't tell?"

"Why would she like a guy with one leg?"

"Okay I'm not even giving you an answer on that. If you think that way after everything you've dealt with then I can't help you out here. I just came to tell you guys that you need to go after them."

"Why should we go after them?"

"Because she just called me silly! She said that they nixed dinner and were going for a drive in Randy's rental car. That spells trouble to me for some reason and I don't know why. But I do think you should go after her."

"You actually think Orton would hurt her babe?"

"If he doesn't get what he wants, I think he will do more then hurt her."

Chapter 8 - Sometimes I Get So Weird, I Freak Myself Out


"Jesus slow down, we aren't going to stop a fire Brock."

"You were the one that came into the room and told us that your friend was alone in Orton's car and you had a bad feeling. So don't sit there and pretend that me driving fast is bothering you. It should be expected!"

"Hey I'm all for a fast ride man, but what I'm saying is that in order for us to help Hayley out and get her to admit she has a thing for the young Gowen back there, then we need to be alive to do it."

"Good point. I will slow down."

Zach sat in the backseat and he was trying not to let all of this bother him. He knew that he liked her, that was the whole reason he asked her out in the first place, and when she shot him down it had bothered him a bit because she seemed really interested in him as a person. Now hearing from Ariel that Orton was taking her out in his car alone, and knowing what a ladies man he really was, the whole thing scared him a little and he hoped that Brock would drive faster. Dead or not he had to make sure that nothing serious happened.

"You alright back there Zach?"

"Yeah Ariel, I just wish we knew where they were headed."

"Well what kind of guy is Randy really?"

Brock couldn't wait to jump in here when he heard Ariel ask what Randy was like. There could be no way she was thinking about doing anything with that guy at all after what she had just said about being worried about Hayley.

"Why do you want to know that? Are you thinking of asking him out?"

"Okay you know what; this is not picking on each other time guys. We all think something might go down tonight with Randy and Hayley and we are all trying to do the same thing here and stop that from happening, so can we please just drive?"

Ariel took a look at Zach and smiled. The entire time they had been around each other Zach hadn't said a whole lot to her, but now that her friend was on the line it seemed Zach was very much take charge and wanting to get things right again. She couldn't help wondering why Hayley had said no to him really in the first place.

"I'm asking because I've lived in Toronto all my life, and I know where sleazy guys go to do things to women, but I also know where a nice guy would take her Brock. So why don't you tell me what kind of guy he is and let me work out where we should look first. Also can you tell me what kind of car he drives? That might help greatly too since we are passing a whole lot of them right now."

"Right now the rental is a Vette and its red, dark colored red anyway. In answer to the other question, Randy is a lover of all things lady, and although he can be a gentleman when need be, he does think about the ultimate goal of sleeping with them at the end of the night. He's single, so he thinks having a lot of women is alright. Does that help you at all Ariel?"

"Yes, there's an abandoned theatre in the downtown core, which isn't too far from here actually. So Brock baby, keep driving, a decent speed and I will tell you when the off ramp is."

"An abandoned theatre?"

"Yeah it's beside a nightclub and during the summer they open it until the winter months and it's a drive in with a golf course and everything. So if he wants to take her someplace no one will really be, unless they have the same idea as him, then that's the place."

"Oh this doesn't sound good at all." Brock said slamming his foot on the gas and driving as fast as he could as a frightened Ariel yelled at him from the passenger side.


"You're bringing me to the Docks?"

"Yeah, I thought you might like it, the club is open right now, and I thought we could go dancing or something? Sound like a plan?"

"Yeah, that sounds totally cool." I didn't want to admit it, but I thought he was going to drive down some dark alley and try to put the moves on me. But he was a perfect gentleman the entire ride and now as we pulled into the club, I didn't feel the need to jump out the window or anything.

"You look uneasy, you sure this is alright?"

"Oh Randy, really stop focusing on things so much. I'm totally fine. Let's just go have a good time. That was the reason you brought me here was it not?"

"That it was. Let's go knock them dead in there sweetness."


"Pull in here now! I see the car!" Ariel screamed as they pulled into the lot of the nightclub and found a parking spot closest to the door.

"Do we still have cause to be alarmed? They aren't in the car making out or anything, so I think they just went dancing."

"Yes we do Brock, now get Zach and let's go. If he's got her in there and he's done anything I'm going to kill the slime."

"Whoa tiger! You ever thought about getting in the ring with that rage? You would put my insane act to shame!"

With a quick smile Ariel hopped the steps passing the bouncer and getting a stamp on her hand. She turned around and saw Zach and Brock walking slowly up the stairs and with one look of acknowledgment to the bouncer at the door and a few quick handshakes because they were famous they entered the club and immediately broke up to try and find Hayley.


"Oh you are sooo funny Randy! I can't believe I was worried about coming out with you tonight."

I hadn't realized what I was doing at first because ever since we had gotten into the club I had been drinking more and more wine to Randy's beer and I was totally off kilter. Randy kept whispering things in my ears about heading to his car for a little more fun and I was to the point where I was about up for anything.

He took my hand and we started making our way to the door when a girl passed by be bumping into me and knocking me more into Randy then I had been. He was already holding most of me in his arms to begin with; this wasn't adding anything to it. When I looked up to yell at the girl I noticed that she looked familiar. With a quick drunken wave of my hand I opened my mouth to speak and starting laughing. It couldn't be her, because Brock wasn't with her.

We got to his car and he pushed me up against it and started kissing my neck, while I murmured more words I couldn't really understand and laughing at all the wrong times.

"I really think you're an awesome girl Hayley and I think we can be really good together."


"Yes Hayley?"

"I wanna see Zach now; can you take me to him?"

I looked up into his eyes and realized I had something wrong entirely. I was out with him and as such I wasn't supposed to be bringing up anyone but him and just enjoying the moment. I wasn't enjoying what Randy was doing with me at all though, and a voice in my head screamed to me that I had to get out of here fast.

"I can make you forget all about Gowen. Just focus on what I can do for you. How about we get into my car.get a little more comfortable?"

I pushed all thoughts of Zach out of my head, and tried to quiet the voice in my head telling me this was totally wrong, and jumping into the backseat of his car, falling over I burst out laughing. This was the funniest night ever. I couldn't even remember how many drinks I had ended up having. I just knew I was feeling pretty good.


"Brock where's Zach?" Ariel asked yelling in his ear to make sure she heard him.

"He's looking for Hayley alright? What's the problem?"

"The problem is she just walked out of here with him and we need to get out there fast before he takes off with her again."

"How do you know it was her?"

"I know Hayley and right now I don't think she's in her right mind. So go find him and meet me outside. I have to make sure this car doesn't leave again tonight unless Hayley is safely not in it."


Randy started to kiss down m neck, making his way down my chest and all I could do was sit there and pretend to like it. I told him once to stop but he has been so into what he was doing, he just grunted that I would like it, and kept going. He came up to look me in the face and then he went to work on undoing my pants. I knew this was something I wasn't ready for and I kicked him off me.

Being stuck in the backseat of this car didn't help and he just came back at me and slapped me in the face.

"Why are you being such a baby? You know you want this as much as I do. I could tell that day in the hotel."

"What. What are you talking about Randy?"

"Oh don't try to deny it; I see it on your face right now. No woman can turn down Orton."

"Randy get off me now!" I managed to scream, finally coming to me senses and wanting nothing more then to get out of this car.

"Just relax baby."

At that moment I saw the car door fly off its hinge and Brock's huge chest come into the car and grab Randy out. I didn't know what was going on but I was just happy that someone had gotten there before things got out of hand. I didn't know how I would have dealt with that. As I started to move and place my clothes back where they belonged, I saw Ariel coming into the car.

"Thank God we got here in time. Are you alright Hayley?"

I got one good look at her and was so relieved that she wasn't a dream; I didn't even see Zach stick his head in the window on the other side of the car. Jumping out of my skin when I looked up, I looked back at Ariel and allowed myself to be taken into the darkness.


Chapter 9 - You're Just A Child With A Temper


"Bring her in here and put her down. I'm going to go get some smelling salts and see if we can't wake her up." Ariel said, leaving the two guys alone in Brock's hotel room with Hayley.

"I don't think that what she needs is smelling salts. She's wasted. Can you smell that Zach? I can't believe Randy let her drink that much."

"He had her in his car and he was going to hurt her. I think we can rule out what Randy is capable of can't we?"

"Do you think he really would have hurt her man? We're on the road with these guys all the time. I mean I have to wonder if this girl didn't come on to him in a drunken heat and make him get to the point of no return. Where is your loyalties man?"

Zach couldn't believe what he was hearing. This was something serious and Brock was sitting here asking him where his loyalties were. He loved doing what he did for a living but when it came to taking advantage of girls that didn't want to be taken advantage of, and especially someone who was young and na´ve, there was just something not right about it, and he couldn't believe Brock couldn't see it.

Coming back into the room Ariel bent down beside her friend and leaned over her face. That's when she realized that her friend was wasted. Putting down the bag of ice and the smelling salts she had, she looked up at Zach.

"She's totally and completely wasted. She didn't pass out by accident in that car. She's too far gone."

"We figured that much out sweetheart. She's just a lush is all?" Brock said coming up and standing behind her, looking over Hayley's sleepy form.

"No Brock you don't seem to get it. Hayley doesn't drink. Her dad was a drunk who used to beat her and her mother. So she totally told me she would never drink anything stronger then cola. She's passed out and I'm telling you right now, she wouldn't drink a drop. This was planted this way."

"The smell coming off her is strong Ariel, so maybe you friend thought she should loosen up and have a good time with Randy. I was just telling Zach here that she probably got so wasted that she came on to him and now this is the repercussions of that."

"Okay you know what? Right now I'm tired of all of you wrestlers. If she didn't want the damn interview with all of you so badly she wouldn't have been out with him in the first place. So I'm going to wake her up and then we are getting the hell away from all you. I'm sorry Zach. I will get you the questions she still had left to ask you, and you can write down answers to them that way."

Zach nodded his head as Ariel picked up Hayley, feeling her body start to move as if she was waking up. Moving slowly towards the door, Ariel threw a look of disdain at Brock and walked out of the room. Zach limped slowly over to the door and shut it, turning his frustration on his friend.

"We're pretty close right?"

"Yeah man, we're best friends. Why do you ask?"

"Then why is it so hard for you to see that I like this girl, and that she's young, and she wouldn't just go out with Randy and make a move on him, and then turn him down like a tease. She's not the type."

"How do you know that from two days of being around her? You've known Randy for a year."

"Yeah, you're totally right, but let me ask you this, how many times has he come to Smack down shows to see John and he's bragging about all the girls he gets? Then there's this one girl, who right off the top senses what an ass he is, but being a reporter for a school paper, she goes to see him. Something just doesn't add up, and I think I believe Ariel. I'm sick of being around me too."

"She's just blowing off steam Zach. I'm sure Hayley will call you tomorrow and everything will make sense and this will all be some misunderstanding."

"Whatever Brock. I will talk to her again and I will get answers, but for now, I think we should all just go to bed and forget this night ever happened. This is quickly turning out to be the worst trip of my life. I've still got to go speak at that school in two days."

Grabbing his cane, he walked out of the room and down the hall. When he got to his door he paused. There was definitely more to this story then just her going out with Randy and wanting to get laid and then crying wolf, and he was just the person to find out. Even if Hayley didn't like it.


Stirring lightly in the bed, I woke up as the light streamed in on my face. I sat up slowly, grabbing my head as the sharp pain starting searing through it. I had no idea what had happened last night, and how I ended up back home in my bed and that thought scared me. I turned over in the bed and saw another body lying with me.

"Oh God what have I done?"

At that moment I saw the sheets move and Ariel popped out from under them. Looking at her, my face that had lost all color, suddenly regained it, and I sighed a huge sigh of relief. I had never been happier to see anyone in my entire life.

"Ariel Jesus, I thought you were Randy."

"So then it's true?"

"What's true" I don't know what you're talking about."

"Did you get drunk last night and want to sleep with Randy?"

"What the hell are you talking about? You know I don't drink anything stronger then pop when we do go out. How could you think I would?"

"Cant you smell that Hayley? You absolutely smell like you've been swimming in it. We found you in Randy's car and I just assumed he was trying to hurt you, but hey if you liked all of it, then I'm sorry he's not here with you in your bed."

I couldn't believe what she was saying. This was supposed to be my best friend and she really did think I was supposed to be sleeping with Randy right now. Knowing how I am about being with men, or even boys, and my whole thought process on drinking and how I would never touch it. I grabbed my head suddenly as I felt the headache start to pound again, driving my head completely crazy. Reaching into my bed stand I found the bottle of Advil and popped three.

"I'm not going to listen to this right now. We've got to get to school, and you know what? I know what happened the entire night until you showed up for me. So if anything else I know that I didn't drink and that I didn't want to be with Randy other then to get my interview. I was the one that called you and told you we were going out in his car and you knew how much I didn't want it. So why don't you get dressed and I will see you at school alright?"

"You seriously don't remember drinking last night?"

"Not one bit. How did you get to me anyway?"

"Brock and Zach drove us around the city and I figured if Randy was a sleaze bag he would take you clubbing and try to get you wasted. Seems I was right."

"He didn't turn out to be what I thought in the beginning. Actually wait a second. In the beginning I shot him down, and I only took the date to get out and get another interview. The interview was good; totally not what I thought Randy would be like."

"You went out with him because you couldn't date Zach, admit it."

"Go get dressed and get to school. We can talk all about Zach later. I need to finish the interview this afternoon anyway if he's available."

"He won't be available."

"What do you mean he won't be available?"

"I got pissed off at the two of them last night after we got you to the hotel at first. Brock wouldn't listen when I said you didn't drink and he thought you came onto Randy and made him be the ass he was. So I told Zach I hated all wrestlers right now, and walked out. I also told him I would bring him the remaining info and he could fill it out for you and get it back to you so you could do the article."

"Oh Ariel."

"Believe me; it's for the best this way Hayley. After last night we've had enough to do with those assholes. I'm going to go take a shower, and be on my way. See you later at school?"

"You know it."

I watched her carry her clothes into the bathroom and shut the door. I know she didn't want me to talk to Zach or any of them anymore, but I still had a job to do before he talked to the seniors at school, and I only had two days left. Grabbing the phone off the cradle, I dialed the number I had found I learned off by heart.

"Marriott Hotel."

"Can I please be put through to Zach Gowen's room please?"

"One Moment."

I waited for more then one moment to be connected to his room. I was about to give up hope when I heard the familiar voice on the line. At first not knowing what to say I sat there in silence, and then when I realized he might be ready to hang up, I spoke.


"Hayley? Does Ariel know you are calling me?"

"No she's in the shower. I don't care what Ariel thinks Zach. I'm calling because I have to get the rest of the interview done and I'm wondering if you're free later this afternoon. I've got free periods all afternoon and thought it would be the perfect time to get this wrapped up."

"I'm free. You want to come here, or I meet you somewhere?"

"I'll come there. See you soon Zach, and thanks."


"Last night."

"No problem Hayley, I will see you soon."

Placing the phone back on the hook, I looked at my desk, where the promotional pictures of Zach were lying face up. Walking over to my desk I took one look at them and smiled. I was going to finish this article the way it deserved, and I was going to put this Randy shit behind me, and when everything was all said and done, and I could go back to normal, I was going to make Zach Gowen a part of my life.


Chapter 10 - I Wanna Show You What I'm Made Of


I pulled up in front of the hotel and got out of the car. I knew that I would be taking a huge chance of running into Randy when I walked through the hotel doors, but that no longer fazed me. I knew what my friends thought of me and that feeling was bad enough. Hearing some idiot wrestler's talk about what a good lay I might have been wasn't something I was too concerned with. Walking up the front walkway and into the hotel I scanned the room for anyone of the wrestlers that might be there to cause me some problems. When Randy and Brock weren't in sight, I made my way past the front desk and right to the elevators.

"Well if it isn't the ice princess."

I knew the voice without even turning around. I knew this was bound to happen, and now I realized why Zach had seemed insistent that I meet him somewhere else other then the hotel. He didn't think I would want to handle this shit either.

"Ice princess? Isn't it me that should be calling you a rapist?"

"I didn't lay a hand on you and you know it. It's not my fault when you drink you can't handle yourself."

"No actually you laid two hands on me if you want me to totally get specific with you. I mean you can count cant you? I also don't know where you get off telling me I drank anything when I don't drink."

"Well you drank last night princess."

"Yeah, which I'm sure was helped along with some narcotic you seemed to have stashed for a situation just like that. I remember you were the one that kept walking away to get me my coke every time I wanted one."

That seemed to have gotten to him. I scanned his face and soon realized that he knew he had been caught by me. He had put something into my drink to make me think I was wasted, and I could also bet me entire life that he dumped some of his drink on me to make me seem like I was really wasted beyond recognition. The only thing I couldn't figure out was why.

"Why don't you just admit you had a good time until those goody two shoes friends of yours showed up? I mean I always thought Zach was a little saint but your friend and Brock shocked me. Brock normally is a smart guy and knows when to leave things well enough alone."

"Listen, I've got somewhere I need to be, so do me a huge favor Randy and forget you know me, and that we even talked about doing an interview. I know I will have no issue doing it. You have anything else you want to say, call the school and fight with them, because after last night and learning what an asshole you really are, I'm done. Try your line on some other idiot."

Walking away and getting into the elevator I pushed Zach's floor and waited until the door closed before sighing heavily. I didn't think doing that would be any harder. I still didn't remember what had happened in its entirety last night and now after this fight with Randy over it, I had more of a drive to talk to Zach and see what he could tell me. I just knew that whatever he could tell I was probably going to be something I didn't like.


By the time I got to Zach's room I was a mess. I had begun to think about what could have happened had my friends not shown up and gotten me out of there, and that thought alone made me cry. Here I was so close to the end of my high school life and moving on to something bigger and better and I couldn't even handle myself on little date with someone a little older? I had to go and make a mess of everything. I just hoped that Zach still wanted to do the interview with me and speak at the school still. Because if he didn't and it was because of something that had happened with me, I wouldn't be able to live it down.

"Come on in Hayley, I've been waiting for you to get here."

I walked into his room slowly and turned to face him. He could tell I was a mess just by looking at me and I knew that he was concerned. I just didn't want to make it seem like I needed him to comfort me. I was here for the interview and the interview only. Then once that was done, he would be on his way to the school to public speaking to them, and then he would be back where he belonged, far away from me.

"Thanks Zach, I'm sorry if I kept you waiting. I had a little fight getting in downstairs."


"The one and only. So what you do say we get started?"

"Take it away; I'm all ready for you."

Sitting down, I pulled out the tape recorder which I was now bringing with me on my writing assignments to make sure I didn't miss anything that might make the whole interview a little better. Zach saw me pull it out and threw me a weird face.

"Does this bother you?"

"Not at all, it's just you didn't have it last time did you? I mean what makes this time any different?"

"Nothing, but my mind isn't at its best right now and I don't want to forget anything that when this interview goes to print, could make it less then what it should be that's all. But if it bothers you, I can put it away and just use my notes."

"No keep it, and thanks for explaining it to me. So what else did you want to know about Hayley?"

"What's your ultimate goal within the sport?"

"My ultimate goal is to make a difference in somebody's life. There are so many professional athletes who bask in the glow of their fame and wealth but refuse to give back to the people who made them a "star". I think if you're on TV, then you have a responsibility to use your fame for something positive. We are role models, whether we want to be or not, and it's our duty to give back to the community."

"So do you think you've done that thus far in your career Zach?"

"Well if anything, my story got you interested in it didn't it? I mean if you didn't want to be here with me you wouldn't be and someone else would have been here asking these questions. So I made a difference with you didn't I?"

I knew where he was taking this even before he did and although I didn't really want to rehash all of this, I had to admit I didn't mind it at all. I had to be honest with him from now on, and if that meant telling him that I did like him, and he had made a huge impact on my life now, then so be it.

"Yes Zach you have made a difference in what my life was like before, and what it is now, and also my take on the wrestling business. Can we get back to the questions now?"

"Sure, shoot me another one."

"Who in WWE would you like to tag with most?"

"Spanky. I think we would make a tremendous tag team. With his wrestling skill and my boyish good looks and charm, we would be unstoppable!"

"Explain Spanky to me please?"

"His name is Brian Kendrick. He's been an Independent star as long as I have, and he's done really well for himself. He recently got the shit kicked out of him by Brock on television and actually hurt himself. He trained in Shawn Michaels wrestling school before hitting it big on WWE."

"Thank you. I hadn't heard of him before."

"Hayley, before you go on asking me questions, I think there's something we need to talk about."

"What would that be Zach?"

"What happened last night and why it even had to happen in the first place?"

"What do you mean? I went out with Randy to get an interview end of story."

"You could have easily gone out with me to get an interview Hayley, I mean that's the whole reason I'm here talking to you isn't it? You told me you were single, but you weren't interested in dating. Is it just me your not interested in?"

"No Zach, you're the reason I'm not dating and the reason I can't date anyone."

"Say what?"

"Do you realize that ever since the night I saw you on my television at home and then you called me, I liked you?"

"You don't seem to show it very well. I mean I know I have one leg and everything and that might not be the best thing for a girl to deal with, but I think I'm a nice enough man."

"You aren't listening to me. You are sitting there making judgments again because you think that because you have one leg people don't see who you really are. I see how nice a man you are Zach, I've seen it since I picked you up at the airport and we've been talking with one another. I didn't say I didn't want to date you because you had one leg. I don't want to date you because I am going to get myself attached and you are going to be leaving Toronto in a few days and we may never speak again. I do not and I will not get attached and have you break my heart Zach Gowen."

"Okay wait a minute here. Did you just say you liked me? And that the only thing stopping you from hanging with me and going out with me was because I would be leaving town and you don't want me to hurt you?"

"Yes, I believe that's what I said. Now can we please finish this damn interview so I can let you go back to your life and I can get back to mine?"

"Yeah sure, back to the interview."

I looked over at Zach who looked totally lost in a sea of his own thoughts. I would have given anything at that moment to be able to read them, but I couldn't and it was obvious he wasn't going to share them with me. I just had to make it through the rest of these questions and then we could go back to our normal lives. Whatever that was.