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*~!Summer of 1979!~*

'Our last day of summer, 1979

Gotta live it up one time before it's over

We will make history tonight.'

"Dad wait!" Jeff said, stopping Amy in her tracks on the stairs as she was making her way up to the room to get the bag she came with.

"What is it Jeff? Is there something else you need to tell me?" Gil asked, throwing a cautioned look towards his youngest boy. Jeff always did have a way for allowing himself to see the best in all people, even the ones that didn't have any good in them. He was worried that it was happening again.

"Yeah I do actually. Can you at least let her stay the night? I mean you don't want to be driving in this tonight and I know that I don't want to sit here and worry that something might happen to you when your take her home to her mother. I still think she should go, but can she stay one more night?"

Gil thought about it for a moment, wondering if it would be that big of a deal to let the girl stay one more night in a warm house. He knew that Jeff had the best intentions out of everyone and that he truly was only looking out for Gil and his safety, and honestly he didn't want to be driving this late at night anyway.

"She can stay. One more night but that's all. First thing tomorra morning we get back on the road and she goes home. Do you understand that young lady?" He asked, throwing his gaze up the stairs to where Amy was standing.

Forcing a little smile, thankful more then ever to Jeff for making her stay here a little longer, she nodded her head, and then turning on her heel made her way back up the stairs, shutting the door behind her, leaving all three men to stand there and wonder what they had gotten themselves into.

'Out at the drive-in

All of our closest friends, they will be sneaking in

You'll be spending the whole night

Trying everything you can to get that guy to notice you.'

Knocking on the door, Jeff let himself in and saw Amy staring out the window, seemingly lost in space.

"Hey Ames, my dad told me to bring this up to you, thought you might be hungry." Jeff stated placing the plate of home cooked meat and veggies on the bed. Instead of retreating to the door like he had done that morning, he moved closer to where she was standing, and looked out the window at what she was staring at.

"It's so peaceful out there you know that Jeff? I went out there with you guys today and it was like walking into a story book. It's so different then what I am used too. I could get lost out there and just feel at home."

Jeff knew how nice it was to live where they did, and that the Hardy land was some of the most sought after land in Cameron, and hearing her describe it made him happy. He had tried to explain to Matt how he felt about the land and the things surrounding it, and he just never got it, but apparently Amy did.

"Yeah it's pretty amazing, that's why I can't see myself living anywhere else."

"Funny, I figured that out about you right off the top. You are so massively connected to this land. It's good to be that happy with where you live. I envy you."

"You are sitting here enjoying it, so you don't have to be envious anymore believe me. If anything I envy you, and you just don't seem to get why."

"What was it like Jeff?"

"What was what like?"

"When your mother died?"

"I felt like a part of me died along with her, and every day I still feel that way. I guess you could say I am like half a person because my mother meant the world to me, just as she did to Matt, and it was just really hard dealing with it. You think you can be strong, but then you break down like a baby and you can't deal with anything."

"I'm sorry I never understood what you were trying to tell me before. I should have called my mother and I should have dealt with this better. I just don't want to leave Cameron now that I've lived it."

"Well we still have one night, how about you eat that food and we go out and enjoy it?" Jeff asked, throwing Amy a small smile and touching her shoulder. He really did like her even though she didn't seem to get the consequences of her actions before she did them, and he wanted to make her happy with the last night she was here.

"Sounds like a plan."

"I'll come get you in a bit when I think you're done eating, and we can head out in Daddies Truck."

"You sure he's gonna let you?" she asked throwing him a look of concern. The last thing she wanted to do was get Jeff into more trouble before she left.

"Already cleared and guess what? We're Matt less this evening. So I can show you everything and I know you will get it."

'"We Are the Champions" playing out on the radio station

Everyone sing along with these anthems of our generation.

Cruising' down Pacific Coast Highway,

Put the top down, crawl into the back seat.

Let's create anthems of our own tonight.'

"Do you have any kind of music you want to listen too Amy? I know that I can get into anything but I never thought to ask what you liked."

"If you have rock music, then I'm pretty much okay with it."

"You like rock music?" Jeff asked kind of taken aback. She didn't look like a pop princess but she didn't look like a girl that was into anything harder then soft Rod Stewart either.

"Yeah, I live it all the time, and I had a band back in my hometown, but we never went anywhere."

"That's awesome; I love music so it looks like I can envy you for something else now."

Smiling at Jeff as he turned the radio on, and picked a good rock station, he started up the truck and they were off. The only thing that Jeff was telling her was that they were going to check out the entire town of Cameron tonight and that she had better plan on not sleeping until she got home to her house with her mother because they would be out all night. She couldn't help looking forward to what Jeff had in store for her.

"God this whole town is amazing to me." Amy said, taking in the breathtaking view how it looked so dark at night.

"I'm glad you like it. So the first place I am taking you is where I go to think and write and just get away from Matt. It's not too far from Daddies house but it's not close enough so that Matt knows about it either." He said flashing her a grin.

"Well I am all yours tonight Jeff."

Placing his hands deeper into the steering wheel he wished she would be his for a lot longer then tonight. Come tomorrow morning he was going to be sad to see her go.

'Down at the roller rink,

All the cool kids crowded around the air hockey table.

"Hey, my best friend likes you,"

I hear you shout at me as you go skating by.'

As they got out of the car, and she saw the view overlooking the water, Amy was taken aback. This was going to be so hard to explain to her friends come the morning when she got in the car to go home again. Just being around such peace and quiet was amazing and she couldn't even find the right words to explain it to Jeff.

"Here, I thought you might need this, it's a lot colder out here then it is at the house." Jeff said handing her his jacket that he had gone back and grabbed out of the car.

"Thanks. I didn't think it would be that cold out here otherwise I would have chosen something else out of my bag."

"My pleasure, keep it as long as you like or need it for."

Jeff walked closer to the water and Amy watched his ever move. It really was amazing how different the two brothers were. Jeff had told her in the car that Matt had stolen her cell phone got her mothers number off it and gave it to Gil, and although she was really mad at Matt for doing that, she didn't know him and he had only done what she deserved. Plus being out here with Jeff on a night like this shouldn't and wouldn't be ruined by thinking about how much she wanted to choke out the elder Hardy son.

"So you skip rocks where you're from?"

"Not a whole lot of water in my city Jeff, but I have in my lifetime."

"Wanna do it now?" he said, smiling and showing the dimples she had caught earlier again. He seemed to be just like an overgrown kid tonight and Amy had to admit she liked it.

"Sure why not?"

They skipped rocks for well over an hour and Jeff suggested going back to the truck and taking more of a look around. Amy agreed and they made their way back to the truck, and when they got to Amy's side, Jeff unlocked it and opened it before she could make a move towards it. Their hands touched lightly and Amy looked back into Jeff's eyes and without thinking, she moved closer to kiss him.

As soon as their lips touched, something just felt so totally right and Amy didn't want to pull away. But she didn't have to wait long for the decision to be made as Jeff immediately pulled away after a few seconds."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen." He said, shying away from her as she got into the truck and jogging around to the other side. When he stepped inside of it, he didn't look in her direction and just started up the truck, leaving Amy to wonder what was really going through his head. Maybe gentleman weren't supposed to kiss ladies in Cameron?

'Sneak out of your window, darlin'

Let's live like outlaws, honey

We'll never look back.'

They drove in silence for a long time when Jeff pulled the truck into the front of a hotel on the outskirts of Cameron. Amy looked over at him worried and thinking he wanted to take things further and that's why he hadn't talked to her until she saw him pull her bag out of the backseat.

"Why did you bring my bag with us? What is this all about Jeff?"

"You don't want to leave Cameron right?" he asked hurriedly and looking behind him as if worried someone was watching.

"No I don't but again what does this have to do with anything?"

"I sat and watched you all night with me and for once I am throwing all sense out the window. You like it here and I like having you here because we share that. What happened back at the truck, wasn't planned I want you to know that, but if you leave tomorrow I don't want any what if's."

"So you want me to stay?"

"I want you to stay, and I am putting you up here. I am using my allowance from like the past two months and putting you up here for a week. Then we can figure out something to do. Will you stay Amy?"

Amy was floored by what Jeff was saying to her. He was taking her out tonight and putting her up in a hotel so that she could stay in Cameron and enjoy everything, and most definitely be with him. She had never had someone offer to do something like this before, and she couldn't help being excited.

Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed his cheek and looked him in the eyes.

"I want to stay Jeff, and I have money with me so don't worry about paying. But what will you tell your dad?"

"Let me worry about that, just stay with me tonight and we can worry about everything else in the morning."

'Climb out on this rooftop,

And stare at the city lights below us

This world belongs to us tonight

The kids will keep raging' on-

And they aren't never gonna stop

We Are the Champions" playing out on the radio station

Everyone sing along with these anthems of our generation.

Cruising' down Pacific Coast Highway,

Put the top down, crawl into the back seat.

Let's create anthems of our own tonight'

**************************************************************************** ***