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I very rarely have something to say in a bad way about the world of wrestling, but when I do, or when there is something that I just cant wait to talk about, then this is where you will find it. I am the one girl that uses her writing as power and for me, this is my power and this is me getting that power out to all of you.
~Melissa Dawn~


My Viewpoint The Superstar Edition

Tuesday, October 14, 2003




Ive been watching both shows, and even the little ones on the weekends and instead of commenting on storylines alone, and just sitting here complaining about what Ive been hating, I decided this week to just have at it, and talk about the superstars that should be used and the storylines I am enjoying at the moment.



Chris Jericho Now whats not to like about this guy? Okay so there are some things to hate about him. I am not a fan of what hes doing with Austin, at least not on the surface, but because of that storyline, it had brought a new Chris Jericho to light for me. When I like someone I dont bandwagon and no matter what this guy does, and how much of an ass he is, he never gets that old for me. On last nights RAW it seemed that they wanted to revisit a storyline with Trish again, much like the one with Jeff Hardy when he got the boot from the company. With Jericho and what he did for her, it seems to work for some odd reason. I cant explain it, but Jericho being sweet rules to me for some reason. So I think they should take that situation and go with it and give Chris something fun to do. Hell, does this mean hes not going to be a complete asshole now? Will wonders never cease? None the less, I dont like Goldberg and I thought Chris was due for the title this time around. The first time, NO! But this time, he deserves, and if not that title then the IC one would be wonderful. I want to see some gold for the king of bling bling.


Lita She broke her neck, she took a year and a half off to make it better, much longer then most of the other people with that kind of injury did, and now shes back and looks better then ever. Yes she has a book out. I dont agree with her having a book this early, but none the less it doesnt stop me from getting it. She came back to help Trish, but at the same time, as wonderful as that is, I want her to get the womens title. I mean with recent events showing that just about anyone can with the belt, *cough* Gail Kim *cough*, then why cant Lita get what she hasnt had the ability to have in two years? I miss the girls kikwear pants, because look what she is now dressing in? Jeff Hardy and Matt must be gone because those pants she had when she was with them ruled. LOL. I like Lita, and I think she has the ability to win that title from Molly since its taking Molly cheating to keep it anyway. I dont really know why the WWE is letting Molly keep it this long, but there must be a good reason, I just hope that at Survivor Series, Lita gets a shot. Theyve got two months to build a story to use and then boom, she could win. Its time to see the Queen of Extreme back on top again, because she makes that title look good, and you know she would be a fighting champion.


Rosie AKA The SHIT Now who doesnt dig this guy? Remember three minute warning? Or shall I call it, the biggest waste of time? None the less he brings comic relief to the RAW lineup and even when the rest of the night sucked, at least seeing some big guy in a phone booth stuck was pretty funny. Not to mention Steve letting him stay in there so he could go drinking. That was hella funny. They could build on this guy a little bit more in the ring and stop him and Hurricane from losing all the time, just for safetys sake, but they better not get rid of the funny stuff hes known for. I mean trying to help an old lady across the street in his shit shirt, and then having her beat him up, now that makes for classic funny shit. So my hats off to Rosie, I cant wait to see what he has next to show us.


Shane McMahon I like Stephanie, I think shes come along way in the past three years, but with Shane its something entirely different. He used to be a punk from the mean streets of Greenwich, and now here he is taking on Kane, and making it look really fucked up. I am not a fan of making any show the McMahon show, because that takes away from the talent, so right now Vince can be damned because what he is doing on Smack down is wasting the time and taking away from the real talent, but on RAW Shane isnt there to be in the spotlight every five minutes. The reason he is though, is because for some reason he allows fucked up things to happen to him, so we tune in to see what hes going to do next. I hope in the long run that when Vince decides to let the company go in the coming years, or hell even when he dies, that he gives most of it to Shane. I think Shane over the years has come such a long way and that he could handle it right now, without making it horrid television to watch. I also cant wait to see SS to see what he and Kane do in the end to each other. One final show down seems like a dream.


Kurt Angle Now when he first came into the WWE I was impressed with the fact that he won the medals, but as far as liking the guy and following him, I wasnt a fan. What happened to change that was that I met the man, then I went out and bought his book and I learned more then I ever thought I would. So I sit here since then and Ive been nothing but impressed with everything he has done. He can be a complete asshole, but much like Chris Jericho on RAW, he makes it looks good. The fact that he had the title after coming back from his injury at WM, it was a nice touch, and I think the ability to make him the face again worked like a charm. That might be Vinces best accomplishment on that show. I hope to see more from Kurt in the future, and this fight with John Cena looks to be a good one. They are evenly matched, and you know they will both give it their all. I mean anyone remember Kurt going through glass? And John Cena fighting Eddie with the cars a couple weeks ago? Good Stuff.


Chris Benoit - Now this is the one guy I feel bad for. I have watched this guy for a lot of years, not just WWE years either. I followed his career hard for a very long time because when I wrestle, its guys like this with the passion and the desire for the business that affect me and make me keep with it when I injure myself, and I do that a lot believe me. He hasnt been getting a fair shake as of late, at least not as good as I think he deserves, and half of that has to do with the fact that hes not on Smack down, and hes on the McMahon show. Fighting A Train is cool and all, but hes a good guy, a good competitor, and I think that he has the ability to do amazing things and why he hasnt had the title is beyond me really it is. Chris was in the Hart basement and he survived and that place damn well makes you strong. So when Vince gets his head out of his ass, I hope he sees how really great that Chris can be used and gets him in there ASAP. I remember Kurt and Chris putting on some good programs, and I wouldnt mind seeing them again to be honest. Pure Athletic Ability. Either he gets used or I say go to NWA, god knows they would use you.


There are some other people I could put here to continue, but for this week I am going to leave it at that and wait for Smack down to see if there is more I can add. So until next time, its just my viewpoint.