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*~!WWE News For Week August 17th-23rd!~*
  1. Nick Dinsmore, who played the role of Doink The Clown at Vengeance, also used the gimmick a few weeks ago on Smackdown in a match against Chris Benoit.

  2. NWA-TNA regular Alexis Laree's name has come up during several meetings about bringing in new talent. At one point, there were even discussions about how to debut her on television.

  3. Vince McMahon was heard telling a group of wrestlers during a RAW house show this past Sunday that they should pay close attention to what he does to draw heel heat because mostly everyone else doesn't.

  4. It was originally thought that Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman would take place at Summer Slam, but it appears at this point that the match has been scrapped.
  5. Despite what I reported a few weeks ago about WWE not bringing anyone else up from OVW for a while, it appears that decision has been changed. Those who've been mentioned as being brought up are Rob Conway and Johnny Jeter.

  6. Mark Henry will be working the RAW brand house show on 8/17. He will be competing in an eight-man tag team match, pitting The Hurricane, Rosie, Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak versus Rico, Steven Richards, Rodney Mack & Mark Henry. It looks as though Henry will be returning as a heel on the RAW brand.

  7. Batista anxious to make WWE return
    After three surgeries on his right triceps over the last five months, Batista hopes and believes that hes on the cusp of a full recovery. I think (itll take) another month at the very most, just for safety, Batista told WWE.com in a telephone interview. I honestly feel like I can come back at any time now.
  8. Stephanie McMahon continues to tell writers that it's not their job to argue with Vince McMahon over the creative direction of the company. She has even mentioned Paul Heyman's demotion on several occasions as an example of what happens when you push Vince too far.

  9. Bobby Heenan is telling friends that the results of a recent MRI have shown no signs of cancer and his dictor has proclaimed him "cancer free".

  10. It's almost a given that Triple H will be dropping the World Heavyweight Championship at Summer Slam, although the company is still unsure who should walk away with the strap. Many expect that if HHH does indeed lose the belt, he will most likely win it back at WrestleMania XX as a babyface. Sources believe that Goldberg will not be the one to take the championship, but if he does for some odd reason, expect his reign to only last a few weeks. The reason being that Goldberg's contract is structured to minimize the amount of road dates, so if he was given the strap, the RAW house shows would not feature a World Championship match.
  11. Vince McMahon was not present at this past weekend's Smackdown brand house shows, despite him being advertised for the events. Wrestlers were told that McMahon wasn't there due to transportation problems, but the general consensus among the talent is that he didn't appear due to his failure to pop the crowd during his most recent appearances.

    Apparently, WWE officials have been promoting all the Smackdown house shows by advertising appearances by both Vince and Stephanie McMahon, hoping it will help boost attendance. Thus far, it's had little to no effect.

  12. Local radio ads for tomorrow night's Smackdown taping in Detroit are advertising a main event of Brock Lesnar vs. Zach Gowen with Vince McMahon as the guest referee.

  13. Nathan Jones will have a small role on a big budget movie called "Troy", which stars Brad Pitt. Jones will be featured in a fight scene in the beginning of the film.
  14. There are rumors that Triple H will be playing some sort of role in the forthcoming Blade III movie. Production for the movie begins on 9/23 in Vancouver.
  15. Local ads for the RAW brand house show on 9/13 in Knoxville, TN have announced a main event of Chris Jericho vs. Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. Although house show lineups often change, this should be a pretty good indication of who will walk out of Summer Slam with the belt.

  16. Mark Henry will soon be joining Teddy Long's stable and will work in tag team matches with Rodney Mack.

  17. The angle on last night's RAW where Test was faking a knee injury is being dubbed "The Fit Finlay Finish", since Finlay was the brains behind the entire thing.

  18. The Undertaker will be appearing on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live show this Thursday night.
  19. Alexis Laree, who has been performing as a regular for both NWA-TNA and ROH, has signed a developmental contract with WWE and will be reporting to Ohio Valley Wrestling very soon. As I reported a few days ago, there had been talk of bringing her in for quite a while.

  20. Bret Hart's official website, www.brethart.com, has posted pictures of Bret that were taken during his recent tour of Italy. To check them out, click here.

  21. Matt Hardy vs. Zach Gowen has been removed from the card for Summer Slam.

  22. Last night's edition of Smackdown scored a 4.3 overnight rating, with a 7 share. The final number should be available later today.

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