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*~!Zach Gowen Interview August 18, 2003!~*
Interview with Zach Gowen
Date: Monday, August 18, 2003
Location: Toronto, Canada
Interviewer: Joltin' Joe
Report By: Thushyan Nadarajah of

Joe introduces his guest, WWE SmackDown superstar, Zach Gowan!

Joe starts off the interview by telling Zach that he's been an inspiration to Joe and probably all of the fans across the world. Joe asks Zach to tell us what happened to him, which caused him to lose his leg. Zach thanks Joe and says that he lost his leg to cancer 12 years ago when he was only 8 years old!

Joe asks Zach to describe the backstage reaction when entering the WWE. Zach says that his biggest fear when coming to the WWE wasn't having to wrestle in front of millions of people, it was actually the reaction he would receive from backstage. Zach says that once he arrived at WWE, everyone was very nice and it wasn't what he had expected.

Joe asks Zach if he felt nervous when he was around legends such as Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper and even Vince McMahon. Zach says that he was definitely nervous because he grew up watching these guys and now he was actually working with them, but once he got to know them, they were very kind.

Joe states that Zach started out in NWA TNA. He goes on to ask Zach if he still follows their programming. Zach says he loves TNA and still watches it every Wednesday. He says that they've got amazing talent such as AJ Styles and Low Ki, but he has never had the opportunity to work a match with them and hopes he will some day soon.

Joe asks Zach if he has to train differently compared to the other wrestlers. Zach says when he started wrestling, it was very difficult for him to train due to his status, but ever since coming to the WWE, he's felt great on their training program. He says they teach you to eat healthy and have amazing trainers.

Joe says that Zach's entrance music suits his personality well and asks him who chose his theme. Zach says his mother was responsible for choosing his theme and the first time he heard it was when he came out for his match against the Big Show.

Joe finishes the interview by asking Zach if there's anything he would like to say to the fans of Toronto and Canada. Zach says that the fans are very passionate and he loves feeding off of their energy.

Joe wishes Zach the best of luck in the future and the interview ends there.

Full Credit Goes to Steve Fox for this interview recap, and StevesWrestling.