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*~!WWE/NWA News for the Week Ending November 8th, 2003!~*
  1. WWE management is said to be pleased with the work of Horshu, a developmental talent who worked house shows over the weekend. They like his size and believe he has a lot of potential to make it far in this business.

  2. Spanky, Paul London and Billy Kidman, who worked six-man tag team matches with the F.B.I. over the weekend, were told to slow down their work and use more ring psychology.

  3. There are some concerns about Rikishi's weight. During his hiatus from the company during contract negotiations, he put on a considerable amount of poundage. WWE wants him to slim down a bit and improve his stamina.
  4. The Hurricane was recently told by WWE officials to stop using the chokeslam as his finisher. The reason they gave him was that he is too small to pull the move off convincingly.

  5. WWE officials are said to be very high on the young team of Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade and believe they have the potential to be one of the top teams on the RAW brand. Most feel that Cade is further along than Jindrak as far as their in-ring development is concerned, but both continue to impress everyone with their good work habits.

  6. Steven Richards appeared to aggravate a shoulder injury during last night's RAW after taking a slam from John Heidenreich. Richards has been working with the injury since his days in ECW. He is not expected to miss any ring time, but officials will continue to monitor his condition very closely.