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*~!Sean Waltman(Xpac) Speaks Out!~*
There has been some news coverage on the lady formally known as Chyna, and her now ex boyfriend Sean Waltman who wrestled as Xpac in the WWF, now the WWE. There was a report on Celebrity Justice made from comments from Joanie herself, and now Sean has come to the fans and given his side. So read below to see what he has to say!
The following statement was released by Sean Waltman via his mailing list regarding the story about he and Joanie Laurer on Celebrity Justice:

Hello Everyone,

I want to Thank You for your support & kindness. Also for not rushing to judgment over such a disturbing situation. I wish I could say none of this happened, however some of Joanie's claims are based on a true story. I will shed more light on what happened when I am able to sit down and type for an extended period of time. I am using a Kinko's computer , as My Computer is out of action.

I did want to at least let you know I am grateful for all of your support. I didn't know what the reaction was going to be to such a damaging story. I was originally served with a 1 page document that didn't have her statement on it. That was 2 days later.

I was served with the real copy of the order on Monday. Her story has major holes in it that I will point out & prove after I have time to get My nuts together. Even typing this has been exhausting . The Celebrity Justice piece & The Globe article due out this week are very damaging, and even if She admits She completely distorted the truth & She was Sorry, The thought of Me doing the things She claims will be in people 's minds now.

I am curious to know why if She was in hiding from Me and the restraining order was for August 1st , then why did She have Me take her to the airport Friday night so She could fly to Chicago for the comic book convention. That is after we spent the day in bed together at her apartment . She wanted Me to go with her at that point. Actually I knew She probably didn't, because She was going there to support a movie project she was in by a comic book illustrator. A really good guy by the way. I got text messages from her the next day saying it would be good to be apart. I never saw that one coming 1000 miles away. So I called and said I was in Chicago, just got in. That made her furious, and I was hung up on.

She told Me not to ruin this for Her & used some very harsh 4 letter words in a really disturbing tone. She thought I was there & if I was I would have been nuts out of luck. A day and a half later She finally text messaged Me. I let her know this restraining order was going to make me look bad. She text messaged Me wanting the lady's number from the Globe so She could "smooth things over". I have the text messages saved . She has totally distorted and manipulated the truth and conveniently left out very important facts.

I Love Joanie more than I thought was possible. That Love is unconditional . She could not grasp that concept, so she didn't believe it. But I do. And this is in spite of the countless times in which She purposely did or said things to hurt me.

She said I threatened to kill myself. Never in My life have I said I was going to Kill Myself. I told Her that She was slowly killing me & to just get it over with. I have definitely seen my lowest point thus far in my life.

She makes the claim in the report that She thinks I have a drug problem, because She seen needles in my bag. Well She would know everything in my bags because She has snooped through all my personal things since the beginning . Her saying I have a drug problem yet no mention of her own issues of that nature. I have needles for a variety of things like vitamin b 12 & other things. She has given me a shot in the ass with those needles more than once by the way. I don't like telling my private matters to the whole world, but I want it to be the truth if it's going to be public. I can handle the truth, even when it hurts. I admit my faults, Why the hell can't others do the same? They have most of the same kinds of flaws as I do. Yet they seem to think that if they don't admit them , they don't exist. Bullshit. foar have been accused of being homosexual, and having starred in pornography. I have been hit by her more than once. I Only used any holds to restrain her from hurting Me. One friend of ours warned Me that She was trying to get Me to hit her. She also mentioned that on July 14th I broke the window out of her passenger side door. I did break her window after relentless name calling & provocation. Notice July 14th. Well that's the day after My birthday. She was in Chicago until the 12th & coming home on My birthday to have a party for Me. She never once called Me (I called her) I never saw her on My birthday & definitely no card or gift. I was a cry baby and I should get over it, according to her. I was so upset by her constantly mocking me, that I asked her Please back off. Please. She kept on & I lost My composure and smashed the window out with My elbow. She kicked me out on the side of the street. That's what happened there. I should have seen the writing on the wall. I am a glutton for punishment & abuse I guess.

The incident was blown out of proportion by her. I never tried to hurt her only restrain her & fend her off. However I did shove her to the ground, and when She ran back at me with her hands in the air as to hit me, I placed my right foot into her chest & Shoved her back to the ground again. A true kick to the body would have sent her to the hospital . Joanie is an incredibly powerful woman, one of the strongest in the world at one time. She bench pressed 350 pounds plus. The world record was only about 30 pounds difference. I wrapped her in a rear naked choke (My legs wrapped around her waist) She has turned this into Me trying to snap her neck. Never did I cut off her wind pipe. I was trying to keep us both from getting hurt. I do not mean to offer this as an excuse for My part in this. There is never an excuse. My wife Terry punched Me over 10 times in the face and I didn't hit her. So I wanted to give you a better idea of what happened . I know this is my side of the story, from my point of view.

I will take a polygraph test to back up my statements. I think it's a good idea actually. Since My reputation has been damaged by Joanie's claims, Maybe we could go on "Celebrity Justice" and both take a lie detector test. I'm not holding my breath for that to happen.

I really must go after 5 hours on this Kinkos computer. I feel like I needed to get this out for you all to see. I still love Joanie. People ask what kept me there so long when I should have been gone along time ago. I asked Joanie to marry me, she made me the happiest man on earth for the first 3 months or so. I always told her that I would never give up on her. I kept on hoping that she would come back to being like she was when we were first together. She is almost a completely different person. I remember thinking I had finally found my happiness after years of constant drama from my marriage of over 11 years. Well my time with Joanie easily outweighs the entire rest of my adult life in the drama department.

I really must go now. I am ashamed of myself for letting things escalate to this point. I am ashamed of putting Joanie ahead of my children. They are the greatest thing I have & I have forsaken them for a woman. That sounds terrible and it is. Good bye for now.

Yours truly,

Sean Waltman

Full Credit for this letter goes to Sean Waltman for getting it out to us the fans, as well as Steves Wrestling.