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You've heard my first rant, and coming soon you will hear my best friend's rant. She's been my boss, my drinking partner, she was even at my wedding to the one and only Jeff Hardy in the Wrestling RPG! (did that go wrong or what?LOL). So now I'm bringing her here, and letting her have her say. I guarantee you might not agree with what she has to say, but you're soon going to realize that its not about agreeing, its about understanding. That much you will get!

All Hail the Queen!


The queen is back and so am I!!! I know, I know, its been a month or so, but lifes been a bitch and Im finally starting to fight back.  But Im not here to discuss my life, Im here to talk about wrestling, what sucks, what rocks, and what needs to be fucking changed!


All hail the Queen, she has returned!  Thats right, after more than a years absence, the Queen of Xtreme, Lita, is back where she belongs in the WWE ring!  Now, shes been ready fro return for about a month, and shes even been coming to shows to see if they could use her for the last two weeks and the writers couldnt figure out where to put her in the show creatively?!  Bullshit!  As if almost every fan couldnt perfectly see that teaming Lita with Trish against Molly and Gail Kim was an obvious good idea.  Come on, the two ultimate Divas, the Queen and the Princess as I will refer to them, together.  The writers couldnt put that together until this week?  Riiiiiiight.  Hell, you could even have easily written Lita into a rivalry with Victoria (especially after tonights RAW)!  It just goes to show, the creative juices arent exactly flowing in the writing department.  But, Litas back and made one hell of an impact.  She kicked ass delivering a Litabomb and a neck breaker to Gail and Molly saving Trish from a BRUTAL beating.  The storyline is cool and I love it for no other reason than that my idol is back.  But if you actually think back to when Lita was last in the ring, Trish had only just begun to show athletic talent in the ring.  They werent friends, but they werent exactly enemies at the time either.  And yeah, in the whole WWE/Alliance bullshit, Trish and Lita teamed together but back then, or even a year or so ago, who would have thought that Lita and Trish would team together again.  Or hell, that Lita would come back to save Trish like that?!  If you would have told me that a year or so ago, I would have laughed at you.  But, since then, Trish has come far and I look forward to seeing the Queen and the Princess in action together for the time being, though I cant wait for them to take on each other.  But welcome back Lita, youve been missed. 


I love the announcers rivalry.  This is a good creative idea and who had it?  The man, Vince McMahon.  Ok, ok, some of you may not like Vince or his on screen persona, but as a businessman, he fucking kicks ass.  The idea to put the Heat announcers against the RAW announcers is great!  Coach finally gets to show a backbone after all the hell hes been through over the years, and Al Snowwellhe might get a tiny bit of respect out of this, but there will always be many embarrassing jokes about him in print in Mick Foleys books for us to read for years and years and years and years.  I enjoy that they are making fun of the King, because we all know, Im not really a fan of the Kings.  His comments about women sometimes really get me angry.  Im really looking forward to seeing this rivalry go ongood job Vince!


Speaking of McMahons, I wanted to give a kudos to Stephanie for taking some big ass bumps lately.  Shes gone out there, almost every damn time shes on the show, and shes gotten her ass handed to her by one of her fathers hired hands.  Shes taken some monstrous bumps and I am very impressed with her.  What shes done lately in the ring takes guts, and shes shown she can definitely live up to the McMahon name!


By the way, is anyone else hopping to see a little Steph and Kurt action in upcoming shows?  Ok, ok, Im a big Steph and Kurt fan and after he saved her last week, I just hope we get to see a little bit of what they did a few years back. 


On the subject of Stephs bumps and someone who has delivered those bumps to her, Brock Lesner.  Alright, I vented my anger before with Kane, and now, I have to do it again.  What the fuck is wrong with the WWE for them to possibly think that it is entertaining to watch a 250 fucking pound man beat up men that weigh maybe 150 soaking ass wet on a bad day or women?  I dont knowbut its not right.  A line has to be drawn.  If they want to do this sick ass shit that theyve pulled with Zach Gowen and Brock, then they could have at least done it to someone who is closer to Brocks size.  Watching him beat up on Zach, Brian, or Stephanie is just fucking sick and gives all of sports entertainment a bad name.  It does not need to be done, but hell, that is just my opinion. 


Moving onfrom now on in my commentaries, Im going to pick out 4 things to touch on from commentary to commentary.  Quote of the moment, best recent match, best creative move, and one underrated underused superstar.  Just something I thought I would do. 


Ok, my quote of the moment for now of course comes from RAW.  And where as I generally dont like anything bad said about the Bossmy Eric, I loved this. 


I cant believe I slept with the wrong Co-GM Gail Kim

Come again? Stone Cold Steve Austin

I didnt the first time. Gail Kim


Ok, this had to be one of the funniest damn parts of the show this week and I laughed for a good 10 minutes over this. 


On to the best match that I have seen recently, and I dont think a damn person can dispute this with me.  This match was fucking awesome.  The Latino Heat Parking Lot brawl with Eddie Gurrero versus John Cena.  This goes up there with my all time favorite matches.  This was just very innovative, and I love the way they used all of the different cars and I love the fact that many of the Smackdown superstars were out there to cheer Eddie and John on.  It was truly a great match and you should kick yourself if you missed it. 


The best creative idea the writing department has made recently was the change of character with Lance Storm.  For a very long time Lance has been very underrated talent on the RAW roster.  This new turn of character for him with Golddust is finally allowing fans to see, not only a realer side of Lance, but to see exactly how amazing of a wrestler he is. 


And an underrated and underused superstar that I selected for this time is.Val Venis or Shawn Morley.  Ok, I thought he was an ass when he was in RTC and he was an ass when he was the Chief of Staff and now that the Big Valboski is backhe rocks!  When he first came back as Val I was stoked and sincewellhes not on television or at least RAW as much as I belive he should be.  Instead, he is doomed to perform on Heat for the likes of Coach and Al Snow.  Come one, Val deserves better and he always gives an amazing show.  I want to see him more on RAW and think that he is an amazing talent who should be given the chance to show it. 


Well, that is it for me.  You would think after a month I would have more venting to do, butoh well!  Until next time, these are my opinions, agree with them or not, Ive had my say.