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*~!Over Protected!~*

'Say hello to the girl that I am!

You're gonna have to see through my perspective

I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am

And I don't wanna be so damn protected'

Amy awoke the next morning to the birds chirping outside, almost like they were singing in tune with their own little song. She saw the stream of sunlight streaming through the window, from the light colored curtains, and for a minute she didn't know where she was. She had never heard sounds like this where she was from, and now hearing them, it seemed like she was in a completely different reality.

"Where the hell am I?" Amy said, moving herself from underneath the blankets. Looking over at the desk in the corner she saw her own clothes sitting on the chair, looking cleaned and washed. Looking down in horror she noticed she was in a pair of female pajamas that she had never seen before.

A knock came on the door, and Jeff popped his head in with a huge smile. Amy caught the smile and found her anger slowly fading away. They were only trying to make her feel comfortable. She needed to learn to lighten up.

"Good morning sunshine. Do you mind if I bring you some breakfast? Daddy was clearing the table downstairs and I saved you some."

"I would love some breakfast, but you don't need to go out of your way. I will be out of your hair soon enough Jeff."

"Actually stay as long as you like, I don't mind the new company. Being just me and Matt, sometimes things get a little strained. It's nice to have someone else here with me."

"You mean someone else to gang up on your brother don't you?"

"Wherever would you get an idea like that?" Jeff said, trying to hide his grin and turn his face all stone cold.

"I don't know, you tell me superstar."

Jeff blushed and started walking toward the door. Amy realized she wanted to know how her clothes had ended up on the chair and not on her body and who these damn pajamas belonged too. Jeff was the best person to ask.

"Hey Jeff, before you go, do you know how my clothes got over there?"

"Yeah, we changed you. We figured you couldn't sleep in those jeans. I hope you don't mind. I mean we didn't ogle or stare at you. Well at least I didn't for long."

"Excuse me?" Amy asked. She couldn't believe that he and his stupid brother had changed her when she fell asleep. They had absolutely no right to touch any part of her without her permission.

"Yeah my dad Gil and I changed you. I'm sorry if we crossed a line. We honestly didn't mean too, and my dad isn't some sicko just looking to touch a girl's body. Not to mention if the girl is old enough to be his daughter anyway."

Amy sighed. There was no reason in the world for her to be mad at this family even though she wanted to be right at that moment. She didn't want anyone seeing her body and what she had done to it over the years. It was her body and hers alone.

'There must be another way

Cause I believe in taking chances

But who am I to say

What a girl is to do

God, I need some answers'

"Okay well, I will let you get dressed and then you can eat and come downstairs. Dad says he can take you into the nearest town and get you situated with your friends." Jeff said, moving further to the door, making his way out.

"Jeff wait. Do you mind eating with me? I don't think I could eat all of this even if I tried and I wouldn't mind the company."

Jeff cast her with a look of doubt, not really sure she wanted to eat with him, especially after he had just admitted that he had seen her naked, even though he hadn't looked at her in that form for that much time. He just had done what his father had asked of him.

"You sure you want to eat with me Amy?"

"Of course, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want too. But there is something I need to tell you."

"What's that?"

"I actually don't have any friends here that I was planning on staying with. I came out here because I ran away from home, and I had a friend that told me about Cameron before."

"So you hitched with my father with no plan? And what are you running away from?" he asked, sitting down on the bed beside her, and watching her eat.

"I didn't have a plan because all I knew was that I needed to get away from my stupid mother and her stupid rules and misunderstandings of me. Believe me; she's not missing me all that much right now. As far as what I'm running away from, it's just her."

"You ran away because you had a fight with your mother?" he asked getting more and more silent with each question. Amy didn't understand why, but she was sure she was going to find out, even if she didn't like it.

"After many fights with my mother actually. I am just sick of her and the rules and the pressure she puts on me to be the perfect daughter."

Jeff sat there in silence and listened to Amy tell him that and then go back to her eating. She was a nice girl but she really had no idea what it was like to not have that parent around, and aching inside to have it. Jeff would give anything to have his mother back in his life, telling him what a good or bad son he was, and just feeling something again instead of the gaping whole that was there.

'What am I to do with my life?

(You will find out don't worry)

How Am I supposed to know what's right?

(You just got to do it your way)

I can't help the way I feel

But my life has been so overprotected'

"Let me tell you something Amy alright. I would kill to have my mother here day in and day out to fight with, because then at least I would have her. So you know what you need to do? You need to finish eating the food that my dad slaved over for us, and then you need to go out in the hallway and call your mother and tell her you're safe and that you will be home later tomorrow."

"I'm sorry Jeff but I am not going home. I will be out of your house soon, I will be dressed and out that door, but I am not calling her and going home." Amy said defiantly, leaning herself back on the bed. She knew she was going to hear why Jeff's voice got so out of it, and now here it was, and she was hearing it, loud and clear.

"Well if you won't go home, then at least call her."

"Why do you even care what I do huh? It's none of your business, you've got your father and a mother somewhere I'm sure. I'm sorry she decided to leave you, but hell it has nothing to do with me and my issues in my own family."

"You really are a dimwit aren't you? My mother died Amy, she didn't have a choice and she isn't going to come back and I cannot go looking for her. Unless I want to go down to where we buried here and see her. So like I said, enjoy that food and call your mother."

'I tell them what I like

What I want

What I don't

But every time I do I stand corrected

Things that I've been told

I can't believe what I hear about the world, I realize

I'm over protected'

Getting off the bed, Jeff walked to the door, and with one look back he walked out and shut it. Amy stood out the bed and looking down at the plate of food, she realized that this family had gone through a lot for her already and that she was better off just getting the hell out of their way. Jeff had a point, he didn't have a mother, and she did and she shouldn't be treating her mother this way, but he didn't totally get it. Picking up the plate in anger, at Jeff, at her mother and with how everything was turning out, she flung the plate at the door, and watched it shatter in pieces on the floor.

"Well, you've been here for a total of not even one day and you are already breaking heirlooms. I have got to hand it to you princess, you're a real runaway." Matt said, standing in the doorway and looking down at the broken plate, shattered and thrown all over the floor.

"Would you mind your own damn business? Who said you could come in here anyway? I could have been changing."

"I thought since I lived here this house was more mine then yours. I am sorry if you seem to see it differently. So what the hell did you say to my little brother to make him walk out of the house so damn fast?"

"Like I said, none of your business alright? Just go back to your life and forget I exist. Trust me; I've already done that with you."

"Hey Steely Dan, listen to me for a minute would you? I respect what you did with my brother; I've been trying to get him to listen to me like that for weeks. Now tell me your secret and I won't tell anyone that you're a runaway and you aren't staying with friends, and I will make sure you don't go home."

"I pissed him off about my mother."

"So he told you about ours?"

"Just that she died, and I have to admit, I felt pretty damn bad for talking about my mother that way and then hearing about yours. So if you want the damn secret you have it, just talk to him about your mother like you don't give a damn."

"Fair enough."

"Now can you get out so I can get dressed and out of your hair?"

"I'll leave, but when you're dressed come downstairs alright? I've got something I think you should see."

As Matt left the room Amy sighed. She had been so happy the night before to have a nice home cooked meal and to be around Gil and his family and see how much love they all shared. It was such a different setting then she was used too. Even if Matt was a total asshole. What was with him calling her Steely Dan? That boy needed help.

Putting on the rest of her clothes, she made her way downstairs. Grabbing her bag she saw Matt standing at the door holding the car keys, with a pissed off Jeff beside him.

"You are going home finally?" Jeff asked, not bothering to look up.

"No little brother she's not going home, not unless she comes out and asks. She's coming with us. We're about to rock her world."

'I don't need anybody

Telling me just what I wanna

What I what I'm gonna

Do about my destiny

I Say No, No

Nobody tell me just what I wanna do, do

I'm so fed up with people telling me to be

Someone else but me'

Gripping her bag tighter around her body and looking at Jeff, trying to read his expression to this little piece of news, Amy moved towards the door. It looked like if she wanted to stay in Cameron a little longer she was going to go along with whatever Matt had in mind. She wasn't sure how he was going to rock her world but she had to admit that she was looking forward to it.

'What am I to do with my life?

(You will find out don't worry)

How Am I supposed to know what's right?

(You just got to do it your way)

I can't help the way I feel

But my life has been so overprotected'