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*~!Chapters 1-5!~*
Always Alone

Amy turned the light off in her hotel room and slowly walked over to the bed, the light of the little clock her only guide. She laughed to herself as she glided in between the sheets of the bed as she read the clock.

"12:47 am." She said aloud though the room was empty. "How sad has my life become that I am going to bed before 1 in the morning." She sighed deeply as she clutched the edge of the comforter and thought of what all of her friends were doing right this moment...

They were probably at a small bar in town seeing as they all had gone to The Outback the last two nights in a row. Off in a corner of the smoke filled room at a small table were Nora and Jay where sitting quietly trying to talk over the loud music while enjoying some non-alcoholic beverages. Out on the dance floor would be Andrew, Stacy, Jeff, and Trish, each dancing in their own unique way. Over at a large table near the dance floor would be many, many, many empty beer bottles and a large group of her co-workers all paired-off. There was Rey and Nidia, Maven and Lilian, Shane and Victoria, Mark (Bubba-Ray Dudley) and Lisa, and Brock and Dawn Marie.

Then just over at the bar were four people, two of which she never wanted to see again. Matt and Torrie would be leaning again bar looking at each other affectionately. That was the place that Amy had once fit into this whole happy picture, right next to Matt. That was of course until she had caught him in bed with Torrie six months ago thus changing her happy little world.

And then just a few stools down would be the only two single people (aside from her) in their group. The first was Chris Jericho; sort of an unofficial big brother to Amy and the person who had beat the shit out of Matt for what he had done to her. And standing casually against the bar next to Chris was him. He was the reason, other than Matt, that she wanted to stay home, to stay away from him.

Adam, he had been a good friend of her's from the minute she entered the company, but after her break up with Matt, she and Adam had become a lot closer, the best of friends even. But that wasn't why she didn't want to be near him. She was beginning to fear that she was starting to look at Adam as more than just a friend, and that scared her.

It scared her because of what Matt had done to her when she had given him her heart. It scared her because she didn't want to loose the wonderful friendship that she had with Adam. And most of all, it scared her because she knew that he did not feel the same way about her.

*He never said that.* A voice from deep inside of Amy said. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at this thought.

"Being told that you are 'the little sister I never had' is as good as saying that he doesn't feel the same way," she said aloud.

*But you never told him how you feel,* the voice said again.

"And I'm not going to. It's better this way, no one will get hurt." She told the voice.

*If you say so.* the voice said with a hint of sarcasm. Amy rolled over on her side and closed her eyes attempting to get to sleep thinking once again of all of her friends at the bar and her, alone at the hotel.

"Always alone." She whispered as she drifted off to sleep.
 The Accident

The next morning Amy woke up around 10:00 am. She looked around at the practically vacant room and slowly stumbled towards the bathroom door. She turned on the water and stepped inside letting the warm water soothe her sore muscles. She stayed in the shower until the hot water was gone and then got out wrapping the white towel hanging on the wall around her body. She dried off and then got dressed deciding to let her hair air dry, they had a long day of traveling to do and she really didn't care how she looked for it. She re-packed her bags and left the room walking down to the small dining area in hopes of seeing one of her friends.

"Amy! Wait up!" A voice from behind called. She turned around to see Adam Copeland running towards her, his hair coming out of the haphazard ponytail it was tied in.

"Hey Adam, what's up?" She asked with a smile.

"Not much, I was just about to stop by your room to see if you wanted to go annoy Chris and then grab some breakfast with me. Chris had way too much to drink last night and I was looking forward to going into his room and making a lot of noise. What do you say?" Adam winked and flashed that killer smile of his at her.

"Well, I'm sure I could push off my breakfast for a little while to go down with you," said Amy smiling sweetly. "Besides, since when do I pass up an opportunity to annoy Chris with a hangover?"

"Exactly what I thought," Adam said throwing an arm around her shoulders. They walked down to Chris' room and pounded loudly on the door. After a minute or so of pounding the door was thrown open by a very disgruntled looking Chris Irving.

"What in the hell are you doing here this damn early?" He growled.

"Awwww, Chrisy you don't look so good." Amy cooed.

"Too loud." He mumbled while crawling over to the bed.

"Come on Chris," Adam said in a loud voice that caused Chris to moan in pain, "it's almost eleven, time to get up and FACE THE WORLD!!" He shouted the last words as Chris pulled one pillow over his head and attempted to throw the other pillow at Adam, he missed by about five feet.

"Go away," Chris said, "don't want to get up. Want to stay in bed and never ever drink again." Amy and Adam couldn't help but laugh at their friend's misfortune. Amy looked at Adam with a mischievous grin as she walked over to the window.

"Rise and shine sweetheart!" Amy smiled and pulled on the blinds letting the sunlight flood the room. Adam just laughed as Chris started screaming.

"Shut the damn window!" He yelled throwing the other pillow in the direction of the window. "Aahhhh! Head hurts, eyes hurt, stomach hurts, can't move, hate you both." Once again the two burst into laughter at Chris' little rambling.

"Alright, we'll leave you alone." Amy started.

"But," Adam obviously wasn't done torturing his friend. Amy shook her head.

"But we're coming back after we're done eating. We're going to be leaving the hotel for the airport at one so you better be up when we get back," she said. Then she turned to Adam. "Come on, the breakfast buffet calls our names."

"Right, I want a bagel, and some eggs, and some grits with." Adam said with an evil grin. Just then Chris bolted out of the bed with his hand to his mouth and ran into the bathroom slamming the door shut. They could hear him retching as they shut the door behind them and walked to the elevator.

"So how was your night?" Adam asked as he punched the number one in the elevator.

"Peaceful. I got some well need rest and relaxation." She lied. She actually found the whole night depressing.

"Well that's good, but we really missed you last night." He looked into her eyes and smiled and Amy melted.

"Really, I'm sure you guys didn't even realize I wasn't there," she said looking to the floor. Adam reached out and touched her face bringing her eyes back up to his.

"I did." They stood there looking into each other's eyes for a few minutes and then the elevator door opened and Adam walked out the door.

*Life is so unfair.* She thought as she fallowed him through the hotel lobby. They both walked to the buffet line and put together their plates and then sat down.

"So how was your evening?" Amy asked as they begun to eat.

"It was ok. Nothing really special. Chris got completely wasted and ended up hitting on Jay, and Trish and Jeff were slam dancing in the middle of the dance floor and I think they scared a few people." Adam laughed at the memory.

"Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun," Amy said wistfully. "I think I'll go with you next time." Adam smiled and the two finished their breakfasts. Once done, they went back upstairs to see Chris, but he was still in the bathroom only this time he was in the shower. Amy and Adam parted ways and went to their separate rooms to get their things together before they left for the airport and at quarter to one they both were back at Chris' room.

"Ready to go, Chrisy?" Amy said in her sweetest voice. He just glared at her from behind his sunglasses as they all picked up their luggage and walked to the elevator.

"Are you meeting Jeff at the airport?" Adam asked as the elevator started to move down.

"No, he has a few more stops to do in town on their book tour. So, I think I will have a nice, quiet, and Jeff-free couple of days at home." She smiled as she thought of her wacky friend and the noise that normally comes with him.

"Can you guys please not yell I have a little headache." Chris said from behind them. They just laughed while Chris held his head cringing in pain until the elevator stopped. They went over to the check-in counter and turned in their keys and then walked out the door.

"Ahhh! Bright light, pain." Chris groaned. Amy stopped and went up on her tip toes to give him a small kiss on the forehead as Adam started to walk across the street towards the parking lot. As she was coming back down on her feet she saw the car round the corner coming towards Adam and it wasn't stopping. He wasn't even half way across the street yet and still hadn't seen the car.

"ADAM! NO!" She screamed. She dropped her bags and ran towards Adam. She dove and managed to shove him out of the way just in time, then the speeding car hit her, and everything went black.

Adam's Secret

"AMY!!" Adam yelled pushing himself off of the ground and looked at the car that had hit Amy. There were three places where the blood covered windshield had bust, one where her head hit, one where her elbow must have hit, and one that had to have been where her shoe hit. Lying on the ground in a bleeding heap was Amy, completely unconscious.

"Oh my goodness," said the man that had been driving the car, "I didn't even see you out there and then she jumped in front of you. I didn't see.I'm sorry."

"Amy," Adam said while gently touching her bruising face. Chris was already at her side sunglasses off and cell phone out. Clearly what just happened brought him out of his stupor.

"My friend was just hit by a car and she's not conscious. We need an ambulance." Chris demanded into the phone. "Hang on I'll have a friend check, hey Adam, check her pulse and see if she's breathing. Ok, we're at the." Chris' voice rambled off the hotel they were staying at as Adam placed his index and middle fingers on Amy's neck checking for a pulse.

"Thank God," he breathed when he detected a very slow pulse. He then leaned down and put an ear to her mouth to see if she was breathing. "She's got a pulse and she's breathing," Adam said when he felt the warmth of Amy's breath on his ear.

"Right, she's got a pulse and she's breathing...alright, I can hear sirens now, thank you for your help, good bye." Chris shut his phone and leaned down to his friend and brushed a hair away from her face. "Please be alright Red."


The trip to the hospital was a blur for Chris and Adam. Since neither one of them were family they had to fallow the ambulance their rental car. Adam drove and Chris called Trish Stratus and Jeff Hardy, Amy's two closest friends other than him and Adam, and told them what had happened. Soon they were in the parking lot for emergency patients and rushed inside to see their friend.

"Excuse me," Chris said to the nurse at the desk, "we're looking for Amy Dumas. She was just brought in; can you tell us where she is?"

"Yes, it will be just a minute." The nurse turned to her computer and began to type away. "She is in emergency surgery right now, if you go into the waiting area over there, the doctor will come see you once she gets out."

"Thank you," Adam breathed. The walked over to the waiting area and sat down praying for their friend. The double doors that led to the 'patient's only' area suddenly opened and a doctor in blue scrubs walked towards the waiting area.

"Are the friends of Miss Amy Dumas here?" The doctor asked. Adam and Chris stood up and walked over to the doctor hoping for the best. "Miss Dumas had a great deal of internal damage done when she was hit by that car, not to mention cranial damage. We did everything we could to save her, but I'm afraid she isn't going to make it. We're sorry." The doctor looked from Chris to Adam as Chris began to silently cry and Adam broke down on his friend's shoulder. "She is still alive now, but she is unconscious, if either of you would like to see her."

"I would," Adam said through his tears. He looked to Chris who just nodded with a small smile.

"Alright then, fallow me please." The doctor walked back towards the doors with Adam following him and left Chris to silently grieve for his friends in the waiting area.

"She's in here." The doctor said motioning to the operating room. Adam pushed the door open and noticed no one was in there except for the silent and still form of Amy. He walked over to the table she was laying on and pulled a stool up to it and took her hand in his.

"Amy, it's Adam. I don't know if you can hear me right now, but I think you can. So I'm going to talk, and you can just listen." He wiped a tear from his eye as he looked at his friend. "This isn't fair Amy. This is supposed to be me on the table, not you. Why did you have to push me out of the way like that? Why did you have to get hit by that car? Right now we should be in the airport, tormenting Chris with Britney Spears songs like we always do, but you're here. Amy, you can't leave me. Not like this. You see, Amy I have a secret I've always wanted to tell you, but I've been too scared to say it. I always thought I would have time to tell you everything, but now, I don't. Amy I need you. You can't leave me, not now, not ever. Amy I love you. I love you. I love you." He whispered those last words as the heart monitor flat-lined.

"I will always love you Amy Christine Dumas, always," he whispered as he leaned over and kissed her check, tears streaming down his face.

At 1:23 in the afternoon that day, Amy Dumas died.

Adam left the operating room shortly after Amy had passed. He walked through the halls on his way back to his friends in a state of shock. She was gone. She died, and he never got the chance to tell her how he truly felt about her. She was gone.

He took a deep breath when he got to the two swinging doors that would take him back to the waiting area where Chris was. Jeff and Trish were also probably there by now too. Jeff, he was like a brother to Amy, how was he going to tell Jeff that Amy was gone. He released his breath as he pushed the doors open and saw his three friends. Trish had almost jumped from her chair as she ran over to give Adam a hug, tears in both of their eyes. Upon having Trish's arms around him he broke down crying.

"Adam," she whispered, "is Amy ok?" He looked to Chris who shrugged and gave him an apologetic look; he didn't tell them how bad she was.

"Amy's gone," he said through the tears.

"Gone," she quickly pulled back from him, "what do you mean gone?" Jeff walked over upon hearing this.

"Adam what happened?" Adam looked like a deer caught in headlights as he tried to think of an easy way to say that Amy had just died.

"When she got here, the doctors said she had a lot of internal and cranial damage. Jeff they tried everything they could, but she was too badly hurt. She's gone." He looked as his friends begun to cry. He walked over to where Chris was still sitting and sat down beside him crying into his hands.

"You gonna be ok man?" Chris asked putting a supportive hand on his shoulder.

"It should have been me," he cried. "It should have been me." They all sat there for what seemed like an eternity mourning for their lost friends before they had to leave. Since they had already missed their flights earlier, they decided to stay in town and make the sad phone calls about Amy's fate to their friends. It was about five o'clock when they returned to the hotel and Adam stood in a line waiting to check in to another room. Trish and Jeff already had one, and Chris was standing in line in front of him when he took his key and turned to his friend.

"Hang in there Edgester," Chris said putting a supportive hand on his shoulder. "I'll see you tomorrow." Adam just nodded and Chris walked up to his room.

"Hello, how may I help you sir?" The man behind the desk asked. Adam looked at his name tag which read Lionel.

"Yes Lionel, I need a room for the night," he said. He thought back to the other night when he and Amy had checked in together making jokes and smiling the whole time. What he wouldn't give to see her smile again.

"It wasn't your fault you know," Lionel said bluntly. Adam just looked up at him in shock.

"Excuse me?"

"I said it wasn't you fault for what happened to Amy. She cared a great deal for you and didn't want you to get hurt," Lionel was cut off.

"Who the hell do you think you are to talk about Amy? You didn't even know her," his voice started to trail off as the tears threatened to come back, "and now she's gone. It's not fair!" He slammed his fist on the counter in rage as he thought of his friend.

"We know it wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that her dying thoughts were that no one loved her and that she was doomed to always be alone. And for her to not even know that the man that loves her is the one that she sacrificed her life for is definitely not fair," Lionel then smiled. "That is why we are stepping in."

"We," Adam cut in, "what do you mean, we?"

"We are Angels, and we have been watching Miss Dumas. She was an amazing person, she was kind and cared for many people and she continually gave back to her community, we do not think it was right for someone so good to die with such heartache. Therefore, we are giving Miss Dumas and perhaps you a second chance." Lionel pulled out a key card with a picture of a crucifix on it and pushed it across the counter to Adam.

"A second chance? What do you mean?" Adam stared at the peculiar looking key card and then looked back to Lionel.

"When you wake up tomorrow it will be three days before Miss Dumas' accident. You will then have those three days to do as you please, but be warned on the third day she will meet her fate and Amy will be gone. I suggest you tell her how you feel, because there will not be another chance." Lionel smiled as he spoke.

"You're nuts, you know that," Adam said in rage. "My best friend died today and here you are making a joke of it. I'll be going upstairs now." He grabbed his bag and turned to walk away.

"Remember Adam, you have three days," Lionel called as the elevator doors shut. Adam just rolled his eyes as the elevator pulled upward. The doors opened on his floor and he slowly walked to his room. He pulled out his key card and looked at the peculiar illustration on the front. He pulled the door open, walked inside, and collapsed on the bed.

"I miss you Amy," he thought as he drifted off to sleep.
Seeing Ghosts

Adam woke up in his hotel room the next day feeling horrible. He had relived seeing Amy get hit by that car over and over and over again in his dreams. It was a miracle he had gotten any sleep at all. With all the energy he could possess, Adam pushed himself out of his bed and slowly padded over to the shower. As he got out of the shower he remembered that he and Chris would be meeting for breakfast this morning before they went to the airport. He got dressed, grabbed his wallet, and left his room heading for the elevator. He pushed the ground floor button and waited for the doors to open once again. The elevator stopped and the doors opened just in time for Adam to see a tall red-haired girl and a short blonde girl walk past him.

*It can't be,* he thought. He ran to catch up with the two girls. Once he got close enough he grabbed the red-haired girl's shoulder and pulled her around.

"Amy," he whispered. Before she could say a work Adam had pulled her into his arms and had to fight from crying as he held her. "You're alive, I'm so glad you're alive!"

"Adam," she breathed, "Adam I can't breathe."

"Oh sorry," he said wiping a stray tear from his eye. "I just can't believe that you're here, and you're alright."

"Why wouldn't she be alright Adam?" Trish asked. "You saw her last night, and then the two of us have been up all night. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, it must have been a nightmare," he said smiling, "a horrible nightmare."

"It must have been," said Amy, "you look like hell Adam."

"Yeah, I've gotta go meet Chris for breakfast, I'll talk to you two later." Adam smiled and went to leave when Trish caught his arm.

"Adam, you're really out of it today," she started, "Chris won't be here until tomorrow night, remember? He's got that appearance with his band today."

"No, that was a few days ago. Wait, what day is today?" Adam asked looking around the hotel lobby.

"It's Sunday." Amy gave him a concerned look, "are you ok?"

"Sunday? No, it's supposed Wednesday." A sudden eerie thought hit Adam, Lionel, was he right? "I gotta go, I'll see you later." He ran out of the lobby and into the first open elevator before either Amy or Trish could say another word.

"Well that was weird," said Trish.

"You're telling me," Lita said wondering what was wrong with her friend.