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'I wanted to know

Who you really are

I needed the chance

To stitch up my scars'

Walking through the woods, pushing the trees and branches out of her way, Amy saw the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on. The land was so quiet and peaceful and it was like living in another universe from the one she was used too. Growing up where she had, she hadn't seen anything but the busy city, where no one ever seemed to sleep because the whole place was forever lit. Now, walking through the forest, following closely behind Matt and Jeff, and praying not to get lost, she was completely at peace and happy. Whatever it took, she had to make sure that no one took her away from this place, at least not for a long time.

"You keeping up back there Ames?" Matt called back to her. She was keeping up fine, but she had to watch herself from bumping into Jeff, who seemed to be still pissed off from the earlier conversation. It was a shame really, she had liked Jeff more then she had Matt initially.

"Yeah, I'm keeping up with you. If you don't mind my asking, what exactly are we going to do once we get where you want us to go?"

"I'm showing you what life around here is like actually, and then once I do that, I am going to show you the most important thing."

"Which is?" Amy asked her interest piquing the more he kept talking.

"You'll see when we get there, and not one moment sooner. Jeff get your head out of the clouds and watch where you're going dude." Matt said, pushing Jeff off him, after he accidentally walked on his brother's heel, completely unaware.

Amy kept walking, forcing herself not to turn into Jeff and lose sight of the fact that they had to get somewhere. She knew if she was left alone out here, she could just walk around for hours, as lost as ever and not really give a damn.

'I'm closer to you

Then I was in the start

So dive right in

And tear me apart'

"Oh my gosh, is this what I think it is?" Amy asked, looking at what looked to be a huge trampoline, in the middle of the forest that was barren.

"Well what do you think it is?" Jeff asked, not bothering to look Amy in the eye. He didn't want to admit it, but he wasn't as mad as he was before, he just didn't know what to say, since this was Matt's whole deal.

"It looks like a wrestling ring actually. Is that what it is?"

"One and the same princess. This is what we like to do when we don't have anything else going on."

"You two come out here and wrestle?" Amy asked, trying not to let on how cool she really thought it was. She didn't want to seem like a little groupie, when she was nothing of the sort. She had always just kind of liked what these people did in the ring.

"We do, when Jeff doesn't have to do his whole landscaping thing, and we aren't helping daddy out in the field. Why, I think you sound like you might actually think it's cool? Am I right?" Matt asked raising his eyebrows and flashing the million dollar smile at Amy.

"It's cool; of course I think it is. I just didn't see you two guys as the type to be doing it. How old are you Jeff?"

"14. Matt's going to be seventeen real soon."

Amy raised her eyes and smiled at Jeff. She found it interesting that she was hanging out with two guys that were right around her own age. She herself had just turned 16. She had been hanging out with people older then her for so long, it was nice to have people she could really connect with.

'I'm trapped

And we can't get along

I thought that I was strong

We are so unstable'

"So now that you've seen that, how about we head back and take daddy's truck out and you can see the real thing?" Matt asked, taking Amy by her hand and leading her back through the forest, moving a little faster then they had before.

"Of course, sounds cool. So is this what you meant by blowing my mind?"

"No, he will get you alone later and show you that, won't ya Matt?" Jeff asked, finally showing some kind of life when the smile lit up his face. Amy was happy he was finally breaking out of his little funk from earlier. She didn't know how long she had here, but she didn't want the time she was here ruined by the two of them fighting and not getting along.

"I will not. Little brother, I think you need to get out more, and stop hanging out in the forests alone. I think it's gone to your brain."

"Actually I think he's doing pretty good the way he is, aren't ya Jeff?" Amy offered up, again making him smile and slightly blush. She hadn't noticed it much before, but when Jeff really smiled there were two dimples that were almost breathtaking. She hoped she got to see them more often.

'I wanted to learn

About the dark side of you

You bring me down

Like a bottle of pills

I hate the way

That you make me feel

I keep coming back

I never get you'

As they made their way back to the truck, Matt hopped in the driver's seat and looking beside him noticed that Amy hadn't gotten in the front with him, but had chosen the back, just like Jeff always did when they took the ride.

"So where are we headed?" Amy asked, wondering how far they were going to have to drive to get to the ring.

"You'll see. Just let my brother back there entertain you with some song, or some poem that he's working on all the time. That should bore you enough to pass the time easily."

Amy didn't want to believe it, but she had a feeling Matt could only get cockier from here. It had been apparent that he liked to pick on people before, but showing the genuine side that he had earlier she didn't think he was this bad. Slamming his little brother the way he was though, with something that Jeff obviously thought was important was just mean and it pissed her off to no end.

As they drove the rest of the way in silence, Amy's phone rang, scaring Jeff enough to awaken him from the nap he was now taking and enough to turn Matt's head while he was driving.



"Yeah, Chris is that you?"

"Yeah, where the hell are you? It sounds like you're in the middle of the damn highway again!"

"That's because in a way I am. What's up?"

"Your mother called me like seven times today. She needs to know where you are and that you are alright. Can you please call her?"

"No, I won't call her. Listen, she made things this way, and I need to get away and do my own thing."

"Well what the hell do you want me to tell her?"

"That I'm safe. That's all I want her to know for now. Can you do that?"

"Yeah Ames, I can do that. Just please come home soon. The parties aren't the same without you."

"We'll talk later Chris. I love ya girly."

Hanging the cell phone up and placing it back in her purse, she looked over and saw Jeff's eyes, totally made of steel again. It seemed he had heard everything that she had said and was now holding it all against her again.

"You should call your mother when we get back."

"Yeah well, I don't think I will."

"Your loss. You don't know what the hell you're throwing away here. I just hope you learn it before you lose her and have nothing."

"Why do you give a damn what I do with my mother?" Amy asked, now letting what Jeff was saying get to her.

"Because we don't have a mother that's why Amy and I have to admit, my little brother for once in his life had a very valid point. We get home; you call your mother and let her know you're safe and that even if you don't go home, you can stay here with us."

"I refuse to call my mother right now alright? Maybe in a couple of days when I'm not so angry I will, but for now, no."

Matt sighed and looked back at Jeff, who seemed to have the same look in his eye. They had lost their mother not that many years ago and the pain of not having her around them was still very fresh, almost as fresh as the day she died in that hospital room. Matt knew at that moment he had to do something to make sure that Amy called her mom at home. Or that her mom at least knew she was alright.

"You're making a huge mistake Amy. You're going to wish you weren't so damn stubborn one of these days. I just hope it's not soon." Jeff said before laying his head back down and falling back to sleep to Matt's driving and the sound of the engine flying.

'I'm trapped

And we can't get along

I thought that I was strong

We are so unstable'

"So did you like it Amy?" Matt asked as they hopped out of the truck and started the way up the house.

"Yeah, that was awesome. Listen thanks again for showing that to me. I think it really did blow my mind to see how into it you guys are."

"Well we don't hide it anymore like we used to when our mother first passed away. Now we just do it and it feels good, and I'm damn sure that someday I am going to be famous."

"So I will get to watch you in television?"

"You're damn right you will. So do you think you could get into something like that?" Jeff asked, catching up with the two of them and walking into the house.

"Yeah most definitely. It was such a rush watching you guys, but then when you showed me how to take that bump, and then those other little moves, I mean overall it was really cool and I haven't felt that alive in a long time."

They were cut short when they walked into the house as they heard Gil on the phone.

"Yes, she's safe. She hitched a ride with me and said she had friends here, but she didn't. So right now she's in my house with my boys and she's being taken care of."

Not knowing what was happening on the other end only that it was her mother that he was talking too, Amy made a bee line for the stairs. She didn't know how he got a hold of her number but now she was going to be in for it.

"Amy wait one second young lady." Gil announced as he put the phone down and stood up from the living room couch, making his way to where Matt and Jeff were standing by the stairs.

"Yes Gil I know, I will be out of your hair in about five minutes. I just need to go upstairs and grab my bag."

"Young lady, you gave your mother quite a scare these last two days, and if it wasn't for Matt, I wouldn't have known that the whole reason you ran away was to be free from your mother and her rules. I do not appreciate being lied too, when I let you stay in my house."

"I told you she was a stray dad." Matt said with a sick little smirk.

"I'm sorry Gil. I never meant to make you think anything actually. But like I said I will be out of here in a minute." Amy said making her way to the stairs, never feeling more like shit then she did right at that moment. She had never lied willingly to someone other then her mother, and now sitting here lying to Gil; she had to admit it broke her heart.

"Okay get your bag and meet me downstairs. I have to go back to Virginia anyway, so I will drive you home. Your mother is expecting you."

Throwing one last look at Jeff, and seeing the look of indifference in his eyes, she realized that she had nowhere to go but home.

'And then

I'm strung out from your touch

But I won't give you up

We are so unstable'