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*~!WWE/NWA News For Week Ending November 1, 2003!~*
  1. Although this rumor seems to surface several times each year, it appears that there is a strong possibility of The Undertaker returning to his "Deadman" character once again.

    The tentative plan is for Stephanie McMahon to return at Survivor Series and turn heel on The Undertaker, thus giving her father the victory in the "Buried Alive" match. This would result in the Undertaker taking a brief hiatus from WWE television for a few months. Then, he would make his return as the "Deadman" around February-March in order to build a program for WrestleMania.

    Rumors state that 'Taker's first match will be against Kane, which will be one of several inter-brand matches at WrestleMania XX.

    Keep in mind that this isn't confirmed, but the return of the "Deadman" gimmick before the Undertaker's retirement is inevitable. This looks to be the perfect angle to set up the gimmick's return.
  2. Nathan Jones has been sent to OVW and it's unclear when he'll return to the active roster.

  3. Rikishi, who recently signed a new contract with WWE, was given some time off in order to deal with some family issues. Now that it's behind him, he made his return at Tuesday's Smackdown taping along with Scotty Too Hotty.

  4. Jazz is expected to make her return to the RAW roster very soon. After being medically cleared to return, she has been training in OVW to get into ring shape. It's only a matter of her waiting for the call to put her back on RAW.
  5. Road Warrior Animal will be taping a segment for Confidential this week to talk about the passing of Hawk.

  6. Crash Holly has relocated himself to San Francisco, California to take a position as a trainer for the Pro Wrestling Iron promotion.

  7. The city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is considering naming a street or monument after the late Stu Hart.

  8. The following message was posted on the Ultimate Warrior's official website, www.UltimateWarrior.com:

    Check back here on Tuesday October 28th for an important announcement regarding Ultimate Warrior's return to professional wrestling!
  9. Spike Dudley was sent home last week after complaining of severe pain in his neck and back. He is scheduled to undergo an MRI in order to determine why he's experiencing these pains. Most believe that all the bumps he's taken over the years are finally starting to catch up to him.

  10. It looks as though Chris Nowinski may be forced into retirement due to his ongoing battle with post-concussion syndrome. He continues to experience frequent headaches, and unless he can go thirty days without one, doctors refuse to clear him to return.

  11. Charlie Haas worked last night's Smackdown brand house show with a bad case of nausea. He was throwing up all day, but still worked the show.

  12. Steve Austin will be appearing on the Howard Stern radio show tomorrow morning.
  13. Bill DeMott, who has apparently retired from wrestling, is set to become the new commentator for Velocity.

  14. Jeff Hardy was backstage at RAW on Monday night, visiting friends.

  15. There is a rumor that has been going around that Matt Hardy may soon be jumping to the RAW brand. Given the way he has been used on Smackdown as of late, it would be a good thing for him.

  16. This week's edition of RAW scored a 3.4 cable rating, with a 5 share, according to Nielsen Media Research. That is down from last week's 3.7. The highest rated quarter-hour was 10:00-10:15, which did a 3.7.

  17. The 10/26 edition of Sunday Night Heat scored a 0.5 cable rating, with a 1 share.

  18. The 10/25 edition of Velocity scored a 0.7 cable rating, with a 1 share.

  19. The 10/25 edition of Confidential scored a 0.6 cable rating, with a 1 share.
  20. Word out of Japan is that Kenzo Suzuki has been offered a three year contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Suzuki, who stands a legit 6'3", had received two dark match tryouts prior to last week's RAW and Smackdown tapings, and it appears he impressed management enough to land himself a contract offer.

    It had been rumored for a while that WWE was looking around for Japanese talent to add to their "Japanese mafia" stable that already consists of Tajiri, Jimmy Yang and Ryan Sakoda.
  21. This week's edition of Smackdown scored a 3.7 broadcast rating, according to Nielsen Media Research. That is the highest number the show has done in nearly a year.

  22. According to Soundscan, a service used my the music industry to track CD sales, "Macho Man" Randy Savage's CD "Be A Man" has sold a total of 3,703 copies. The first week of its release, 1,402 were sold, followed by 951 the second week, and 1,348 the following week.

  23. Faarooq will be absent from weekend house shows in order to sell the knee injury he suffered on Smackdown. It's also possible that he'll be replaced by John Cena in the 5-on-5 match at Survivor Series. A-Train would then join Brock Lesnar's team.

  24. According to WWE.com, tonight's edition of Confidential will have a piece on the late Stu Hart.
  25. NWATNA.com has confirmed that Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett will take place on next week's show. It's also rumored that Sting and A.J. Styles will take on Jeff Jarrett and a partner the following week. The reason for the Sting/Styles team is because TNA wants to push A.J. as a top babyface.

  26. Rumor has it that Triple H is lobbying for a match with Mick Foley at WrestleMania XX. It was almost considered a lock that Foley would be appearing on the show, but now it appears that he may be competing in an actual match. If this does happen, it would add to a card that is already rumored to have Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg and The Undertaker vs. Kane.
  27. Zach Gowen is said to be making very few friends in the WWE locker room. When he first entered the company, most felt he was a nice kid who was trying to fit in with the other wrestlers, but now few can stand him. He is said to have developed a huge ego after working his program with Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan, and is being very disrespectful and immature backstage. Some also feel that this may be the reason for his lack of television time as of late. Word going around is that Zach will most likely be let go once his contract expires.

  28. Bob Holly will be working in OVW for the next few weeks to help with the training. When he finally makes his return to television, it's expected that he'll receive a huge push by feuding with Brock Lesnar.

  29. Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit will headline house shows heading into Survivor Series.